Best Bookmark Managers For Android and iOS

Consume Information Whenever You Want, However You Want With The Best Read It Later Apps

Best Bookmark Managers For Android and iOS

We come across such wonderful content on the internet on a day to day basis and we often have this craving of keeping some for later use, isn’t it? You can easily bookmark all your favorite blogs, websites, videos and other content using your Android or iOS using some of the best bookmark managers. And, there is not just one app, there are several that can help you do just that.

So, here we have compiled a list of 5 such best bookmark manager apps using which you can manage bookmarks, sync them across all devices and do many such wonderful things. So, why just keep your options to handful of apps.

5 Best Bookmark Managers In A Nutshell

SL No Name Of The App Rating Installation Link
1 Chrome Android – 4.3

iOS – 3.9



2 Android – 4.4

iOS – 4.7




3 VisiMarks Android – 4.2

iOS – 4.4



4 Pocket Android – 4.5

iOS – 4.8




5 Bookmarks Folder Android – 3.7




1. Chrome – An All Time Favourite

Chrome has for long been the first choice for a browser. And, why won’t it be? After all, it comes packed with so many features. Amongst the ocean of features, bookmarking is one which is liked by every user. For instance, you can add a bookmark on Android by visiting the site that you wish to bookmark and tapping on the star icon towards the right of the address bar. The best part, all your bookmarks are synced across all your devices so that you can access them everywhere. Here’s how you can sync chrome information across devices

Why Use Chrome For Bookmarking?

  • Process of adding bookmarks on Android and iOS is more or less the same and easy
  • Sync bookmarks across all devices
  • One tap bookmarking

Chrome Bookmark

Install For Android

Install For iOS

2. – All In One Feature Packed Bookmark manager is one of the best bookmark manager apps available both for Android and iOS devices. It is a dedicated all in one feature packed bookmark manager with the help of which you can bookmark photos, videos, clip articles and pages from the web and even apps.

Why Use For Bookmarking?

  • You can organize and tag bookmarks
  • Give custom icons and save bookmarks with screenshots
  • Sync bookmarks across all devices. Easily import bookmarks
  • Share bookmarks and collections with friends, family and colleagues. You can even make bookmarks public

Install For Android

Install For iOS

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3. VisiMarks – Bookmarks With Visible Thumbnails

VisiMarks is one of the best bookmark managers. What differentiates from many other bookmark manager app is that it shows neat and clean thumbnails of your bookmarks. It can be used as a bookmark manager on various browsers and you can easily transfer your bookmark data when you change your device.

  • You get a cleaner home screen. It will no longer be cluttered with URL shortcuts
  • You can easily import bookmarks from PC in .html format.
  • Sort bookmarks according to genres and add as many folders and subfolders you want
  • Easily create a backup of your bookmarks and transfer the backup to Google Drive or SD card

VisiMarks - Bookmark Manager

Install For Android

Install For iOS

4. Pocket – The Most Reader Centric Bookmark Manager

Pocket has been hailed as one of the best read it later apps. This means whatever is the form of content – web pages, blogs, magazine articles, videos, recipes etc. you can save it offline for watching or reading later. And, the best part is pocket curates content as per your desires, as per relevance and as per what’s popular on the web.

Why Use Pocket For Bookmarking?

  • Clean and customizable interface. No clutter whatsoever. In fact if you are an avid reader and enjoy longer stretches, you’ll just love its layout and typography
  • Read everywhere. Pocket saves your content on tablet, phone and even on computer
  • Estimated reading time feature helps you know how big is the content
  • Don’t feel like reading? Not an issue, listen to your blogs, articles and other web pages. Needn’t stress your eyes or hands

Pocket - Bookmark Manager

Install For Android

Install For iOS

5. Bookmark Folder – The Most Customizable Bookmark Manager

If you are someone who uses multiple browsers and saves bookmarks on all of them, Bookmark Folder can indeed be the bookmark manager you are looking for. You might be using Chrome at office, Opera at work and some other browser too. Here’s how the Bookmark folder acts brilliantly like a read it later app.

Why Use Bookmark Folder For Bookmarking?

  • Separate folder for each browser
  • Create backup of bookmarks automatically. Needn’t worry if your device is broken or is lost
  • Highly customizable background, text size, color
  • Easily transfer bookmarks to other device via cloud backup
  • Easily export and import bookmarks

Bookmark App - Customize Bookmark Manager

Install For Android

Aren’t Your Bookmarks All Sorted?

We really hope they are!

Bookmarking in my opinion is a great habit especially, if you are someone who loves to skim and scan content at first and then read it at length later. Now, no more will you have to drown yourself in a clutter of bookmarks thanks to the best bookmark managers mentioned above. So, which of the above read later apps is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments section below.

And, if there is any app that should have made it to the list, do let us know and we’ll update the list with the app you have mentioned. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library. You can also watch our YouTube channel too where we cover almost everything tech under the sun.

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