Download Files At A Whim With These Best Torrent Apps For Android

Get Torrents And Files On Your Mobile Hands Down! With These Torrent Apps For Android

Download Files At A Whim With These Best Torrent Apps For Android

Looking for the best torrent apps for Android? Why just stick to two or three big names (though we have them on the list too!) when you can have an ocean of options and several features at your command.

Best Torrent Apps For Android
Sl. No Name Of The App Rating
1 BitTorrent 4.6
2 uTorrent 4.6
3 WeTorrent 4.5
4 LibreTorrent 4.5
5 TorrDroid 4.4
6 Zeta 4.4

While you can get all the apps mentioned in this blog from Google Play Store which is great from a security standpoint, mishaps can still invade your security. A malicious virus can still pave its way while you are downloading a torrent file. We highly recommend you to have protection on your Android device. You never know when a virus or malware may creep into your device. To tackle such mishaps there  are several wonderful apps.

For instance, you should try an app like Systweak Anti Malware which –

  • Comes with advanced algorithms to shield your device from all kinds of malware and viruses
  • Prevents you from installing any harmful app in your device
  • It works and provides protection to your device 24*7
  • The app gives you flexibility to schedule daily and weekly scans
  • Systweak Anti Malware also doubles up as a performance booster

Systweak anti-malware

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Best Torrent Apps For Android:

1. BitTorrent

Bit Torrent

Install BitTorrent

Rating – 4.6

If you are out to download torrents on Android or even magnet links, BitTorrent has to be on your mind. It has one of the highest number of installs and why won’t that happen? Afterall, it comes with several features. To begin with it has no speed or size limits. It offers free and licensed audio and video torrents from some of the best distributing sites such as Public Enemy and Moby. It also has a Wi-fi only mode using which you can save your mobile data.

2. uTorrent


Install uTorrent

 Rating – 4.6

uTorrent is one of the most famous and the best torrent app for Android. There is no chance that you might have not heard its name if you are into downloading torrents. Again, this app offers.

A neat, clean and hassle free interface. With uTorrent it is super simple to download and share torrents. Plus, if you have downloaded several music files in one torrent, you have an option to play them all at once as a playlist. Don’t want all the files in a torrent? No problem! You can select the files that you want.

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3. WeTorrent


Rating – 4.5

If you wish to download torrents on Android, then take our word, WeTorrent is a force to reckon with. It has been rated as the fastest and the best torrent client for Android. It handles magnet links and torrent files like any other biggie in the game. Moreover, it seamlessly carries out basic functions like pause, delete or resume files. You can open, view and delete downloaded torrent files directly from within the app. The app also supports multiple downloads and best of all, it’s 100% free.

4. LibreTorrent


Install LibreTorrent

Rating – 4.5

Big fan of torrenting movies, like us? How about a torrent client for Android that apart from covering all the basic features such as downloading and sharing magnets and previewing files comes with added features such as dark theme, Android TV support, RSS manager and IP filtering. And, if you thought that was it, you also get to schedule you torrent downloading. How cool is that?

5. TorrDroid


Install TorrDroid For Android

Rating – 4.4

TorrDroid for Android, the name has a nice ring to it, isn’t it? Don’t just go by the name, if you are all pumped up to download torrents on Android, TorrDroid is the app you are looking for. It doesn’t really come across as a torrent downloader but once you have your hands on you will soon say that it is indeed one of the best torrent clients you can have for Android. With this app you can download reliable and appropriate torrents and you can also set upload and download limits too. It ensures security by preventing fake torrents and common viruses.

6. Zeta


Rating – 4.4

Zeta is touted as a web browser for torrents and offers everything that you would expect from a torrent downloader app. It offers uPnp, Port and NAT-PMP port mapping to begin with. You can also download files to an external SD card. It supports download settings, torrent management, protocols for RSS and even transfer files from mobile and PC when Wi-fi is on. Talking of Wi-Fi or even mobile data, it is one of the most compliant torrent downloader apps for Android, in that it adheres to the upload and download, bandwidth and connection limits.

So, Which Of The Above Torrent Apps For Android Did You Like The Most

We’d love to hear your Torrent downloading experience in our comments section below. If you have picked up a favorite App for downloading torrents on Android, do share your favorite goodness with us. Plus, if you are app freaks like us, stay around since we frequently come up with apps from all spheres of life. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library. You can also find us on all social media platforms too!

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