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How To Uninstall Apps on Mac and Resolve Storage Almost Full Message

Whether you are trying to optimize your Mac, or you just want to make some room for new apps, uninstalling software is a routine task. Moreover, when you bump into messages like storage almost full, software uninstallation is of great help.

Luckily for Mac users, uninstalling an app on Mac is very simple. Yet most Mac users make a common mistake of leaving these apps in Trash Bin. Due to which, this deleted software takes up gigabytes of extra space that leads to storage almost full message.

In this article, we will discuss different ways to delete the software from Mac without leaving any traces.


1. Uninstalling an app on Mac using Smart Mac Care

2. Uninstalling an app on Mac via Finder

3. Uninstalling an app on Mac using Launchpad

Method 1: Uninstalling app using Smart Mac Care

The first way to uninstall a program from Mac is to use a special software Smart Mac Care. We recommend this way to most of the readers, and here’s why. Smart Mac Care is an excellent software that offers ways to perform various tasks on Mac that you hate doing manually.

Using Smart Mac Care, you can not only uninstall apps from Mac but can also save it from threats like malware, adware, spyware, and trojan. Moreover, this powerful software helps clean junk and unused files that are responsible for storage almost full error messages.

Things don’t end here for Smart Mac Care. This Mac optimizer even saves the browser’s privacy, cleans duplicate files and a lot more.
So, how do you uninstall the app on Mac using Smart Mac Care?

Download Smart Mac Care Here

1. Launch Smart Mac Care.

2. The home screen of Smart Mac Care shows Malware Scan, Web Protection, Junk Scan, and Privacy Scan. If you want to run a scan for these sections, click on Scan Now.

3. Once the scan is finished click on FIX ALL ITEMS.

Smart Mac Care

4. Now to delete apps from your Mac click on Advanced features tab one with tools icon. Here from the sidebar on the left select Uninstaller.

5. As you click on the uninstaller, you will see a list of installed no apple apps that you can uninstall from Mac.

Smart Mac Care_Uninstaller

6. Select the unused apps, click Clean Now button to uninstall the selected app from your Mac.

Using these simple steps, you can not only uninstall unwanted apps but can recover valuable disk space.

To learn more about this app watch the video.

Method 2: Uninstalling apps from Mac via Finder

The second method to uninstall apps from Mac is via Finder. If you are using an older version of Mac this traditional method is for you.

1. Open Finder window.

2. Click on the Applications folder > select the software you wish to uninstall > right-click on it.

3. Now from the context menu select Move to Trash.

Alternatively, you can even drag the application to the recycle bin. Once the app is sent to Trash bin you need to perform one more step to completely delete the software.
Remember, after performing this step even if you change your mind you cannot get the application back.

If you have changed your mind and would like to get the application back right-click on the application that you moved to Trash and select Put Back. However, if you have wanted to permanently delete the app right-click the Trash icon present in the bottom right corner of the menu bar > Empty Trash. Depending on the data, Trash bin has it will take time.

Method 3: Uninstalling apps on Mac using Launchpad

Uninstalling apps on Mac using Launchpad

This one is an incredibly simple method. Using Launchpad, you can uninstall apps from Mac easily.

1. From your Dock click Launchpad or press F4.

2. Now look for the software you wish to delete from Mac.

3. Click and hold the cursor on the app until you see an X icon on the corner of the app.

4. Click X to uninstall the app from Mac.

Note: You will see X next to each app that can be deleted.

5. Scroll through all the apps and click on X to uninstall the apps that are no longer required.

6. When finished click anywhere on the screen to exit deletion mode.

So, this was it, using any of the methods explained above you can uninstall apps from your Mac. If you decide to go with either Finder or Launchpad option, there are chances your Mac has app leftovers. Hence to clean up these leftover files that can take up space on your Mac consider using the quickest method i.e. Smart Mac Care. This powerful tool locates and deletes app leftover, cache from your Mac. An app like Smart Mac Care is a great choice as it also shields your Mac from threats like spyware, adware, malware, etc.

However, if you don’t like the idea of using a third-party app you can clean the left-over files yourself. For this, you will need to go to the library folder. If you are sure you want to do it only then head to Library folder.

Steps to manually clean uninstalled app leftovers from your Mac

1. Open Finder window.

2. Click Go menu > hold the option key.

3. You’ll now see a new folder with Library > click on it.

4. You are now in the Library folder that supports:

Application support files

App Preferences

App cache

Click on any of the above folders to locate a subfolder name after the software you uninstalled from your Mac. Generally, the folder is named after the app developer, not the app. So, if you are unable to find it with the app name look for the developer’s name.

Now that you are able to locate it you can either delete the files individually or can simply delete the subfolder.

Wasn’t it simple! Do let us know which step you choose to use and why. If you plan on using Smart Mac Care leave us a comment for a special discount coupon made for you.

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