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Android Threats

IObit AMC Security (1)

Step Up Your Android Phone’s Security ...

Imagine a hacker, barging into your smartphone and then maliciously finding a way to your watches, Android TVs, etc. Sound’s scary, right? But the a... Read More


Here’s How You Can Check Your Android ...

What Is Android Malware? Before facing the demon, you should know who the demon is. So, let’s first get down to a very basic question - what is an ... Read More

WhatsApp Security Cover Image- WhatsApp Data Safe

Shield Privacy With WhatsApp Security Me...

WhatsApp is a bundle of a lot of sensitive data. There are texts, images, videos and several other kinds of files that you might not want everyone to ... Read More

Block websites on your Android phone - Tweaklibrary

How to Block Websites on Your Android Ph...

Android phones are nothing less than something magical as they allow you to achieve several tasks just with a few taps of the screen. Yet sometimes,... Read More

judy- android malware

Android Malware “Judy” Infects 36.5 ...

The world has still not overcome the rampant ransomware attacks, and the talk of the town is the new Android malware “Judy”, which is allegedly at... Read More