Step Up Your Android Phone’s Security With IObit AMC Security

Step Up Your Android Phone’s Security With IObit AMC Security

Imagine a hacker, barging into your smartphone and then maliciously finding a way to your watches, Android TVs, etc. Sound’s scary, right? But the aftermath can be scarier. What is it that you would do to make your Android phone security strong? If attacked, you won’t have much time to secure your devices, right? Take this Android malware for example that goes by the name WhatsApp worm.

Needn’t worry, we are going to let you in on a powerful security suite for Android devices – The IObit AMC Security. Let’s see if it has what it takes to protect your Android device from a variety of security threats.

What Is IObit AMC Security For Android?

IObit AMC Security is an all-in-one mobile cleaner and booster which is trusted by over 20 million users across the globe. It not just one of the speed boosters but also one of the best antivirus for Android.

This means not only do you get to secure the device from all kinds of threats but even enhance its performance by optimizing it accordingly. On the security front, iObit’s AMC Security contains unparalleled features to intensify your Android phone’s security. Actually, the security even extends to all the devices which might be connected to your Android smartphone.

Now that we have an overview of this security solution for Android, let’s see it in action. When you fire up the app, you have two functions – (i) Booster and (ii) Security.

We’ll first dive a little deeper into the security functions because more than anything else the security of your Android device should be your number one priority.

IObit AMC Security Features

Does It Have What It Takes to Shield Your Android Phone’s Security? Let’s Find Out


iobit AMC Security - Antivirus

Install for Android Users: AMC Security App 

Download for Windows Users: AMC Security Pro 

We don’t deny installing standalone antivirus apps but, there’s nothing like having one integrated into one app.

The Antivirus lets you perform two kinds of scans namely – Fast Scan and Deep Scan. Both of these are available in the pro version. While the Fast Scan quickly scans your Smartphone for any virus traces, the Deep Scan is more comprehensive and can take a bit more time.

Payment Security:

Iobit AMC Security - Payment Security

Digital payments have had a significant impact on our financial transactions. With rise of apps and websites in all sizes and formats, unsuspecting users can easily get trapped to click on a link especially if a website or app poses as legit. And, then subsequently jeopardize financial security where an attacker can steal their financial information. Come in, iObit AMC Security which leaves no stone unturned to safeguard your financial transactions.

The first thing that you immediately see once you are inside the module is all your payment apps. What this module essentially does is that it protects your financial transactions from bogus apps that may mimic your payment methods and steal your money.

Anti-Phishing :

Iobit AMC Security - Anti - Phishing

There are several malicious phishing websites that try to steal your identity, passwords, banking details and even personal information. The Anti-Phishing module provides you real-time protection from these websites and protects you from fraudsters.

The app utilizes a plug-in that updates in real-time as and when you try ad access a website which could be a probable phishing website.

Web Security:

Iobit AMC Security - Web security

It protects you from malicious websites that can inject malware into your mobile. The moment you click on an unsuspecting dangerous URL or make way to a malicious website, AMC Security warns you.

Privacy Locker:

Now that we have enough online security measures to cement our web presence, as a measure to seal your offline Android phone safety, iObit AMC Security has a Privacy Locker that helps you hide the data on your mobile from prying eyes.

After having set a password, you can add a file or folder. It could be photos from your gallery, videos, audio and APK files, documents or anything for that matter. Once added, the file or folder disappears from the original location and can be accessed only through the AMC Security app provided the user knows the password.

Even, if you have forgotten the password, you can set a security question. And, later you can reset the security question or reset your password as well.

It is important to not uninstall the app while these files have been added in the privacy locker as you may risk deleting the files.

Security Guard: This module in iObit AMC Security prevents your mobile on four grounds –

  • Real-time security check for Wi-Fi
  • Real-time security check if your Bluetooth safety is enabled
  • Check if you have GPS safety and
  • Safety enabled in Debug Mode

IObit AMC Security – Optimize Your Android Phone For Peak Performance

If An App Claims To Prioritize Your Android Phone’s Security And Speed, It Sure Must Be Armed With The Right Tools, Or Not? Let’s Find Out

For this app, Android security and speed go hand in hand. Let’s have a look at some of its optimization features as well –

Power Booster:

Save battery and free up storage (RAM) by stopping apps from restarting in the background. All with a single tap (Click on the “Boost” button at the bottom of the screen). You can choose the apps that you want to keep in the scan and the apps that you want to remove.

The same module also lets you select and stop all those apps which have the tendency to autostart in the background.

Game Speeder:

A highly recommended feature, if you are an avid gamer and want to optimize your Android phone for unrestrained performance and play games like Need for Speed, Call of Duty or any of the multiplayer games. Rest assured your gameplay won’t be hindered by frequent lags.

Multiple Scanning Modes – Deep and Smart (One-Click):

  • Deep and powerful scan-

Scans for residual files, cache junk, downloaded files. Through Deep Scan you have the power to examine the large files and get rid of the files that are just sitting there for no reason.

  • One-click scan:

One-click scan comprehensively demarcates how much space is occupied by each of the above items and containing sub-items. It is customizable and you can deselect the checkboxes of items that you don’t want to include in the scan. You can also click on each subitem. Scans and helps remove:

  • Cache junk from apps and gallery
  • Running apps
  • Privacy records
  • APK files
  • Residual files

One of the best parts about iObit AMC Security is the customizable settings, take the booster settings, for instance, you can select the duration when the app would Auto-boost the performance of your Android device.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of iObit AMC Security –

From our personal experience and usage of the app, we can safely say that the app certainly has more pros than cons and even the cons are minor.


Easy to use, modern and engaging interface

“Booster” and “Security” features are neatly demarcated

App manager

Features for both performance optimization and security

Customizable settings for each module

Easily select files and folders that you want to remove from scanning

Integrated app locker

Tip showed at the top of most functions which makes it easy for beginners to work around the app


The game booster could have been placed in a better way

Sometimes you may not be able to uninstall an app from the App Manager

Certain features are only available in the paid (pro) version

Wrapping Up

If your Android phone is in need of an Antivirus app, speed booster, file manager, game booster, app locker, and many others, needn’t install individual apps. Instead, give IObit AMC Security a spin. We did see a boost in our Android device – both in terms of web security and speed, did you?

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