How To Disable Chrome Notifications On Windows 10?

How To Disable Chrome Notifications On Windows 10?

Google Chrome is a feature packed browser that lets you make as many tweaks as you want be it enabling notifications or saving passwords on Chrome. Both Windows 10 and Chrome are power-packed with numerous features and settings you can play with. Do you also get notified by random websites about their product launch or latest updates? Do you even know when you have turned on its notifications while browsing? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss today in this article. We’ll be talking about the process to disable Google Chrome notifications for the websites you have visited just randomly and you are least interested in.

All such random notifications might be invasive or unwanted. Check out the guide now to turn off chrome notifications for all those websites you know less or you are no longer interested in.

How To Disable Chrome Notifications Windows 10?

The process is simple and involves a list of a few steps. This is a useful feature and at the same time is annoying. Here’s how to turn off notifications on Google Chrome using Windows 10 PC.  If you too are puzzled with numerous pop-ups while working, you can follow this list of steps to disable Google Chrome notifications:

1. Open Google Chrome and head to Settings using More options from the top-right corner or you can directly enter the url in chrome address bar: chrome://settings.

Google Chrome Settings

2. In the window that opens select Privacy and Security and then choose Site Settings.

Privacy and Security of Google

3. Scroll down till the Permissions tab and you’ll find the Notifications option. Click on it and search for the website you want to disable notifications for. You can either choose to enter the full or partial URL and search for the website to check if the notification alerts are allowed or blocked.

4. The action you take whenever you open any website for the first time gets stored in the Google Chrome library and can be managed anytime as per your choice. We are talking here about the action to allow or block notifications. It comes as a pop up on the left side of the browser screen every time you open a new website.

Google Chrome Library

5. After going to Permissions > Notifications, a window will open. There you’ll see an option under the Search box that says ‘Ask Before Sending’. Check if the toggle next to it is ON. It is always enabled by default.

6. The Ask before Sending setting decides whether Chrome seeks permission from you to allow or block notifications from a website.

That’s it! This is how you can manage disabling notifications on Google Chrome on Windows 10. But that’s not all. Here’s how you can enable notifications from the blocked websites. Check out the steps below:

  • After the Ask before Sending option, you’ll see a Blocked section. Therein you’ll see a list of websites whose notifications are disabled in Google Chrome. You can anytime delete those blocked websites from the section by clicking on the three dots at the right side of the website’s URL and choose Remove.

Allow and Remove sites

  • The website is no longer blocked and you can enable its notifications on Google Chrome as and when needed. It means that whenever you will again open the website you have removed from the block list, you’ll get the notification pop-up asking you to Allow or Block.
  • When you click on the more option from the right side of the page URL under Blocked section, you’ll see an option to Edit. Select Edit to modify specified URL of any website and click Save.

Modify Specific Notification Settings For A Website on Chrome

If you wish to see a detailed list of the notification a website provides, you can click on the Arrow sign next to the website’s URL and it will open the list of permissions like location etc. for the particular website. Go to each permission and choose the options from the list i.e. ‘Ask (default) or Block’ to make sure you get sorted with the notifications you’d like to receive for that particular website.

Modify Notification Settings

*Be wise while choosing specific permissions especially when it involves payment related permission or so.*

Wrapping up:

Turning off notifications on Google Chrome on Windows 10 is easy but needs you to be a little wise while selecting which notification to Allow and which to Block. How do you find this article? Were you also looking for this information to edit the Notification Settings on Chrome? Let us know in the comments section below if we were helpful.

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