How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

So, infuriating, after searching for long, you finally get the torrent you wanted and the first thought that comes to your mind is that it gets downloaded as fast as it can. To the contrary, the torrent takes hours and evens days to download. Will, you just sit and wait for it to download or you will find out other ways to make uTorrent download faster.

Thankfully there are ways that will help you increase uTorrent download speed. Walkthrough the article to know how to make uTorrent download faster.

Tips and Tweaks To Increase uTorrent Download Speed

Make Use of Faster Torrent Trackers:

Before covering this point lets discuss what Peers, Seeders, and Trackers are:


It is basically a server whose main task is to track which seeds and peers are sharing the uTorrent for downloading and uploading.


These are the peers that have already downloaded the torrent and are uploading the downloaded torrent so that other it can be shared with others to download it.


Is a BitTorrent client that runs on a computer and does not have the complete torrent file and is in the process of downloading it. Peers can also share torrents but only the once that they have downloaded completely.

Adding trackers is one of the best options to increase uTorrent download speed as it adds new peers and seeds. When you add trackers, the frequency of track being closed and opened gets faster and hence faster speeds.

To do this,

  • Open the torrent you want to download using uTorrent.
  • Start downloading the torrent and click on Down Speed to see by what speed the torrent is getting downloaded.
  • Post this, right-click on the torrent and click on Properties.
  • Here locate Trackers and then add them. Adding trackers will add more seeders and peers in the future and increase uTorrent download speed.

Allot More Bandwidth to the Torrent:

Many times it happens that users add more than one torrent for downloading at the same time. When this happens, all the torrents get downloaded slowly. However, if you want a particular torrent to download faster you can increase its bandwidth.

To do so,

  • Open uTorrent.
  • Right Click the Torrent you wish to download faster.
  • Here look for Bandwidth Allocation and click on it.
  • From the side menu, slide the bar to High.
  • Post this do that same for other torrents and set the Bandwidth Allocation to Low.

By allocating more bandwidth it gets easier to make uTorrent download faster.

Change Additional Bandwidth Settings To Increase uTorrent Download Speed

Another method to make uTorrent download faster can be achieved by making use of the Bandwidth settings. To do so,

  • Click on Options.
  • Post this click on Preferences.
  • Under Preferences, find the tab by the name Bandwidth and then set the following parameters:

How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

Upload speed to be set at 14.

Maximum download speed should be 1800.

Maximum number of global connections to be set at 2329.

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent should be set to 257.

Upload slots per torrent should be 14.

Set The Download Through A Direct, Wired Internet Connection

While we all are accustomed to using wireless data, connecting your laptop or PC directly to the modem or router with the Ethernet cable and then trying to download torrents can greatly help in increasing uTorrent download speed.

Keep A Track Of The Number Of Seeds Before Downloading Torrent

Generally, the more the number of Seeds for any torrent, higher is the download speed. If multiple entities are seeding a file there a more chances uTorrent will find a file with greater speed.

This means when there are multiple seeds with similar content, always go with the one that has higher number of seeds.

Download Fewer Torrents At The Same Time:

Many times, it happens that we find many torrents that we wanted. What happens we tend to download them all at once?

As a result, the download speed becomes too less, and it gets difficult to download them. Under such circumstances, you can set the preference to 1 for the downloads you want to download first. Setting the preference to 1 download the torrents one at a time thereby increasing uTorrent download speed.

Check Your Internet Speed:

This is usually the most common contributing factor. If you have a good Internet connection, you will get faster downloads on uTorrent. However, if the Internet speed is slow nothing can help in increasing uTorrent download speed. Under such circumstances, always check with your ISP for faster and high-quality internet.


Finding the relevant torrent gives a sigh of happiness, but it remains the same only if you are able to download the torrent at a high speed. Read this article to know how to increase uTorrent download speed and enjoy watching your favorite stuff.

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