Best GIF Creator Apps For Android To Make your Animated GIF

Best GIF Creator Apps For Android To Make your Animated GIF

GIFs are the best way to express emotions and feelings. They are liked and used by all as they are small in size and can be easily shared over social media platforms. People share GIFs on instant messenger’s WhatsApp to express how they feel emotionally.

Once can download GIFs from the Internet or you can create them using best GIF creator apps for Android. There are many GIF editor app for Android available on the play store. Native camera application on your smartphone does not give functionality to create GIFs, however, third-party applications can be used to create GIFs in one tap. Using them you can create GIFs on your Android smartphone according to your mood.

Top 5 Best GIF Creator Apps For Android

Here, we list 5 best GIF Creator apps for Android that will help you create beautiful GIFs and share them with your loved one

1. Camera MX – Free Photo & Video Camera

Camera MX - GIF creator apps for android

Free with in-app purchases.

Camera MX – Free Photo & Video Camera is one of the camera apps that also work as a GIF maker. It is a best gif maker using which you can record a short video using live shot function and can save it as GIF using Create GIF/video. This application cannot be used for making GIF out of videos; however, you can take a live shot and turn it into GIF. Using this application, you can share GIF on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other Social media websites. This application has different filter which you can use for making videos, taking pictures, and creating GIFs with effects.

2. Footej Camera
Footej Camera - GIF creator apps for android

Free with in-app purchases.

This camera app is one of the best gif maker which is packed with different features. GIFs created by this application can also be shared on different social media platforms. Some of the features are bust mode shooting, photo histogram, integrated with the gallery, slow-motion recording, snapshot from video, time lapse. and much more. This GIF app for android can also record video in a 4K resolution which makes it a complete package. You can create GIFs from videos and pictures that you captured.

3. GIPHY CAM – The GIF Camera & GIF Maker

Giphy Cam - GIF Maker for android

Free to use.

Giphy Cam is free of cost GIFs making application created by Giphy. it is one of the popular names in the market for GIF creation, sharing and downloading. You can record short video which then you can edit with different filters, stickers, special effects, and texts. It is a purely GIF maker application with no features of a camera. You can also take burst pictures which then you can use to make GIFs. For creating wonderful GIFs you can surely rely on Giphy cam which proves to be one of the best GIF editor apps android.

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4. GIF Maker – GIF Editor

GIF Maker - GIF creator apps for android

Free with in-app purchases.

It is a pure GIF creator application which is loaded with many features. GIF Maker – GIF Editor is one of the best gif maker app you can find. This application provides the functionality to create GIFs using different pictures and videos, you can use over 200 pictures to create your GIFs. This application also gives functionality to edit GIFs, add stickers, and texts to the GIFs which than you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and on other social media websites and applications in just one click. You can also add over 100 stickers to your GIFs and make them more striking.

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5. GIF Me! Camera – GIF maker

GIF Me Camera - GIF creator apps for android

Free with in-app purchases.

GIF Me! Camera – GIF maker is a GIF making an application which captures up to 14-second video which then is used for creating GIFs. You can also import more than 150 images to create GIF.  Users can also import saved GIFs, from online storage (TENOR), edit GIFs, change the speed of animation, add filters, texts, filters, stickers and much more. This application also enables you to share your GIFs on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

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These 5 best GIF creator apps for Android will help you to create and share GIFs on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and on other social media websites. Using these best gif maker app, you can create your own GIFs and you do not need to download them from Internet.

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