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What Are RGB Lights And Why Are They In Demand?
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What Are RGB Lights And Why Are They In Demand?

Have you ever imagined working on a computer that emits patterned colorful light based on your commands? Well, it seems interesting how beautiful and enigmatic these lights would appear on a computer while playing games or in a speaker while playing songs for a party. These special light effects are because of RGB lighting. RGB lights make the party mood more happening by scattering different lights. They create such an environment in which digital life looks real and the feeling of playing the games cannot be explained in mere words.

What does RGB mean?

RGB is the short form for 3 different colors viz Red, Green, Blue. This color combination is required to produce a variety of different color combinations by mixing the light intensities of red, green, blue. RGB is the main essence behind the colors of any output device like LCD, Mobiles, etc. Each pixel on a display unit like a mobile screen or LCD monitor is made of the correct mix and match of red, green, blue color.

But if we talk about the gamers or some technological geeks, then RGB for them is the embellishing light in their computer components which work as per their mood when adjusted with proper settings.


RGB lights in computer components: –

RGB lights are used in different components of computers like –

  • Keyboard
  • Cooling fan
  • Memory sticks
  • Headphones
  • Mouse and mouse pads
  • Motherboard
  • Graphics card
  • SSD
  • Power supply units
  • Cabinets
  • Speakers
  • Monitors etc.

What is the need for RGB lights?

The need is quite simple and that is to give an awesome lighting effect to enhance the gaming experience and to adorn the computer desk and room with sparkling beautiful lights

. This is the new trend in gamers to set up the computer RGB lights because it gives the actual feel of the game by creating a dense environment with the mix and match of the colors.

For example, if the user is playing Counter-Strike or PUBG or Taken or another action game, then the RGB will create such a color combination that will make the player realize that it is into the actual playing field and fighting with the enemy. Such a light effect gives more enthusiasm to players than playing on a computer without having RGB lights.

Functioning of RGB Light

RGB lights are the combination of 3 lights mainly viz Red, Green, Blue which creates several other lights. The outstanding feature of an RGB light in a computer is that the user can control these lights and can adjust the frequency of lightning and also can choose a particular light. Users can adjust the lighting color, brightness, and pattern in which light should work.

Many big brands like MSI, Asrock, Asus, etc. Have a dedicated port called RGB header which is used to connect other RGB devices or a controller.  Now with the help of this connector, you can control the brightness, tune colors and sync light effects between devices.

RGB light has become so popular that Asus has launched a mobile called ROG Phone 5 and ROG Laptops to give users a real-time experience of a battlefield while playing any war games.

RGB connectors are segregated into two categories namely: – Addressable and Non-Addressable.

  • Addressable- In this user has the right to control each LED individually
  • Non-Addressable- It doesn’t allow the user to control light effects.

Future of RGB

The main essence behind the success of RGB lights in the computer components is the lightning effect synced with the commands we put in the computer while playing games. Those incredible light patterns created in the computer give the real-time feel of the game. Moreover, it is within the limits of the user to control the lighting effect to get the desired feel. Many companies have come up with different concepts of computer components which look like the advanced system components of an alien world. Players and people of all age groups are liking this new technology which gives the feeling of being an Avenger while playing the game. With this, there is no doubt in the fact that in the coming years the RGB technology will get an advanced version and it will be in high demand by all age groups.

Our Verdict: –

RGB is a widely used concept in every corner of the globe and what makes it special is its competitive prices. Yes, the prices of the inbuilt RGB computer components are not very much high and can be afforded at the cost of living the real-time experience while playing the games. This is just like heaven to the gamers who want to live the moment while playing their games. If you are a beginner, then it’s a recommendation for you to use RGB-enabled devices and feel the difference.

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