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Kast – A Free App To Make Netflix Experience Better

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How to Group-Watch on Kast App?Kast App Compatibility

There is nothing as entertaining as watching your favorite horror movie or show with your group. But what if due to social distancing, you can’t watch the show together, however, don’t want to miss the experience of watching it together as well? It’s possible guys. Yeah. And on top of that, it’s absolutely FREE to group-watch shows together from different places.


The unscheduled change of plans all over the world (due to COVID-19) has made people work from home. The canceled school sessions, traveling plans, & almost every stop to mingle with the outside world have been shelved as Coronavirus has become pandemic. This time, all we need is a platform that lets us group-watch shows with our friends.

The tech era has come to the rescue with an app, KAST that helps you watch shows together shattering geographical boundaries.

Group-Watch With Kast App

A real-time video sharing app Kast is a combination of screen capture, voice, text, and video chat technology. The initiative makes it quite easy to get connected with friends wherever they are.

It’s a perfect platform that lets you watch your favorite shows together on different screens & locations. Though the geographical locations will be different, the entertainment won’t stop. You can share movies, TV shows, games, and whatever you want with 100+ people without any hassle.

Watch With Kast App

With the theme of “Watch Together. Enjoy Together. Be Together”, Kast lets all of your friends stream the show like you all are together watching the shows. You can either be a host or a spectator who is on Kast just to watch the shows or movies.

While being a Host, you can be hosting movies or TV programs and invite your friends over on Kast. They will get a notification on the Kast app and all they need to do is accept the invitation. Once it’s accepted, start watching the hosted program together with your buddies.

Apart from movies, you can also cast the games you are playing on the app. It’s a real-time video-sharing app so whatever you are doing on the app, if you want to share among your group, you can do it.

Watch Together

How to Group-Watch on Kast App?

All you have to do is, just open the app on the appropriate platform & login with your credentials. After this, you can either be a part of “live parties”, create your own party, or join other parties.”

If you are the host, you get 3 options i.e. “share your entire screen, application window, or your own webcam”.

While using any streaming service such as Hulu, HBO, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, login to the service with a separate desktop window. Now go to the Kast app, use video options to choose the Window you have streaming service logged in and boom. All the friends in your group are able to watch the show together with you as you just shared your desktop window with them. Enjoy the show together and keep chatting with funny & hilarious comments on the right side of the screen.

Please know since you are the one who started the gathering, you will be controlling the stream from a separate window altogether.

A limitation we encounter is when the host shares the screen, the other people aren’t able to listen to the video. In this case, you need to customize the audio settings on the app.

On the hosted party, tap on the “Settings” nearby “Microphone sign”; click on the “Input” section & switch it to “internal microphone” or “computer audio”.

After this, everyone on the hosted party will be able to hear the show or movie’s audio. Keep exchanging the experiences on chat & feel like you are there with your friends watching the show.

In order to know more about the app and explore it thoroughly, visit here.

Kast App Compatibility

The FREE of cost real-time video sharing app is quite compatible with Webpage, Windows & Mac, App Store, & Google Play Store.

Click Here To Install Kast for Android

Apart from the FREE version, the Kast app is also available on the Premium version. The paid version lets you enjoy the app ad-free & access the exclusive reactions library with reduced cooldown!

Wrapping Up

Technology always contradicts itself with the ultimate services it offers as well as what impact it can have on us. In order to keep you entertained and in touch with your friends, you use the Kast app, however, using it excessively will leave our parents concerned about us. So, keep a track of using the Kast App so that the social distancing doesn’t become a habit.

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