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Top 5 Disk Imaging Software 2021 – Why it’s Important
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Top 5 Disk Imaging Software 2021 – Why it’s Important

Imitating Your Hard Drive As Backup

Given the times we live in, creating a backup of your data is very important. You can never predict when your system might crash or get infected, and you lose your entire data to it.  Now backing up data saves us time and efforts to redo it later, it can be crucial at times. However, just copying or moving the data to other locations will not cut it. 

Disk Imaging & Cloning
Image Source: Macrium Software

That is where the disk image/ cloning comes into the picture which can help you create an exact replica of a storage device. For that, you need best disk image software or cloning software; however, continuous backups are also important. 

Before going ahead, first, let’s understand what Disk Image and Disk Cloning mean:

Disk Imaging: The process of making an archival or backup copy of the entire contents of a hard drive is Disk Imaging.

Disk Cloning: The process of creating a one-to-one copy of a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD), not just its files. It may be used for upgrading a disk or replacing an aging disk with a fresh one.

Please note that both are slightly different processes but serves the same goal. That is why we have enlisted below the software that can help you with either disk imaging or disk cloning or both.

So, let’s discuss some of the best disk image software for windows that helps you to get a secure and safe backup of your data for Windows:

Best Disk Image Software For Windows 2021

1. EaseUS Todo Backup

Featuring perks more than what other disk programs are offering, EaseUS tops the list. A disk imaging/cloning software, EaseUS Todo comes up with different imaging activities, such as hard drive, system, or partition imaging. Similarly, the backup mode in this program is customized such as full, scheduled, and incremental.

EaseUS Todo Backup
Image Source: PCWorld

This is a best disk image software also has a home tier that adds some extra features, such as email notifications, file exclusion, and offsite copies. You can also have a backup of the Outlook account only.

The home tier costs for the individual as well as enterprise purposes (with more features). The individual plan for this drive cloning software is available for $29 and for an Enterprise, you need to pay $39, and it will include advanced features as well.

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2. Acronis Disk Director

Alike EaseUS, Acronis Disk Director is also one of the most popular &  trusted best disk image software. Offering a combination of different disk management tasks that include formatting, creating, and labeling partitions, resizing, splitting, and merging of volumes. This hard drive clone software can be used for volume recovery as well.

Acronis Disk Director
Image Source: errors

The latest update on the software has added extended hardware support which supports 4K native hard disks, as well as an updated Linux kernel version in its bootable media, delivering greater support of most modern hardware. 

The disk image software has been updated to be compatible with Acronis True Image 2021,  meaning that we can operate both products on the same machine back up the volumes that we create and manage.

The hard drive cloning software can be bought at $39.99 using the below link.

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3. Clonezilla

One of the free disk imaging software, Clonezilla has a clunky interface. If you can get past that which looks too close to the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ as seen in the screenshot below, there is quite a bit of functionality at no cost. 

Image source: Softonic

Clonezilla can be run from a Clonezilla Live CD, or thankfully from a more modern approach of a USB stick. In addition to disk cloning, the disk drive image software offers additional functionalities such as disc imaging, and disc partitioning duties. 

Download Now

4. Macrium Reflect

One more addition to the best disk image software, Macrium Reflect is free to use to create an image for individuals as well as businesses. The software supports the ultimate goal of direct disk imaging, and its free tier of features support for the restoration of non-booting systems. It also schedules backups with flexible templates and creates live images of a running Windows OS.

Macrium Reflect
Image source: gHacks

The software also comes in paid versions for home as well as enterprise purposes. The Home tier comes with a cost of $69.95 that adds an option to encrypt backups, create incremental backups, and have ransomware protection. The workstation tier is for $75 per PC, which has some additional features like central management using Macrium Site Manager with volume discounts available.

5. AOMEI Backupper

With the free home version, AOMEI Backupper is a disk imaging software that is compatible with windows X till Windows 10. Supporting English, Turkish, and Danish languages, the software can be downloaded from the official website. With the tool, you can make a window disk image for further copying, sharing and restoring. 

AOMEI Backupper
Image Source: CNET Download

Once the disk imaging task has been completed, the log files are generated automatically. 

The free edition of the hard drive cloning software is very limited, yet the pro versions start from $49.95 to $199.00.

Wrapping Up

Best disk image software is a must-have as it is useful to create a backup of your hard drive along with the security factor so that you don’t lose your data. There are many imaging software in the market, and all of them are best as they claim. However, we picked these above top five for you to check out.

Let us know if the article was helpful for you? If you are using some other disk imaging software that is working for you quite good, share it with us in the comments below, and we will share it with our readers.

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