Top 8 Video Compressor Apps For Android

Top 8 Video Compressor Apps For Android

Why am I not able to send large video files via WhatsApp? I want to share this beautiful video to my family ones and on my social accounts too but, all the video files are large in size, how would I send it through my smartphone? These are some common questions that people are facing while sending large videos. We almost capture or download large videos in our device, nowadays smartphones are coming with almost 128 GB, 256 GB, 512GB and even 1 TB as internal storage.

Everyone wants the best and improvise quality in their videos that are captured with their smartphones. But, you might have stored large size videos in your smartphones, taking more space and you tried to send large videos with your loved ones and you have to compromise the video quality while sending. Don’t worry, we have listed some of the video compressor apps for Android devices through which you will not compromise with the video quality while sending it to your friends and family. Have a look!

Best Video Compressor Apps For Android:

1.   Video Compressor Panda: Resize & Compress Video

We have listed the Panda app first, as this is the most downloadable app over millions of users. This is one of the great video compressor apps for Android devices through which you can easily compress videos that can be sent even on email. You can easily upload, share and send compressed videos to social media without losing the quality. The Panda app supports all types of video formats and easy to save more space on your device.

Video Compressor Panda

Download the Panda app for Android devices from here.

2.   Video Dieter 2- Trim & Edit

Another free video compressor app for Android is Video Dieter 2- Trim & Edit. This app is beautifully designed with a user-friendly interface that will compress large size videos quickly in your smartphone. While compressing any video, you can check information about speed, size, and resolution too. After compressing the video, you will get an option to make changes to the video through an inbuilt video editing tool. Edit your video by applying background music, effects as well. All the basic editing features are available in this app.

Video Dieter 2- Trim & Edit

Download Video Dieter 2- Trim & Edit app for Android devices from here.

3.   Video Compress

Video Compress from Mel Studio, used to compress and reduce data usage. This app will allow users to share your compress video on social network platforms and YouTube as well. The video compress app is very fast and almost supports all video formats. It allows users to remove audio from the compress videos and easy to compress video files to MP3 audio files well. While many converter apps create a copy and save in your Gallery, Video compress app will make a separate folder and save all compress video files in there.

Video Compress

Download the Video Compress app for Android devices from here.

4.   Video to MP3 Converter, Video Compressor-VidCompact

Video to MP3 Converter, Video Compressor-VidCompact is one of the powerful video compressors and free app for Android devices which can trim videos, MP3 converter and millions of downloads. Just in case, if you don’t want to download or buy any video compressor app, VidCompact app is there for you. This app almost supports all video formats and can easily compress videos online without losing any video quality. Easy to customize videos and applying effects too.

Video to MP3 Converter

Download the VidCompact app for Android devices from here.

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5.   Video Compressor – Fast Compress Video & Photo

Video Compressor is another free video compressor app to compress videos, convert and extract MP3 and MP4 files easily. This app helps users to reduce the video size without compromising the quality and save compress video files in a separate folder. Easy to use this application as you can download its catalog of applications and start using it immediately. This application also works on the quality of the video so that you can share it with your loved ones and share it on the social network platform too.

Video Compressor

Download the Video Compressor app for Android devices from here.

6.   Smart Video Compressor and Resizer

Another best video compressor, developed by AppAspect technologies Pvt. Ltd. This app is free to use in your Android smartphone and allows video files to compress video files in a quick and simple manner. This app allows users to compress HD video files and you can reduce video files over 70-80%. Supports all video formats and you can also check the live progression of compressing videos. No watermark and no time limit while compressing any videos.

Smart Video Compressor

Download Smart Video Compressor and resizer app for Android devices from here.

7.   Video Transcoder

Another app to compress videos for android devices and extract audio files, Video Transcoder app is there for you. Open source program to compress videos from one format to another and easy to check all the compress video details. Free and easy to use and never required internet access to compress any video files.

Video Transcoder

Download the Video Transcoder app for Android devices from here.

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8.   Videos & Movies Compressor

Last but not the least, Videos & Movies Compressor app which is easy to shrink and compress videos and movies to a fraction(in the size) without losing any quality. Simply you have to pick a video or a movie from your gallery and the app is ready to compress and shrink it without compromising the quality. This app supports all the video formats which are popular, and you can check progress in the background as well.

Videos & Movies Compressor

Videos Compressor

Download Videos & Movies Compressor app for Android devices from here.

Well, we have listed some of the best Free video compressor apps for Android devices so that you can compress any video files easily without losing any quality. Once the videos are compressed, you can share them with your friends and loved one and on social networking platform too. If you have any suggestions or similar video compressing apps, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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