10 Best Video Recording Apps For Android And iPhone

With features like zebra stripes for exposure warnings & log gamma curve recording for later color grading, these apps are perfect for novice & professionals.

10 Best Video Recording Apps For Android And iPhone

While all smartphones have a built-in way to record videos, it often lacks the advanced features and controls to capture professional videos. For instance, third-party video screen recorders offer a complete range of functionalities to adjust settings like exposure, focus, white balance and ability to shoot clips in different frame rates and resolutions. Moreover, using the best video recording app you can even record in a log gamma curve for later color grading, enhanced audio recording and more.

These features are essential for seasoned videographers and other users who want to have full control over their video recording experience.

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Most Popular & Useful Video Recording App For Android And iPhone (2024)

One of the most powerful and handy applications to record videos on Android or iPhone is Filmic Pro. The app offers a wide range of professional features, manual controls, zebra stripes for exposure warnings, focus peaking and more, allowing you to take your smartphone video recording to the next level. Besides this, Filmic Pro also offers the advanced tools for high-quality audio recording with granular controls and various file format options.

While there are many great options available for both iPhone & Android devices, FiLMic Pro stands out as one of the best choices in this category. To explore more apps in the category, keep reading!

Best Video Recording iPhone and Android Applications According to Competition

Here’re some of the top choices in the category that are worth your time and efforts:

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Filmic Pro Boasts a comprehensive array of professional features and manual controls. Website Link
MAVIS Offers an extensive set of tools including real-time color vectorscope, and exposure waveform. Website Link
Moment Pro Camera Gives users the ability to capture motions & photos in RAW format for an amazing editing experience. Website Link
MoviePro Provides multitude of features, encompassing manual controls for almost every facet of the app. Website Link
ProMovie Recorder Puts you in charge with manual control over focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. App Store Link
Open Camera Best recorder app that comes with a night mode that adds extra clarity to shots in dark mode. Website Link
Cinema FV-5 Get the ability to adjust EV, ISO, color temperature, zoom, and more using volume keys. Website Link
ProCam 8 Provides controls for focus distance, exposure time, ISO settings, and more. Website Link
Camera MX Allows you to apply filters and effects in real-time while recording videos. App Store Link
Adobe Premiere Rush Shoot, edit, and share videos with this free all-in-one video editing app for mobile and desktop. Website Link

Reviewing The Best Video Recorders For Android & iPhone Users Of All Skill Levels

Here are our top picks and what they offer:

List of Contents

  • 1. Filmic Pro
  • 2. MAVIS
  • 3. Moment Pro Camera
  • 4. MoviePro
  • 5. ProMovie Recorder
  • 6. Open Camera
  • 7. Cinema FV-5
  • 8. ProCam 8
  • 9. Camera MX
  • 10. Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Shoot Like a Pro: The Top Video Recording Apps for iPhone and Android in 2024
  • Frequently Asked Questions

1. Filmic Pro

Price: Free, paid plans start from $39.99
Ideal For: Novice users looking for an easy-to-use app to get started with production.
Compatibility: Android and iPhone

Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is an excellent video recording app suitable for users who want to expand their iPhone’s built-in camera shooting capabilities. The app offers both landscape and portrait modes for recording. It even comes equipped with manual and auto settings, image stabilization functionality, timelapse recording feature & even fast and slow-motion effects. You’ll also find more common features like frame rates from 24 to 240 and various file format options. Quite helpful, right?

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Price: $5.99
Ideal For: HD, 2K & 4K recording
Compatibility: iPhone


MAVIS is the ultimate video recording application designed for iPhone users. The app offers professional filming tools packed in an intuitive interface that give you full control while shooting. It includes a plethora of functionalities like dual camera support, custom resolutions, manual focus, exposure and color controls. The best part, it even supports remote controls using Apple Watch to start and stop recording.

3. Moment Pro Camera

Price: Free, $6.99
Ideal For: Capturing stunning time-lapse videos.
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Moment Pro Camera

Loved by photographers and videographers all around the globe, Moment Pro Camera deserves a place in our list of best video recording applications 2024. The app offers precise control over video quality with standard, medium, and high bitrate options. It even provides a video stabilization feature to make your videos run smoothly. Using it, you can even change the resolution and frame rate on screen. This advanced video recorder even helps to quickly determine over- and under-exposed areas in the viewfinder.

4. MoviePro

Price: Free, $9.99
Ideal For: Professional filmmakers & amateur videographers that supports Bluetooth mics.
Compatibility: iPhone/iPad


If you want to configure every possible setting for video recording, MoviePro is probably one of the best choices in the category. The application allows users to change frame rate, resolution, video/audio quality and more. It even provides recording presets and tons of manual controls to adjust focus, exposure, white balance and more. It even supports MultiCam recording to record from any two cameras on the device at the same time. Interesting, right? You can navigate to its official play store page to get more information on the app!

5. ProMovie Recorder

Price: Free, In-app purchases start from $2.99
Ideal For: Standard and Cinematic stabilization mode.
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

ProMovie Recorder

ProMovie Recorder is a high-fidelity video recording app, suitable for students, hobbyists and other users. The application offers significant features, ranging from manual controls, bitrate adjustments, support for 4K recording and more. The feature-rich mobile recorder even provides the ability to switch between Ultra-Wide, Wide & Telephoto cameras to get desired results. You can further manage exposure compensation, white balance, shutter speed/ISO, video rotation/flip, Bluetooth remote controls etc.

6. Open Camera

Price: Free video recorder
Ideal For: Noise reduction and Dynamic range optimisation modes.
Compatibility: Android

Open Camera

Open Camera is primarily designed for capturing still images, but their video recording capabilities are quite incredible. The video recorder app is designed to enhance the built-in camera app’s functionalities. Unlike other apps, Open Camera supports Camera2 API. Hence, it makes the app to alter the manual focus, ISP, exposure, white balance, exposing burst mode and more. Besides this, the Android recording app also supports capturing in RAW and slow-motion videos without spending anything.

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7. Cinema FV-5

Price: Free, $2.49
Ideal For: Video geotagging support
Compatibility: Android

Cinema FV-5

Enjoy a wide range of tools for image adjustment with Cinema FV-5 video recording application. It is designed for professional videographers and amateur filmmakers to get professional manual controls right at their fingertips. Using Cinema FV-5, you can adjust the exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance, color temperature, zoom and more. It even provides advanced electronic viewfinder like Live RGB and Luminance histogram that are available during recording as well.

8. ProCam 8

Price: $9.99
Ideal For: Useful photo and video capturing and editing options.
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

ProCam 8

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use video recorder app for iPhone, then ProCam 8 is the best in line. The app provides all the significant features and controls that were once only found in DSLR cameras. It provides different shooting modes like photos, burst mode, slow shutter, portrait mode, 3D photos, videos and even time lapse. The best part of using this iPhone video recorder is its shutter release options such as self-timer, anti-shake, intervals etc. The app also supports several video frame rates & resolutions.

9. Camera MX

Price: Free
Ideal For: Users looking for a free video recorder tool without ads
Compatibility: Android

Camera MX

Camera MX is an exceptional camera app for recording videos that you should consider using in 2024. The app supports shooting videos in a variety of resolutions, including 4K and Full HD. It even supports capturing slow-motion or time-lapse videos. It even provides some amazing editing features to modify and enhance your video recordings to the next level. The best part of using this iPhone video recorder is its ability to export videos without a watermark. It even supports live histogram and zebra stripes. Cool, right?

10. Adobe Premiere Rush

Price: Free, $9.99
Ideal For: Adjusting video speed & enhancing colours with presets & customization tools.
Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Adobe Premiere Rush

You might wonder why Adobe Premiere Rush is here. Well, it also has a basic video recording feature in its mobile app, and not everyone knows about it. Their cross-device functionality is amazing. This means, you can start a project on one device and continue on another. It included pre-built & customizable motional graphics templates and even offers a premium content library to unlock hundreds of titles, overlays and animates graphics to elevate your videos. The app supports exporting in 4K & adding royalty-free soundtracks, effects and loops to your videos.

Shoot Like a Pro: The Top Video Recording Apps for iPhone and Android in 2024

In a nutshell, using third-party video recording apps for smartphones offer a complete range of professional features and manual controls that can take your video recording experience to the next level. While there are several great video recorders available for Android, iPhone & iPad users, Filmic Pro and MAVIS and Moment Pro Camera stand out in the league. They offer manual controls for virtually every function, zebra stripes for exposure warnings, focus peaking, support for multiple bitrates, capturing time lapse videos and more.

However, I would encourage you to try out different apps and find the one that works best for you. Do let us know your personal experience in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some good third-party video recording apps for the iPhone?

Some good third-party video recording apps for iPhone include MAVIS, MoviePro, and ProCam 8.

2. What are some good third-party video recording apps for Android?

Some good third-party video recording apps for Android include Filmic Pro, Cinema FV-5 & Open Camera.

3. What are some tips for getting the best results when using a video recording app?

Here are a couple of quick video recording tips for professional results:

  1. Use landscape mode to avoid side black bars.
  2. Fill the frame with your subject & experiment with angles and zoom.
  3. Boost quality with accessories like lighting and stabilization features.
  4. Edit your footage with apps to enhance your footages with effects & filters


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