Shield Privacy With WhatsApp Security Measures

Shield Privacy With WhatsApp Security Measures

WhatsApp is a bundle of a lot of sensitive data. There are texts, images, videos and several other kinds of files that you might not want everyone to access, isn’t it? But, here is the sad truth, like all other social media platforms, no matter how hard developers try to secure the platform they have been subjected to flaws and attacks in the past.

The blog intends to not just address but condemn and fight any WhatsApp security breaches. Just asking, would making WhatsApp data safe would do you any good?

Certainly, it would. Here we will list certain ways in which you can shield your WhatsApp data.

WhatsApp Security Flaws and Ways to Fix Them

Security Breaches Have Struck WhatsApp – Be Careful!

WhatsApp is a spectacular and flawless social media platform. Yet, in the recent past, WhatsApp has been subjected to several different kinds of hacking attacks and functionalities flaws have been reported.

A recently found bug, in which the attacker uses malicious GIFs to access a loophole in WhatsApp. This means the moment a user pushes the GIF image, the hack is triggered and the contents of the device are exposed to danger

Another spyware Pegasus is sent as a link on WhatsApp. The moment a user clicks on it, it begins to contact servers and relays commands using which the data from the targeted device can be accessed.

Steps To Stay Safe Against WhatsApp Security Breaches

1.  Update WhatsApp As Frequently As Possible

Update WhatsApp As Frequently As Possible - WhatsApp Security

Here’s why you should update WhatsApp to the new version. Updates on WhatsApp come with fantastic surprises. Miscreants look for an app’s weak points and that is something that a developer fixes with every update. Also, an update for an app does not only bring new features but even cements security and WhatsApp is no different.

2.  Two Factor Authentication (2FA) For WhatsApp Chats

   Two Factor Authentication (2FA) For WhatsApp Chats - WhatsApp Latest Version

Two-factor authentication is a great way to keep WhatsApp data safe and secure. Here, you can add a pin and fingerprint (if your device supports it). This way even if your device gets into someone else’s hand, he will not be able to access your chats.

They might also have to go through a voice command or a coded text. Your WhatsApp chats will truly become impenetrable.


1. Tap on the three dots present in the right

2. Open Settings and tap on Account

Now, Privacy and Two-step verification are the options that you might want to explore to cement WhatsApp security. For instance, tap on the two-step verification and then tap on Enable. After this, you will be asked to create a PIN which will pop up every time you will open a chat. In Privacy, you can choose whether or not to have a fingerprint lock. 

3. Lock WhatsApp Chats That you Desire

Lock WhatsApp Chats That you Desire - WhatsApp Safe

To gain more control of WhatsApp chats you can take the help of apps like Locker for Whats Chat App – Secure Private Chat. Such apps let you lock only chats that you desire instead of locking all chats. These have features like hiding your personal chats from others. Talking about memory consumption and weight, these apps prove to be extremely light on the resources of your device.         

To use the app all you have to do is to install the app, create a 4 digit pin, provide a recovery address and grant accessibility permissions, that’s it! You are all good to go. 

Install Locker For WhatsChat App

4.   Change Your Notifications To Private

Change Your Notifications To Private - WhatsApp data

There are times when people get to peep into your phone over the shoulder. Just a mere WhatsApp Chat is sufficient enough to get a glimpse of your chats. Here’s a way you can keep your chats and other WhatsApp data really private. All you have to do make a tweak to your popup notifications. Follow the path as mentioned below –

Settings > Notifications > Popup notifications > No popup

If you are an iOS user, follow this path instead –

Settings > Notifications > Toggle Show Notifications to the left

5.  Use Chat Backup As Less As Possible

Use Chat Backup As Less As Possible - Secure whatsApp chat

When you choose the Chat backup option your WhatsApp data is saved to the Google drive. Though this data can later be restored, WhatsApp denies any onus if this data is compromised. It’s not to scare you and ask you to completely let go off this feature, but you should use this option as less as possible.

In The End

The above-mentioned ways to keep WhatsApp data safe are very easy and hope they are of help. Having said that, there are several other ways too to keep your WhatsApp safe and secure and avoid any WhatsApp security breach.

Let’s fight WhatsApp attacks together! If you have better ways, do mention them in the comments section below and for more such content, stay tuned to Tweak Library.

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