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How To Clean Up Cache Or Junk Files On Mac?
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How To Clean Up Cache Or Junk Files On Mac?

Removing the cache or junk files or clean temp files on macOS will be a cakewalk, even for tyro after reading this post. Here we will discuss why it is important to clean these unwanted files on our Mac and what are the best possible ways by which we can get rid of them.

Cleaning junk files on Mac manually can be easy if you know what should be done. But what if the procedure is not known to you? Then you can end up vitiating your computer by deleting something important. To resolve this, we recommend you to use an optimization tool called TuneUpMyMac by which you will be able to remove all the junk from the computer. It is not mandatory to know in which locations the junk will be stored because this app will find the junk and will clean it in a few clicks.

Clearing cache on Mac by using shortcuts: –

  • Press shift+command+G and mention the command ~/Library/Caches  and click go

Clearing cache

  • In the new window, select all the files by pressing command+A

Clean junk files

  • Press delete and confirm the dialogue box by entering your Mac password to delete the junk

Clean junks

This old technique is used by old school guys who are not familiar with the new tools which can do this job for you easily. Therefore the need for TuneUpMyMac arises which will not only clear the cache but will also give so many extra features to keep your Mac optimized.

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Cleaning cache using TuneUpMyMac: –

One such tool is TuneUpMyMac. This optimizer for Mac is a wonderful tool to improve the performance of your Mac by removing unwanted files from the computer. It declutters your Mac by removing the duplicate files from it with the help of the in-built duplicate file finders feature. The list doesn’t end here, it has eclectic features which makes it the all-in-one tool for solving all the nano problems of Mac. Let’s have a look:

Features of TuneUpMyMac: –

  • It cleans up computer and user cache files.
  • It helps in cleaning log files
  • Delete temp files to speedup computer
  • Removes unused languages from the applications from the computer
  • Duplicate file finder removes all the duplicates from your Mac and helps in computer optimization
  • Large files feature helps in Detecting large files on a computer and then you can choose to delete the file which is no longer in use.
  • Misc Cleaning is another in-built tool that scans your Mac for iTunes device backups, mail downloads, and old downloads which are no longer needed.
  • Internet Privacy tool is an additional built-in tool that scans your Mac for internet browsing history and cookies for Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • Startup Apps is another feature of TuneUpMyMac which helps you to manage login items.

Steps to use TuneUpMyMac: –

Download TuneUpMyMac

  • Download and install TuneUpMyMac.
  • Now run the application and select One Click Cleaning on the left side. It will search for all the cache files, log files, temp files, and unused language. Click on clean now to clean this junk.

junk cleaner

  • Now select Duplicate Finder and scan for duplicate files then click clean now.

Duplicate finder

  • Now select Uninstaller to scan and remove application along with their associated files.


  • Then select Startup Apps and scan for apps which pops up when the computer gets started. You can disable or enable or find such programs from startup app.

Startup apps

  • Now select for Internet Privacy. It scans your Mac for cookies and internet browsing history in browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Internet privacy

  • Now select Misc cleaning. Such downloads which are no longer needed by you can be deleted by Misc cleaning.

Misc clean

  • Now select Large files. Scan your Mac to find large files, like Pictures, Music, Huge Documents, Videos, and other similar files. It detects the files that occupy a large portion of disk space on your Mac and then you can remove useless files in a click.

Large files

  • Now select Shredder. It deletes ‘files or folders’ permanently and makes them unrecoverable.

Remove junk file

TuneUpMyMac is an amazing tool which helps you in maintaining the overall health of your Mac by removing unwanted files which take up unnecessary space on disk. It is loaded with other features also so that you do not have to buy any other software from the market. You get the solution just in a single click and your Mac performs like it is a new computer.

We are sure that after knowing the features of this great app, you will give it a try. Please share your experience with us about how it worked on your Mac and what was the difference you felt after running this tool on your Mac.

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What is Cache or Junk Files?

The answer to the question is in the name only that is “Junk”. These are temporary files that get accumulated in the computer while you perform a particular task be it browsing or opening a document etc. When you perform these actions, some files are created which give support to the task to get it done. Once the task is completed, the supported files become futile and take up unnecessary space on the Mac which results in poor performance of the computer.

Therefore, it becomes obligatory to remove these temp files so that the computer can perform in its complete capacity without clogging.

Types of Junk files?

Junk files are segregated in different forms based on their nature of origin. The types are discussed below: –

  1. Temporary system files: – These are the files that are used only when the task is in going condition. Once the task is completed, they become useless.
  2. Thumbnails: – These are the preview of images which helps in opening the image quickly. If deleted, the image takes longer than usual to open.
  3. Temporary internet files: – Also known as browser cache, these files are created when you browse a particular site and get saved on the computer so that whenever next time you visit the same site, then the site becomes more responsive and opens fastly.
  4. Downloaded program files: – These are the files that are created when you install or download any program on the computer and help them to run. Once the program runs, then they are of no use.
  5. Recycle bin files: – These are the deleted files on the system which get stored in the bin so that you can restore them whenever needed.

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