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Best Filmmaking Apps for Android
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Best Filmmaking Apps for Android

Most Android Smartphones today offer decent cameras, some also offer 4k and now 8k too. Many mid-range DSLRs cameras don’t have that capability. But Cameras are not the only thing to make Filmmaking possible on Phones. Filmmakers need to work on the script, screenplay, multiple shots, and lots of other things. If you have to take different videos to your PC to finally make them a movie, there is no use of shooting the videos with your phone camera either.

5 Best Filmmaking Apps for Android:

We have a list of 5 best filmmakers apps for android that a filmmaker would require for filmmaking on a Smartphone. (Now that’s smart)

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

2. PowerDirector

3. DubScript Screenplay Writer

4. FiLMic Pro

5. Shot Lister

1. Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Premiere Rush

It is an American multinational software company that has made a name for itself in Professional Photo and Video Editing Software. Adobe has a lot of video and photo editing applications for Android as well. Adobe Premiere Rush has been a well-known Filmmaking software for computers which is now available as best filmmaking app for Android as well.

Premiere Rush comes feature-packed to make filmmaking on mobile devices possible. It offers most of the features a short filmmaker or social media content creator would use. At the same time, it doesn’t bog you down with too many unnecessary features that are only useful for PCs.

Adobe offers an intuitive and a great touch interface to make video editing and filmmaking a charm. You can easily put together different clips, slow them down, speed them up, add different filters, tweak the video, etc. with the application. With tons of features, Adobe Premiere Rush is the best Video Editing software available for Android.

Adobe Premiere Rush - Flimmaking Application

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2. PowerDirector:

PowerDirector is similar to Adobe Premiere Rush filmmaker app and has been available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices for quite some time now. It has made a good name for itself in creating professional videos from mobile devices. PowerDirector filmmaking app offers a clean and intuitive interface for video editing and filmmaking. It holds features that a desktop video editor and filmmaker would use but also doesn’t bog down the beginners. PowerDirector now also holds the functionality to produce 4K videos which it earlier lacked.

PowerDirector - Filmmaking Application

However, it doesn’t offer multiple timelines which are frequently used by video editors to jump to the other clip while playing the primary one. Adding an audio overlay is easy as you have a second timeline for audio inputs.

All in all, PowerDirector offers a lot of useful features and can certainly make filmmaking on smartphones possible and certainly deserves to be on the list of best filmmaking apps.

PowerDirector Features

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3. Dubscript Screenplay Writer:

Dubscript Screenplay Writer - Filmmaking Applications

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Dubscript Screenplay Writer is an awesome filmmaking app that professional screenplay writers use. Dubscript is very simple and yet magical. The writer just has to start writing the script and continue doing it without worrying about the parenthesis, indentation, and headings.

After having done that, just a click and you have your whole script settled in a minute with proper headings and all. The scripts get automatically saved in the device’s storage to not to bog you down with internet connection requirements. Dubscript Screenplay writer is a great tool to write and manage scripts from the mobile device. Scripts written with Dubscript Screenplay Writer can be easily transferred in PDF format and can also be printed out directly through the app.

4. FiLMic Pro:

FiLMic Pro

When you have got everything professional, you must to have a filmmaking application meant for the professionals. The camera hardware available with most above Mid-range smartphones is pretty capable but the in-built camera applications don’t provide as many functions which a filmmaker would need.

For such situations, FiLMic Pro is the solution. FiLMic Pro is a video camera application that provides tons of professional camera features. It supports up to 240 FPS video recording, a waveform monitor, etc. It also supports many third-party hardware for awesome video output.


FiLMic Pro - Flimmaking Application

However, the application doesn’t support every device. It may work fine with one and may not with another device. Hence, before buying the paid version, use the trial to make sure how stable it is with your device.

FilMic Pro Features

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5. Shot Lister:

Shot Lister

Shot List is another filmmaking application that can come in handy if you are a filmmaker. It lets you write down the shots, their location, date, time, and can schedule shots accordingly.  If you are a filmmaker, it makes it hassle-free for you to keep track of shots and all the information regarding the shot.

The upgrade also provides the option to link the application with the scripts. Hence, with the shots, you can also know the screenplay and dialogues relating to that short. This filmmaking app makes it really easy for a filmmaker to keep track of everything and complete the shots in time.

Shot Lister - Filmmaking Application

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These are the few Best Filmmaking apps that can help you on the quest of Filmmaking with an Android Smartphone. Do let us know what other applications you have found useful in Filmmaking; we love hearing from you.

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