5 Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner Apps for iPhone

Recover huge amount of space & declutter your gallery with the best duplicate photo finder for iPhone & iPad!

5 Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner Apps for iPhone

Photographs are an essential part of our lives. From places to people, nearly everything is documented via photographs. They hold the most loving, remarkable, and unforgettable memories in our lives. But for as many memories as they hold in a single frame, sorting through the entire collection is a pretty daunting task. The entire process becomes more challenging when there’re tons of identical and similar-looking photos.

Manually finding duplicate photos takes time and effort. More than that, it takes up a significant amount of storage space. If your iPhone also holds numerous duplicate photos, you need to use a professional duplicate Photo cleaner for iOS to remove exact & similar-looking snaps in a few taps. In this definitive guide, we have comprised a list of the 5 best duplicate photo finders and cleaners for iPhone to use in 2022.

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5 Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner Apps for iPhone & iPad

iPhone does not include an in-built duplicate Photo cleaner for iOS. But the official App Store is flooded with numerous applications to clean iPhone duplicate photos most effortlessly. After testing dozens of duplicate photo finders for iPhone, we’ve chosen the top 5 options!

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer

Delete duplicate photo

Price – $6.99

Vendor – Systweak Software

Compatibility – iOS 8.0 or later

Duplicate Photos Fixer is one of the leading apps to detect & remove duplicate photos from iPhone. This easy-to-use app certainly takes a fraction of a second to identify identical and similar-looking photographs in a single scan. Users can customize the scan settings for similarity levels and get accurate results per their needs. It offers an intuitive user interface that allows users to preview the results before deleting them, free up storage space quickly and have an organized collection.


Detects both identical & similar-looking photos.

Normal, Aggressive, Custom scan criteria.

Shows duplicates in classified groups.

Recover a huge amount of space in one go.

Auto-mark duplicates to avoid all the manual hassle.


Thumbnails could be bigger in the Preview window.

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2. Clean My Photos

Clean my photos

Price – Free Duplicate Photo Finder For iOS

Vendor – Kyle Allen

Compatibility – iOS 15.0 or later

Clean My Photos is another easy and efficient duplicate photo & video remover app to make room on your iPhone for more storage space. As compared to its counterparts, it offers numerous options to declutter your device in a few taps. It also helps determine which photos on your Camera roll take up the most space alongside other sophisticated filters. Besides duplicate photos, this multi-purpose app also allows you to remove identical and similar contacts, photographs, and videos from your iPhone.


Effective filters to find & delete duplicate photos & videos.

Delete useless iPhone cache data.

Check and monitor your iPhone’s battery health.

Compress photos and videos without losing quality.


Lacks compatibility with Android.

Download here

3. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Price – Free

Vendor – Remo Software

Compatibility – iOS 9.0 or later

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover is undoubtedly the best free photo-cleaning app for iPads and iPhones. It swiftly searches for duplicates residing on every nook & cranny of your device, shows a clear preview, and erases them efficiently, much like any decent duplicate photo removal tool. You can also check the file details like name, size, resolution, and date in the preview section. It has robust marking/unmarking capabilities, keeps the best file copy safe in each group & marks the rest.


Drag option to initiate duplicate scanning.

Has one of the most powerful & accurate engines.

Preview images to ensure the right copy before deleting them.

Lightweight & free duplicate photo finder for iPhone.


An annoying text changes in UI.

Download here

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4. Photo Cleaner

Photo Cleaner

Price – Free and Offers In-App Purchases

Vendor – Jinpyo Hong

Compatibility – iOS 11.0 or later

Photo Cleaner offers an effortless way to find and delete duplicate photos from iPhone and free up storage space. It is an ideal app to manage your large photo collection and delete duplicates for better organization. The finest feature of this app is its ability to compress duplicates instead of removing them. Duplicate files will still exist on your device but won’t take up a lot of space. It also features a Private Album that allows users to keep our snaps and videos safely in one place.


Sort by file size and remove videos with large file sizes first.

Compress photos into smaller file sizes, saving up to 95% space.

Filter by details like date, file size, favorite, hidden, or albums.

Add widgets to monitor album storage.


Users may face issues in getting similar photos loaded completely.

Sometimes, the app crashes abruptly.

Download here

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5. Cleaner for iPhone

Cleaner for iPhone

Price: Free app to delete duplicate photos

Vendor: Cleaner LLC

Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later

Cleaner for iPhone provides one of the quickest and simplest ways to clean up your iOS device and release a large amount of storage space. It thoroughly searches to discover identical and similar-looking photographs, selfies, burst images, live images, screenshots, huge video files, and more. Not only this, but it also assists users in organizing and de-duplicate their contacts and videos. It has a clean and straightforward UI so that every kind of user can get started with it.


Show iPhone system storage statistics in the dashboard.

The “Fast Clean” feature detects similar images & large videos.

Shows contacts that have a missing name, number, or email.

Merge duplicate contacts instead of deleting them.


Limited features in the free version

Download here

Final Takeaway:

iPhone storage space is one of the major reasons you need to get rid of iPhone duplicate photos. Having a reliable duplicate photo cleaner for iOS provides one of the most effective ways to find and remove duplicate images in a few taps. These applications will help you delete hundreds of similar photos in one go. One of the most recommended solutions among the glut is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. It quickly scans your entire device for duplicate photos and automatically marks them to save time and help you reclaim a lot of space.

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