Sync Chrome Information Across Devices With Ease

Sync Chrome Information Across Devices With Ease

Google Chrome Sync Overview

Google Chrome is without a doubt, one of the best browsers in the world. Fast and seamless browsing experience and tons of features, make it the first choice of browser for anyone who has to browse the internet. Now, if you are someone who travels a lot, who has to constantly commute to places for work or who has to access data on multiple devices, you might want to sync all your Chrome tabs and bookmarks so they are readily available.

Let’s consider a scenario – say, you had opened 6-7 tabs which contained webpages of articles you needed for your project. Now, you had to visit a friend who is working on the same project and have to show him the tabs. You’ve even taken an extra step and bookmarked all the webpages.

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The question is how are you going to sync Google Chrome bookmarks and the tabs you have opened in Chrome across devices. Read on !

What Else Can I Sync On Google Chrome

Google Chrome lets you sync Extensions, Settings, Themes, History, Passwords and much more apart from Bookmarks or opened tabs.

Table Of Contents
●      Enabling Google Chrome Sync On Desktop

●      How To Access Chrome Info On Other Devices

●      How To Open Chrome Info On  Any Other Device

●      How To See Chrome Open Tabs

How To Sync Bookmarks and Opened Tabs On Chrome Across All Your Devices

The process is simple and would require few clicks and taps. First thing first, sign into Google Chrome on your Desktop and the other device (Other PC or An Android/ iOS smartphone) using the same account as shown in the figure below.


With that out of the way let’s get to further steps.

Enabling Google Chrome Sync On Desktop


Now, we will activate the Google Chrome Sync option so that we can access all our Chrome information on other devices as well. Follow the steps mentioned below –

1. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen

2. Go to Settings

3. Under Sync you will find a Manage sync option. Click on the dropdown next to it

4. You can now choose to sync everything (Apps, extensions, bookmarks, themes, etc) or you can individually choose the options that you wish to sync. For instance, I have chosen Bookmarks and Open Tabs

How To Access Chrome Info On Other Devices

Manage sync

Not just open tabs, maybe you want to see Chrome bookmarks on your Android or iOS device. So, how would you be able to sync all this information on your Android or iOS device? Let’s see –

1. Open Google Chrome app in your device

2. Tap on your profile that you will find at the top right corner of the screen

3. Under the Sync option tap on Manage sync

4. As in the case of desktop, you can choose to Sync everything – your bookmarks, passwords, open tabs, settings and other things or you select individual items

How To Open Chrome Info Any Other Device

Once you are done with the above steps, you would certainly want to see the above steps manifesting successful results. For instance, you wish to see Chrome Bookmarks on Android. Believe us it would hardly take a few taps and you will be amazed when you’ll see the same Chome info on your device as well.

How To See Chrome Bookmarks On Android

Manage bookmark

To see Chrome Bookmarks synced with your Android device –

1. Tap on three vertical dots

2. Click on Bookmarks

3. You will find the same bookmark that appeared on your device

Don’t believe us? You can actually see the bookmarked webpage or folder appearing in real-time on your Android or iOS device, the moment you’ll bookmark it on your desktop.

How To See Chrome Open Tabs

To demonstrate this we opened a website on our Android device first and then checked to see if it appears on the desktop as well.

Chrome Open Tabs On Smartphone Chrome Open Tabs On Desktop
1. Tap on three vertical dots at the top right corner

2. Tap on Recent Tabs

3. Scroll down till you see the name of your desktop under which you’ll see all the opened tabs that you had opened recently

1. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner

2.Click on History or simply press Ctrl+H

3.On the upper left corner you will see a hamburger icon next to History click on it

4. Click on Tabs from other devices


Scroll till you find the name of your device in the end

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