Find Out How to Fix Your Frozen iPhone

Find Out How to Fix Your Frozen iPhone

All of us have had a good share of situations where our precious cell phone got frozen out of nowhere. So if someone says that his/her cellphone didn’t freeze ever, it’s equal to impossible believing them; unless he/she just bought a new cell phone. And when it comes to cell phone freezing, both Android smartphone as well as iPhone users had experienced the issue.

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Now there can be many ways & reasons a cell phone can freeze & all you can do is to either restart it or uninstall the newly added apps. Specially, when it comes to iOS devices, Apple is quite confident that user’s data security & user experience have been their constant priorities. So in case your iPhone freezes & your user experience is going down big time, don’t worry at all. You can use a few tips & tricks to fix your frozen iPhone. Yeah!! It’s possible.

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Here’s How You Can Fix Your Frozen iPhone

First of all, it shouldn’t come as a shock if your iPhone screen is frozen or the iOS device as a whole. Users have faced similar situations & they have come out of it as well easily. Sometimes, while scrolling through social media posts or watching some high quality videos, it might happen that your iPhone screen gets frozen. It doesn’t mean that the frozen iPhone is of no use at all because it was a momentary lapse. Plus it’s not something that’s going to happen to you quite often, however, it’s good to know info for you & your friends if they face the frozen iPhone issue in future.

Factors That Can Cause/Trigger Frozen iPhone Issue

In order to work on a solution, first you need to find the problem & then only can it be resolved. So while we are talking about the frozen iPhone issue, we must know what factors trigger this issue where the iPhone freezes out of nowhere.

Fix Your Frozen iPhone

The factors that lead to the frozen iPhone issue can be as many as you can count, however, you need to know if you are facing one of those currently. After all, it’s a machine (maybe a smaller version) but a combination of tools that’s been designed to make our lives easier. And machines hang, become unresponsive, as well as freeze out of the blue & we start cleaning out the junk to keep in running.

Out of those many reasons, there are four reasons that can play a major part while you are trying to find the answer for, “why is my iPhone frozen?

  1. Less or not enough storage space available on iPhone
  2. Buggy or questionable installed apps on iPhone
  3. iPhone reboots that were infrequent
  4. Uninstalled or Old Updates

Every machine has been designed in a way to function properly & if that rhythm breaks, problems start. From your high class computer to the USB drive, every one of those devices need enough space. Obviously the free space won’t be used for anything, however, it’s like the space a human being needs for breathing. Similarly, using apps that look suspicious so you need to start with downloading apps only from the App Store, Period.

iPhone reboots

We don’t give it much of a thought but rebooting your iPhone is a process nio one should take lightly. And you need to make sure that while rebooting, every one of those running apps have been closed properly. Any sudden or accidental reboot can play with your device & can tweak settings big time. Last but not the least, Updates, that play one of the biggest roles to keep your device run smooth. Latest updates come with bug fixes & new versions to fight bad behaving contents as well as system updates for device’s smooth running. So these must not be missed in any ways & you need to keep checking your iPhone regularly if there is a new update available.

How to Fix If You Have Got a Frozen iPhone?

Wherever a machine or a type of machine freezes, the instant thought that comes to our mind is to restart the same. Maybe the proper reboot will make everything smooth & the device will run like it has never freezed. From your precious computer to the frozen iPhone, everything can work fine when you restart it but the question is, “when your iPhone is frozen, how will you be able to restart it?” The answer is, Force restart; yeah, restarting the iPhone forcely can get you out of the frozen-iPhone-situation.

iphone screen frozen

Now let’s check out the ways to come out of my-iPhone-is-frozen situation:

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus; iPhone with Face ID X & above); & iPhone SE (2nd Gen):

  1. Start with pressing and releasing the volume up button & follow it by doing the same with the volume down button.
  2. Next step would be to press & hold the side button & complete the process by releasing the side button as soon as the Apple logo appears. Simple as that!!

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

With iPhone 7 as well as 7 Plus models, you need to follow below steps to force restart the device:

  1. You need to press & keep a hold on the volume down button & the Sleep/Wake button (both at the same time).
  2. Now as soon as the Apple logo appears on the screen, follow the process by releasing both of them at the same time. Simple!!

iPhone SE (1st Gen), iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, & Older Models

With older models as well as a set of new ones (iPhone SE, iPhone 6, & 6 Plus), follow the below steps:

  1. Start the process by keeping a hold onto the Home button as well as Sleep/Wake button (at the same time)
  2. Now just like the above processes, the moment you see Apple logo on your iOS device screen, release those buttons.

The above steps will help you force restart your iPhone that can help you get out of the frozen iPhone situation. Having said that, please know that restarting your iPhone (forcibly or not) is a temporary solution you are giving to your frozen iPhone. You also need to be extra careful with what kind of apps you install on your iPhone along with the source.

Keeping the continuous track on updates for bug fixing (if there are any) to rebooting your iPhone properly can help you with getting out of freezing iPhone situations. Other frozen-iPhone-solutions include having enough space on your iPhone & segregating buggy apps from the genuine apps so that those ones don’t trigger the iPhone-freezing-problems to your iPhone.

What If Your iPhone Doesn’t Restart?

There are times when after trying every possible solution you could find, still you have got yourself the frozen iPhone. From cleaning out junk & other files to create enough space on your iPhone to flushing out suspicious or buggy apps (you recently installed), you have tried everything. Now that every solution window you thought would work has been closed, so you need to look for outside support.

my iphone is frozen

For example, even after force restarting the device couldn’t help you come out of the frozen iPhone situation, maybe your device needs an instant iOS restoration. Yeah, restoring the iOS device will make your iPhone the same you received after opening up the box for the first time. And please don’t try to restore the iPhone on your own as that’s why the local experts are there to help you out. If you are lucky enough, the first process of creating enough space or uninstalling buggy apps will help you out. But if it doesn’t, apart from restoring the device, there is a possibility your device needs hardware repairing. Not that it’s the only possibility one should jump onto, but if nothing works including force restart & restoring iOS device, then you must visit the local repair technician.

What iPhone Users Must Know Already?

There are people who always think beyond the possibilities even though the situation isn’t as severe as your frozen iPhone. For example, it’s quite evident that if your iOS device is freezing continuously, the data it stores is in questionable condition. And the data includes everything from the images to music & documents that are confidential as well irreplaceable.

iCloud backup

So if your device has started freezing, then the very first reaction must be to bring it back to the normal phase. And once it does, create the backup as soon as possible. Or just like smart users do, always keep the iCloud backup enabled so even if your device gets frozen & needs expert help, at least your precious data would be secure & up to date.

What Does The Expert Say For Frozen iPhone?

uBreakiFix is an electronic device repair shop founded in 2009 & covers more than 500 locations in the United States of America & Canada. Joshua Sutton is the Training and Development Manager at uBreakiFix who states, “There are many possible reasons why an iPhone may freeze or become unresponsive, and they are generally the same as what causes a computer to freeze. After all, these are at their core scaled-down mobile computers.”

screen frozen

And when it comes to data loss & creating backup, Sutton says, Make sure you always have an iCloud backup enabled and check regularly to make sure that backups are occurring. While a freezing iPhone is often an easily addressed issue, there are situations where you cannot retrieve data through conventional means. Data recovery in these situations, while not impossible in most cases, can be a costly ordeal.”

Wrapping Up

From finding out the possible reasons that can trigger frozen iPhone issues to what the experts think about the iPhone freezing situation, users must be extra careful. You cannot start the repairing process after your device has been frozen because the damage could have been irreparable. Maybe you won’t get enough time to recover the lost data & that’s why possible solutions need to be narrowed down.

You need to start with having enough storage space on iPhone & follow this by keeping the device updated with latest system files. Don’t forget to put the permanent full-stop on accessing unsecured websites to install apps (can be buggy) & keep yourself available to the App Store only.

Exploring the above fixes will help you come out of the frozen iPhone situation & will make your experience smoother than ever.

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