10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2023 (Free & Paid)

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Smartphones have gobbled the market for many electronic devices in the past and others have had to undergo massive restructuring to survive. The path at which smartphones are these days, they may soon capture the Camera market too. Many Filmmakers have showcased the ability of smartphones by shooting whole feature films on mobile phones.

Most Smartphone cameras are pretty capable of shooting high definition 4K videos. But barely any smartphone offers features to edit those videos out of the box. We, here, have accumulated a list of best video editor apps for Android available on Play Store. In this list, we have added both paid and free video editing apps to meet the needs of every editor out there.

Though the Play Store is filled with a plethora of Video Editing applications, not all of them were worth mentioning. However, I would agree I was confused with a couple of applications which were good enough and could have made it to the list of best Video Editor for Android.

Let’s now move forward and look at each of these Video Editing apps in detail.

Application Price Known For Play Store Rating Size
PowerDirector Free


Professional Features and Interface 4.5/5 89MB
Adobe Premiere Rush Free

Up to $53.99/month

Part of a Bigger Software Group – Adobe Creative Cloud 4/5 148MB
Kine Master Free

$4.99 per month

Simplistic Interface to Edit Videos on the Go 4.4/5 95MB
ActionDirector Free/ $3.99 Edit 4K Videos through Mobile 4.4/5 46MB
InShot Free
$29.99 Lifetime
Create Short Social Media Focused Videos 4.8/5 51MB
Movie Maker Filmmaker Free Basic Editing on the Go with the Simplistic Interface 4.4/5 57MB
FilmoraGo Free


Feature Packed Video Editor 4.5/5 96MB
Quik Free Quickly Edit Videos with Predefined filters and effects 4.7/5 99MB
Funimate Free Do the Basic Editing Easily 4.4/5 130MB
VivaVideo Free


Create and Edit Casual Video Collages with pre-loaded effects 4.5/5 77MB

Here Are the Best Video Editor Apps for Android

1. PowerDirector (Free & Paid)


PowerDirector is undoubtedly the Best Video Editing App in this list. It offers multiple timelines for Video editing and to incorporate music in the video. It carries a number of pre-loaded video effects such as slow motion, reverse video, background editing, etc.

The layout is pretty amazing to use. The professional interface is so good to look at and is very user friendly. All the required tools are available on the Dashboard. At the same time, it doesn’t bog you down with too many options that are rarely used by editors.

CyberLink recently launched the free version of this amazing video editing app. There is also a premium version. Users can download PowerDirector for free from the Play Store.

Download: PowerDirector

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2. Adobe Premiere Rush (Paid)

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is Adobe’s smartphone-oriented video editing app. It was launched by Adobe in 2018. Adobe Premiere Rush is definitely a tough contender to beat in the quest for Best Video Editing app for Android. Adobe Premiere Rush offers intuitive UI and Dashboard controls. It proffers multiple timelines for Video and music for easier mixing.

Adobe premiere Rush contains drag and drop controls to add and remove objects and images into the video. It comes pre-loaded with loads of filters and effects to edit the video. It offers on the go sharing features for social media and YouTube.

If you are a content creator on social media or YouTube or an aspiring filmmaker, this app can work wonders. It is definitely among the best Video Editing apps for Android.

Download: Adobe Premiere Rush

3. KineMaster (Free & Paid)


Like Quik, KineMaster is also a great application that offers great functionality to edit and recreate videos. It also, similar to Quik, offers a lot of features and perks. You can make beautiful videos, add stunning effects, mere different audios and sound effects to your video, etc. It comes preloaded with slow motion and reverse functionality.

However, it too, like Quik lacks a lot of mainstream features like fine tuning video, change background, reduce noise from video, etc. Also, the interface of KineMaster is relatively less pleasing than that of Quik.

Download: KineMaster

So, this was our list of Best Paid & Free Video Editing Apps for Android. Hope we were able to help you find a useful video editor app for yourself. Do let us know about your favorite Video editing app for Android, we love hearing from you.

4. ActionDirector Video Editor (Free and Paid)

ActionDirector Video Editor

ActionDirector is one of the most well-known Paid and Free Video Editor for PC. Good News is that it is also available for Android. Though the PC app is very powerful, they have managed to nail the perfect balance between the features and usability. They haven’t tried to bog down the users with more than required features. It does all the basic tasks like importing clips, adding your own music, trim and cut videos, add text, employ slow motion, etc. Also, it supports 4K video, you may want to check if your device does so. If you want a casual Video Editing App with a seamless interface, Action Director is one of the Best Video Editors for Android.

Download ActionDirector for Android

5. InShot Video Editor (Free and Paid)

InShot Video Editor

InShot is another super simple Video Editing Tool for Android with a focus on making it easy for people to create short videos with fun filters, video trimming, etc. It features a simple timeline for editing video seamlessly and other features like fading in and out that can improve the app functionality for many users. It comes with features like stickers, speed controls, and other useful tiny pictures make it an awesome choice for YouTube, TikTok, and similar platforms. This Video Editor can even be bought for lifetime which is a good thing besides subscription. Hence, if you are looking for a Video Editor to edit simple videos and add effects on the go, InShot is one of the best Video Editor for Android.

Download Inshot Video Editor

6. Movie Maker Filmmaker (Free)

Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker is among the best Free Video Editors available in the market. Like many others on the list, it boasts a simplistic interface along with various features that are absolutely must in any video editing app like trim, crop, reorder, set focal points, etc. It also features a variety of video effects and custom filters to give a refreshing appeal to your Video. Though the app has a few bugs, in my testing, I found Movie Maker Filmmaker to be one of the best Video Editor for Android.

Note: This app is no longer available on Play Store.

7. FilmoraGo (Free)


FilmoraGo is one of the best free video editing apps for Android. Like the previous 2 applications, it also offers intuitive timeline zooms and adjustments. It features the option to merge different audios with the video with its multi-timeline interface. Rearranging the clips, splitting audio & sound effects all in one single application.

The interface of FilmoraGo is pretty intuitive too. Most of the useful functions and preloaded effects can be used from the dashboard.

There are different paid add-ons available in the application and there is also an unlimited subscription version available too with unlimited access to all its features. Although the premium subscription offers a few more features, the free version doesn’t lag behind on any parameter. FilmoraGo is one of the best free video editing app for Android available on Play Store.

Download: FilmoraGo

8. Quik (Free)


Quik is a lightweight video editor app when compared to other video editor apps mentioned in the list. It carries all the functionalities like merging various clips and pictures together to form a video, adding music and sound effects to the background, adding effects like slo-mo, etc.

However, it doesn’t offer features like fine tuning videos before producing the final output, change background, reduce noise in the video, etc. These features can be useful for a serious content creator or video editor. But if you are a beginner or just need a video editing app to create basic merged videos and bring slow-motion effects to the video, this free video editing app can provide great value.

Note: This app is no longer available on Play Store.

9. Funimate Video Editor (Free)

Funimate Video Editor

Funimate is another simple yet effective Free video editor for Android. It is designed to do all the basic editing, making music videos, or create a simple video out of the clips or picture that you already have on your device. It comes pre-equipped with 15 different video filters that you can play with.

However, you will be disappointed if you are looking forward to doing some high-level editing with the app. Because it is effectively free, you can try it out and use it without a thing in the world to worry about. Hence, if you are looking for an app to create short social media posts or videos, Funimate is the best Video Editor for Android.

Download Funimate Video Editor

10. VivaVideo Video Editor (Free and Paid)

VivaVideo Video Editor

VivaVideo is a surprisingly popular paid and free video editor for Android. In usage, though, it is somewhere in the middle. VivaVideo is designed to comfortably edit and put together short video clips for Social Media sites. It contains basic functions like Edit, Trim, Add Effects and filters, stickers, etc. It boasts over 200 Video Filters. The Free version comes with a big annoying watermark which to me was a bummer. Also, it has a time limit on how big of a video you can edit in VivaVideo. But again, as I said earlier, it is still great for short social media videos. However, if you purchase the full version, you get to remove the time restrictions and watermark for a bit more sophisticated video. Hence, if you are looking for another to edit Videos on the go for Social Media, VivaVideo is one of the best Video Editor App available for Android.

Download VivaVideo Video Editor

So, this was our list of Best Paid & Free Video Editing Apps for Android. Hope we were able to help you find a useful video editor app for yourself. Do let us know about your favorite Video editing app for Android, we love hearing from you.

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