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WhatsApp Upcoming Update Lets You Share Files Of Any Kind
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WhatsApp Upcoming Update Lets You Share Files Of Any Kind

Amongst the major benefits that make PC’s better than hand-held PC’s is their ability to let you share innumerable types of files. Since their inception, mobiles have crossed major leaps and have advanced manifold, however, one of the frustrating fact is their limitation of sharing files.
At times, even I expect that my mobile should compete with my PC in all aspect. To my disappointment, it’s not likewise and my phone fails even while I try to share some files or even when i wish to view them. WhatsApp, the famous messenger service owned by Facebook is now taking an initiative to bridge the gap between a PC and a mobile phone by letting users share files without any difficulties, with a few limitations.
With WhatsApp, users till now can only share images, videos, documents, audio and locations but limited to only a few file types like PDFs, slides, spreadsheets and word docs. As per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp may soon roll out a new feature for iOS and Android users allowing them to share whatever they desire. Though the users will be able to share anything, but will have to cope up with the size limit – a 128 MB for iOS, and a 100 MB for Android and a 64 MB for the WhatsApp Web. The limit in size is majorly focused to curtail the users sharing high resolution 4k movies.
Unlike other features, this feature is not coming through the Google Play store or the App Store but will be updated on its own in a silent manner.
As of now WhatsApp will test this feature only on a handful of users and will update their apps at any point of time says WABetaInfo. In addition, it is also said that the update will be slow, so if there is a dip in performance or speed, then probably your WhatsApp has been updated.
Though a sigh of relief with this new feature but limitation in size is assumed to be a hurdle when sharing heavy files.
Perhaps WhatsApp next update will grant the users the ability to share large files, is all we can hope as of now.

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