Cleanup My System Review- Spring Clean Your Mac In No Time

Is this the best cleaner app to optimize your Mac and intensify your Mac’s privacy and security?

Cleanup My System Review- Spring Clean Your Mac In No Time

Working with a sluggish Mac is annoying, right? Not only does your productivity take a massive hit, but, if you don’t fix the issues on time, you may soon have to bid adieu to your Mac since several issues may jeopardize your Mac’s functionality as well.

Your Mac may slow down over some time due to various reasons. And, let’s face it, no matter how hard you try to get rid of unnecessary apps, clean up unwanted files and documents or make necessary changes in the settings to improve your Mac’s performance, it is bound to become slow. You, therefore, need a specialist Mac utility that can take this load off.

Here we are going to delve into Cleanup My System, a professional tune-up tool that can help enhance Mac’s speed and overall performance, with just a few magical clicks.

Cleanup My System – Focus Areas

To optimize your Mac’s performance and boost its speed, Cleanup My System targets the following area –

  • Eliminate junk files
  • Ensures privacy and security
  • Restore system’s speed
  • Remove mail attachments
  • Free up storage space
  • Improve productivity
  • Delete large and old files

Pricing: The pricing starts at US$ 34.99 per year.

Trial Version: Using the trial version of Cleanup My System, you can scan items for free.

However, if you wish to get rid of junk items, then the free version lets you delete up to 500 MB (at the time of writing.

Click Here to Download Cleanup My System!

Let’s dive deeper and have look at Cleanup My System’s efficient tools –


The interface is neatly organized in a way that you know exactly what each module does. To eliminate junk files, restore the system’s speed, remove local mail attachments, free up storage space, remove large and old files, and improve overall productivity, Cleanup My System broadly divides the modules into 3 different categories. We’ll discuss each of these modules one by one.

Cleanup My System – Modules That Facilitate Cleaning Mac Inside Out

1. One-Click Care

One-Click Care helps quickly tab on what’s making your Mac slow or what’s taking up space on your Mac. For this, you needn’t spare more than just one click. With a single click, you can optimize your Mac – by reviewing all of the apps that are installed on the Mac, or by reviewing the various files that are there.

2. Cache Cleaner

In case your apps are crashing or if you are seeing an overall dip in your storage space, chances are that unwanted app data is the culprit. Cleanup My System searches and helps remove the data. All you have to do is hit the Clean Now button.

3. Junk Cleaner

You might not even realize but your system’s performance is taking a hit all because of the presence of junk files. But the question is what are they? What are those unnecessary files that are taking up space, right beneath your nose?

The answer is old downloads, Xcode cache, and unused disk image files, broken preferences files, old document versions. Where Xcode cache is mostly detected on Mac machines that are used for development purposes the other three are found on each Mac.

Cleanup My System, intelligently detects these files and helps clear up space taken up by these unwanted files.

4. Trash Cleaner

The System Trash folder keeps deleted files that can come in handy for later file recovery. However, most of the time, it takes up your precious disk space. Cleanup My System intelligently lists such items and helps clean them.

5. Mail Attachments

When attachments, received in the email are present in your mailbox, do you need local copies of the same? You might answer negatively. Moreover, these downloaded email attachments are also responsible for delayed mail access time. Cleanup My System scans locally downloaded mail attachments and helps clean them (if the user intends), thus helping recover storage space.

Cleanup My System – Modules That Facilitate Management & Mac Speed Up

1. Startup Manager

Generally, two factors – Login Items and Launch Agents make or break your Mac’s speed. And, you know how important your Mac’s speed accounts for as far as its performance is concerned, right?

You can easily manage both Login Items and Launch Agents, using the Startup Manager module. Using it, you can customize what you want to run thus, enhancing the boot time. 

2. Uninstall Manager

Sometimes, there are several applications that we install & forget about them. These applications just sit there on your Mac without any purpose taking unwanted space. Cleanup My System comes across as a specialist when dealing with such apps.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Cleanup My System sorts applications in an organized manner & categorizes them. This makes it easy for the user to decide which apps to keep or uninstall. Moreover, this best uninstall manager helps remove unwanted apps along with their associated files.

3. Large & Old Files

How do you identify old and large files that haven’t been looked at for a long time? Such files take up huge storage space and let’s face it, if you try to bump your head against such a file, you would rather have a headache. Cleanup My System identifies such files and then leaves the decision of keeping or removing them at your discretion.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to delete these files you can move them into a Folder.

4. Disk Analyzer

Next on this module, you can find an advanced tool named Disk Analyzer, that allows users to conveniently see what’s taking up space on your hard disk. Be it movies, documents, images, videos, downloads, and other data, using Disk Analyzer you can find everything in one place.

This further helps users to manage the bulkiest and unused files on your Mac. It even shows the date when it was created and shows the correct path where it is stored. 

Cleanup My System – Modules That Facilitate Privacy & Identity Protection

1. Privacy Protector

To conduct data breaches, cyber-attacks, hackers are using Mac profusely, how safe are you whilst you surf the web on Mac? Let’s put it this way – What all needs to be protected to keep yourself from being victimized? Is it possible to continuously keep a track of browsing traces?

Possibly not, but with Cleanup My System this is possible. The tool scans your browsers for critical information such as the sites visited, items downloaded, and much more. It even closes the doorway for privacy traces such as your last session’s tabs, autofill data, and saved passwords. Leaving behind no room for an attacker to victimize you. In one word it cements Mac privacy.

2. Identity Protector

You can even get to know the passwords saved in your web browser but before that, you will have to grant permission. In simple words, you will have to enter the Keychain password.

Wrapping Up: The Best Mac Cleaning & Optimization Software (2021)

If you want to spring clean your Mac and you don’t want to invest much time, Cleanup My System is a great tool to have by your side. Do give this tool a try and let us know the comments if it has matched your expectations. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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