Best Download Managers for MacOS

Best Download Managers for MacOS

Download Managers provide a great way to organize the downloads on your PC. Though it doesn’t pain to simply click on the download button once in a while, if you happen to find yourself downloading files frequently, a great Download Manager can surely help a lot.

Although we all have the basic idea what a download manager can really do (that’s why we are here), let’s understand in brief how choosing the Best Download Manager available can simplify things.

How does a Download Manager Work?

As we mentioned earlier, if you happen to download something once in Blue Moon, you don’t really need a download manager. However, for other, a Download Manager can simplify the work progress and make it automatic for some part.

With the help of one of the best download managers, you can prioritize some of the files on your download list that you want downloaded first. Also, you can schedule the downloads for a different point in time. A good Download Manager also offers security features to keep you and your PC safe from various threats. Few of the best Download Managers for MacOS also offer the option of File Preview before the downloading is complete. BitTorrent Support is another advantage of having a good Download Manager installed.

Hence, if you download files frequently or in batches, you should definitely give any one of the software on our list of Best Download Managers for MacOS in 2021.

However, if you are a Windows user, you can find the list of Best Download Managers for Windows here.

Best Download Managers for MacOS in 2021

List of Contents

  • 1. Download Accelerator Plus
  • 2. Ninja Download Manager
  • 3. Free Download Manager
  • 4. Folx Download Manager
  • 5. iGetter Download Manager
  • 6. JDownloader
  • 7. Download Shuttle
  • 8. Maxel Downloader for MacOS
  • 9. Progressive Downloader for MacOS
  • 10. Leech

1. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

⮚     Download Videos Conveniently from any website, including YouTube
⮚     Easy-to-use interface
⮚     Allows you to Convert Video formats
⮚     Organizes the download Categorically
⮚     Download Scheduling

Download Accelerator Plus is one of the most famous Download Manager for MacOS as well as Windows. Download Accelerator Pro is also a free download manager and it isn’t just a free demo but rather a full-fledged usable software.

Download Accelerator Pro comes with unmatched features like safe downloading and link checker. You get all the other basic features of a Download Manager like it allows you to schedule downloads, organize the download categorically. It also works as a dedicated video downloader that allows you to download videos from almost any platform including Facebook and YouTube together with the option to convert the video formats to make them viewable on any program or device. With all the given features and more, it is definitely one of the Best Download Manager for MacOS available in 2021.

Download ‘Download Accelerator Plus’ for MacOS

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2. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager

⮚     Faster Download Speeds
⮚     Download Scheduling
⮚     Sequential File Writing
⮚     Add Multiple Download
⮚     Password Manager
⮚     File Previews before the download

Ninja is the second one on our list of Best Download Managers for MacOS. But it is no less than the first one on our list. It contains all the amazing features that you would require from a good Download Manager for MacOS.

You can easily add multiple downloads and schedule them to your will. Also, it contains a password manager as an additional perk that can impress a lot of users who are already paying for a dedicated password manager from their wallet. Other features include File Previews before the downloading is even complete and sequential file writing.

Ninja Download Manager packs all these amazing features in a simplistic and easy-to-use interface. Hence, it definitely deserves to be on the list of Best Download Manager for MacOS.

Download Ninja Download Manager for MacOS

3. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

Supports BitTorrent
Enhanced Audio/Video Files Support
Download Acceleration
Resuming Broken Downloads
Offers Smart File Management and Powerful Scheduler

As the name suggests, Free Download Manager for MacOS is a free to use tool. However, it lacks nowhere in the functionality that it offers. It offers all the features that a paid Download Manager would offer.

It supports BitTorrent to let you download torrent files easily. Also, it features Download Acceleration techniques to not only manage but boost downloading speeds substantially. Broken Downloads are a common place if you happen to download files frequently. Free Download Manager for can easily resume broken downloads. You can, like you would expect, easily schedule downloads and manage download easily.

However, the software lacks a bit in the user interface. If you can cope up with a seemingly outdated interface, Free Download Manager is one of the Free Downloader Software that you can get for your Mac.

Download Free Download Manager for MacOS

4. Folx Download Manager

Folx Download Manager

Download Splitting for faster downloads
Pause and resume support
Supports BitTorrent and Magnet Links
Easy-to-Use Interface
Browser Integration

Folx is another great and one of the best free Download Manager for MacOS. Folx is surprisingly good and has all the features that you would expect from an industry-leading download manager. Folx download Manager helps provide faster downloading speeds by splitting the downloads in two threads. Also, it offers pause and resume support. It has a very pleasing easy-to-use interface. It also supports BitTorrent and Magnet Links where you can just click and the download manager will automatically start downloading the file. Folx’s Smart Browser Integration with all the major browsers makes it more convenient to use. With all the features, it definitely deserves to be on the list of Best download Manager for MacOS.

Download Folx Download Manager for MacOS

5. iGetter Download Manager

iGetter Download Manager

Powerful Download Manager
Bandwidth Monitoring
One-Click Torrenting
Download Acceleration
Download Scheduler
Site Explorer

iGetter is another feature packed but less popular Download Manager for MacOS. You can blame its User-Interface as a reason for it not being popular. It features an evidently outdated interface. But that’s the only thing outdated in the software.

iGetter is a feature packed Download Manager for MacOS. It features all the modern and powerful features of a download manager. It offers a Download Scheduler which is an absolute must. In addition to that, it also helps accelerate the download speed. Built-in Site explorer helps search for the content on a web-page that you may want to download.

If you can work with the outdated interface, it is definitely one of the Best Download Manager for MacOS.

Download iGetter for MacOS

6. JDownloader


Multi-Files Download
Multi-Theme Support

JDownloader is another Free Download Manager for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. It features over 300 decryption plugins, automatic RAR Extraction, Password list searching and OCR to complete some of the captcha.

You’ll need the Java Runtime Environment to run it though. JDownloader is infamous for its poorly designed websites which only contains texts and a couple of links and that’s it. However, JDownloader does offer all the required features like Download Speed Acceleration and Download Manager utility.

I can only suggest this as the best Free Downloader Software only if you didn’t find any suitable options on the list above this.

Download JDownloader for MacOS

7. Download Shuttle

Download Shuttle

Easy Download Management Utility
Allows you to Pause and Resume downloads
Multi-Segment Download for Faster Downloading Speed
Offers a Browser Extension

Download Shuttle is another feature packed Download Manager for MacOS. It contains all the features that you would require from a good Download Manager. It comes equipped with a Easy Download Management Utility Software and allows you to pause and resume downloads easily at any point in time. Multi-Segment Downloading ensures Faster Downloading Speeds.

It also features browser Extensions to further simplify the tasks. Considering all the given features, I can conclude Download Shuttle to be one of the best Download Manager for MacOS in 2021.

Download ‘Download Shuttle’ for MacOS

8. Maxel Downloader for MacOS

Maxel Downloader for MacOS

Effortless Downloading with links
Automatic Link Extraction
Automatically file downloading from the browser
Built-in Browser

Maxel is one of the very popular Download Managers for MacOS available in the market. Maxel Downloader comes loaded with beneficial features. The effortless downloading feature is just awesome to use. You can simply copy and paste the link of the file you wish to download and Maxel Download Manager for MacOS takes care of the rest.

Maxel Downloader offers a link extraction feature where you can just drag and drop the snippet and it automatically extracts the download links for you to download. Also, the built-in browser helps with the authenticity of the download link. Considering all the features, Maxel Downloader for MacOS is one of the best Download Manager for MacOS in 2021.

Download Maxel Downloader for MacOS

9. Progressive Downloader for MacOS

Progressive Downloader for MacOS

Searches for the Fastest Server available to Download the file
Allows you to schedule the downloads
Browser Integration for all the major browsers
Pause and Resume Support

Progressive Downloader for MacOS is one of the popular graphically organized software out there. The advanced features it comes equipped with make it a desirable option. It automatically searches for the best server to download the said file to provide you the quickest experience possible. In addition to that, it offers all the basic features like Scheduling the downloads and pause and resume support. Progressive Downloader boasts browser integration with all the major browsers. Considering all the features, Progressive Downloader is one of the best Download Manager for MacOS.

Download Progressive Downloader for MacOS

10. Leech


Schedule your Downloads
Built-in Control for Bandwidth Throttling
You can Customize the number of Connections you want to create to accelerate downloads
Lightweight Tool

Yes, it definitely is a weird name to give to a software. But don’t get confused with its weird name. It is one of the most customizable Download Manager for MacOS on the list. To begin with, it offers all the basic features like allowing you to schedule the downloads.

For the customizability part, you can increase or decrease the amount of internet speed you want to allocate to the download with the help of built-in Bandwidth throttler. Also, it boasts to be one of the lightest download managers on system performance. Considering all the features, Leech is one of the best Download Manager for MacOS in 2021.

Download Leech Download Manager for MacOS

Wrapping Up:

So, with this, we conclude our list of the Best Download Manager for MacOS. Do you think we have missed one or two apps that deserved to be on the list; we love hearing from you. Also, do let us know which one of these are you going to try in the comment section below. Keep Visiting Tweak Library for more such tech related content.

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