Best Password Managers for Mac in 2023

Best Password Managers for Mac in 2023

It is not at all difficult to find a Password Manager for macOS in current day and age. But when it comes to finding one that you can rely upon is still something not easy to find.

Here we have accumulated a list of Best Password Managers for Mac based on user reviews and our own testing. Continue reading to know about the Best Password Manager for Mac.

Best Password Managers for Mac

1. Dashlane Password Manager for Mac:

Password Managers for Mac

Key Features:

  • Import Passwords Quickly
  • Safe File Storage
  • Compatible Browser Extensions from Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Dark Web Monitoring

Dashlane is the second one on our list of Mac Password Managers. Dashlane comes feature packed and has few outstanding features. One of the most highlighted features is Dark Web Monitoring features in which Dashlane claims to keep an eye on the Dark Web activities to see if your passwords have been somehow leaked and are available to be bought on Dark Web.

Also, Dashlane features browser extensions for all Chrome, Safari, and Firefox to autofill passwords and provide the information when needed. With all these features, Dashlane definitely deserves to be on the list of Best Password Managers for Mac.

Download Dashlane Password Manager

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2. 1Password:


Key Features:

  • Unlimited Device Synchronization
  • 1GB Secure Storage
  • Auto-Fill Passwords securely
  • Dedicated Travel Mode
  • Multiple Password Vaults to manage passwords easily

1Password is third one on our list of Mac Password Managers. 1 Password is one of the most popular password managers in the market. It not only stores the information about your account and passwords, but also features a secure vault to store your documents.

Also, similar to TweakPass Password Manager, 1Password allows you to autofill passwords securely. One of the most highlighted features of 1Password is Dedicated Travel Mode if you travel a lot. With all these amazing features, 1Password is one of the most secure and the best password managers for Mac available in the market.

Download 1Password

3. LastPass Password Manager:

LastPass Password Manager

Key Features:

  • Built-in 2-Factor Authentication
  • Secure Notes
  • Account Recovery Options
  • Free-to-use

LastPass Password Manager is the fourth one on our list of Mac Password Managers. However, it is the first and the best free Password Manager for Mac on our list. Unlike all other options mentioned on the list, LastPass Password Manager offers all the premium features for free.

Features like 2-factor authentication, Autofill username and passwords, secure notes, etc. are difficult to find even in the paid options which are available for free in LastPass Password Manager.

Download LastPass Password Manager

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4. Keeper:


Key Features:

  • Password Generator
  • Centralized Administration
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Dark Web Monitoring

Keeper is the second one on our list with the Dark Web Monitoring feature. As explained earlier, Keeper also keeps an eye on the Dark Web dealings to find out if your accounts passwords have been breached and is available to be bought and sold online. Keeper also features a 2-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security. Centralized Administration allows users to manage the stored information. Hence, with all these awesome features, Keeper definitely deserves to be on the list of best Password managers for Mac.

Download Keeper Password Manager

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5.   RoboForm Password Manager:

RoboForm Password Manager
image source:

Key Features:

  • Capture Passwords Automatically
  • Available for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android OS
  • Offline Access to information through Apps
  • One-Click Login

RoboForm is another great Password Manager for Mac. RoboForm features a futuristic user interface and also has you ready for the future with apps for all different platforms. Automatic Password Capturing feature allows you to store passwords easily while surfing.

Unlike many other Password Managers, you can check all the saved information in the dedicated apps while being offline. RoboForm lets you organize all your passwords and other information in separate folders where you can pin your favorite ones. With all the given features and more, RoboForm definitely deserves to be on the list of best Password Manager for Mac.

Download RoboForm Password Manager

6. LogmeOnce:


Key Features:

  • Offers Encrypted Storage to Safeguard Files and Documents
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Password Sharing
  • Password Generator
  • Anti-Theft

LogmeOnce is the first password Manager for Mac on our list that has Anti-theft features built-in. Also, it offers multi-factor authentication to safeguard your information even better. Password Generator is included to help you with the powerful enough passwords to safeguard your information.

You can share your passwords with your family and friends in order to keep the information synced between the family and the people you want. Obviously, you get to choose the passwords and information you want to share with others. LogmeOnce is one of the best Password Manager for Mac in the market.

Download LogmeOnce Password Manager

7. Bitwarden:


Key Features:

  • Available in 40 Different Languages
  • Has extension for almost every popular browser in the world
  • Has separate apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • AES 256-Bit Encrypted Secure Vault

Bitwarden is another popular Password Manager for Mac available in the market. Bitwarden is a highly customizable open-source Password manager for Mac. It is really easy to sync all the information thanks to its apps for all different operating systems. Also, the browser extensions make it really easy to automatically fill passwords.

AES-256 Bit encrypted vault lets you save all your sensitive data and documents and lets you carry them with you all the time without you having to worry about it. With all the given features, Bitwarden makes one of the best Password Manager for Mac available in the market.

Download Bitwarden Password Manager

8. RememBear:


Key Features:

  • Secure Vault to store Sensitive Documents
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Auto Fill Passwords
  • Supports Face Recognitions and Fingerprint Login
  • Password Generator
  • 2 Factor Authentication

RememBear is a highly easy-to-use password manager for Mac. RememBear has all the necessary features that you would want from a Password Manager. It saves you from the hassle of entering passwords by yourself every time you open a website with the help of Auto-Fill Password Feature.

Also, it features a secure encrypted storage to store all your sensitive documents and protect them from various threats. In addition to this, RememBear also features 2-Factor Authentication to further improve the security of your passwords and devices. RememBear is one of the best Password Managers for Mac in the market.

Download RememBear Password Manager

9. Sticky Password:

Sticky Password

Key Features:

  • Auto-Fill passwords
  • Secure Vault
  • Portable Password Manager
  • Works on 14 Different Browsers
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Sticky Password another great password manager App. Sticky Password is highly popular and is relatively easy to use. It offers all the features that you would require from a Password Manager. It also features a secure vault to safeguard your information and sensitive documents.

Also, Sticky Password is portable which means that if you have a Stick Password on your Pen Drive or SD Card, you can plug those in any computer to view your information carefully without having to install any app or something. It is one of the unique features that wasn’t available with any of the Password Manager Apps mentioned above. Hence, Sticky Password is definitely one of the best Password Manager for Mac.

Download Sticky Password App

10. NordPass:


Key Features:

  • Auto-Fill Passwords
  • Import your passwords easily
  • Secure Notes
  • Store Bank Information

NordPass Password Manager is another widely popular app. NordPass Password Manager allows you to import all your passwords easily. You can also store documents and notes to keep them secure. NordPass, like most other password managers in the market, allows you to auto-fill forms in addition to auto-filling passwords and account information. NordPass definitely is a great password manager app for Mac.

Download NordPass Password Manager

So, these are few of the best Password Managers for Mac available in the market. Do let us know which among these is your favorite, we love hearing from you.

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