11 Best Gallery Apps For Android in 2024

What are the best Gallery Apps for Android in 2024?

11 Best Gallery Apps For Android in 2024

All of us use our phones to click selfies and other photos every day but only some of us have dared to break the bonds of using a different app to organize and manage our photos. The android default gallery apps provided by our mobile phone manufacturers are efficient and fulfill our requirements but there are much more than a few third-party gallery apps for Android can offer. Hiding our precious moments in a secret vault, editing them, sorting them by date, time and type, and even editing the EXIF data are a few features that are provided by other Android gallery apps. Read on, to know about the best gallery apps for android and what they offer.

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Top Android Gallery Apps :

1. QuickPic

Quick Pic

QuickPic is one of the best free gallery apps for Android with over 10 million users. It acts as a photo organizer for your precious moment captured and sorts them. It is a lightweight app and quite impressively fast in operation. It also contains special features like Image Editor and supports other online apps for importing images. It also allows the users to hide photos and secure them with a lock.

2. Piktures


One of the best gallery apps for android that can be download for Android mobiles for free is Piktures that has an excellent feature of gestures embedded into it. It is fast and simple to use and is an efficient photo manager. It does not have an inbuilt photo editor but can hide your photos and even take a backup on cloud service.

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3. A+ Gallery

A +Gallery

Another one on the list of the best gallery apps for Android is A+ Gallery. It offers some unique features which include searching photos, managing albums, browse HD photos and much more at high speed. Once installed it automatically acts as a photo organiser and sorts your images through location and date. It is quite convenient to use than the default Android gallery app and includes different types of albums in both grid and list view. It also supports backup and uploading photos to social media apps and cloud services like Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, and Facebook.

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4. Foto Gallery

Foto Gallery

Foto Gallery is a free lightweight app that contains many features required to qualify as the best gallery app for Android. It allows the users to move files between folders, hide photos, add and scan new folders. Besides these features, it is one of the few Photo Organizers which includes a trash folder that allows the users to recover accidentally deleted photos and facilitates changing app themes. Foto Gallery also allows you to make GIF files from a video and for the very purpose, it has a video player, GIF player and photo editor all built-in the app.

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5. F-Stop Gallery

F stop Gallery

F-stop is one of the gallery apps for android that can be download for Android mobiles without any cost. Once installed it first scans your device for all the media files and creates an index of some sort. This makes it easier for the user to quickly search through the files and also add folders and set a password to them and finally save tags and bookmarks. It also allows the user to hide photos and a refresh button to load new media. The most unique feature besides being a photo manager is that the users can search their photos on Google Maps. There is a pro version of this app which features some extra features like picture editor and allows the users to hide photos.

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6. Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery

Though the name suggests simple, the app consists of a Photo Organiser which displays all the media files in your phone with their size and date and is arranged in multiple columns differentiated on the basis of file types such as videos, images, and GIFs. It also allows the users to hide photos and even complete folders which can be temporarily enabled for viewing during a current session. Folders can be added; view types can be changed and even different themes can be applied. Simple Gallery, despite all these advanced features, is free and lightweight and is one of the strong contenders for the best gallery apps for Android devices.

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7. Camera Roll Gallery

Camera Roll Gallery

One of the unique features developed in Camera Roll Gallery is that it allows the users to edit the EXIF data of the image. The EXIF data includes the date, time and location of the photo clicked among other information. It also offers enhancing performance and speed to its users with a smooth and easy to use interface. It has a Photo Manager which assists the user to sort the files by name, date, and size and is like a built-in file explorer. You can also hide photos and folders from people who try to breach your privacy. Although it lacks a picture editor, it can still be considered to download and install as one of the best gallery app downloads for android mobile.

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8. Gallery


Gallery provides its users the option to lock the app through its inbuilt function and provides access to initiate the camera from within the app. Once the app is locked there is no need to hide photos as no one will be able to access the app without proper credentials. The photo organiser functions include copying, deleting and sharing the images. It is a free app and does not include a photo editor. MyRoll Gallery features a powerful sorting function that helps the user to categorize the files by name, date, type, and size in both ascending and descending manner, making it one of the best gallery apps for Android devices.

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9. Focus Picture Gallery

Focus Picture Gallery

A secret vault, App lock, dark themes are only some of the features of one of the best gallery app downloads for Android mobile. It also supports different types of files such as videos, GIFs, images – to name a few. This Android gallery app includes a complete tag system that allows its users to search for their media files with ease. Another lovable feature of this app is that it can prevent others from swiping your phone for the following images when you are showing them a particular image. The app has many features and is a complete photo organiser app for free use, but it also has a premium version that is available as an in-app purchase and includes a next-level image editor. The app also features a secret gallery vault to hide pictures and videos

10. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures and Videos

Gallery Vault

With a constant rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store and 10 million installs, Gallery Vault hide pictures and videos is on this list and has almost all the features that you would expect in an Android gallery app. It not only hides the files you want but encrypts them in your mobile with a hidden icon that only you can find out. It also provides break-in alerts which helps you to know if your phone is being tampered with. It also has a fake passcode option that reveals fake content if you are forced by your friends to open the secret vault.

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11. Google Photos

Google Photos

Saved the best for the last. Google Photos developed by Google Inc itself, is undoubtedly the best gallery app for Android mobile devices and perhaps that is the reason it comes preinstalled on most of the devices. It is an unconventional Android gallery app that has free unlimited storage for photos and videos. However, the free storage is applicable to images within 16 Megapixels and video clips which are recorded at not more than 1080 fps. The smart app automatically analyses all your images and can identify those images based on visual features. A photo organiser, a trash folder, visual search and integration with Google Assistant are some of the features offered. A google designed picture editor is the only feature which it lacks. Once uploaded, it is very easy to download photos from google photos to the gallery.

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The list for best gallery apps for Android devices comes to a temporary end. There might be more which I might have failed to mention and would require your suggestions to complete the list. Also, do mention which Android gallery app you like the best and why in the comments section below. Remember, trying out new apps is an adventure of its own kind with a few challenges that you may face while getting accustomed to the new app. But it is time to break free and use some of these apps with much-enhanced features instead of the dull and boring gallery apps we receive even when we purchase the most of the expensive mobile phones out there.

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