WhatsApp New Features – Boomerang, WhatsApp On Multiple Devices And Others

WhatsApp New Features – Boomerang, WhatsApp On Multiple Devices And Others

Sharing stuff on WhatsApp has become a second habit of people. Day in and day out users share countless messages in the form of text, videos, audio files, GIFs and so on and so forth. While users keep themselves acquainted with the latest whereabouts of WhatsApp, there are several WhatsApp new features that the users are yet to get their hands on.

Knowing the fact that WhatsApp time to time rolls out new features that are not just enticing to its users but also very useful. And, one of the WhatsApp’s new features is reportedly going to be a boomerang. The information has been reported by a blog called WABetaInfo which regularly tracks WhatsApp’s new features. Though it is uncertain about when this feature will be rolled out.

If you love fiddling with WhatsApp, you might even like delving into a little more about the supposed feature and see what would it bring for the users.

What Would Boomerang On WhatsApp Do?

We are all aware of what boomerang does on Instagram, isn’t it? But, how about thinking of the awesomeness of boomerang on WhatsApp.

Boomerang captures some photos and speedily plays them in the form of a short video back and forth, almost like how a GIF works. You can even play with the front and rear-facing camera of your device by swiping or tapping.

Boomerang On WhatsApp

Now, you would be able to do similar kinds of stuff when you will have boomerang on WhatsApp. You would now be able to convert live photos to boomerang in the app itself and then you would be able to share these fun videos with friends and family members. You would also be able to put these videos as statuses too.

What Is It That Users Could Do Until Now With Photos In WhatsApp?

Up until now, users were able to create GIFs of videos which were less than seven seconds. Now, you can use the videos of the same duration that can be converted into a boomerang. WhatsApp boomerang option will reportedly appear next to the GIF option and would be signified by an arrow that would point to the left.

Where Would WhatsApp Boomerang Feature Work?

 Users having the WhatsApp apps’ new version would be able to get their hands on this feature just like they have been able to get their hands on several new rollouts like the ‘frequently forwarded’ label. The feature will first be doled out on the iOS platform and then it will subsequently be rolled out on the Android as well.

WhatsApp to Function on Multiple Devices

 As of now, users can only access WhatsApp on one device. If a user tries to log in on WhatsApp using another device, the former account shuts off. WhatsApp seems to have stitched this too. That’s where another amazing WhatsApp’s new feature is going to be its multi-platform functionality. Which means users will now be able to operate WhatsApp on multiple devices.

After this functionality has been released, WhatsApp’s compatibility would span across Android, iPhone, Windows, and iPad. Talking about the Windows version, users will also be able to have access to the WhatsApp on their desktops or laptops when they have no Internet on their iOS or Android device.

Again to enjoy this feature, users will be required to install the latest WhatsApp apps new version.

To Sum Up

The importance of WhatsApp in our daily lives can’t be stressed upon enough. WhatsApp is a widely used chat application that lets you connect with the world through several mediums. Something that is going to add to its popularity is the rollout of the above-mentioned features and several others which are just around the corner.

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