Best Image Compressor and Resizer Apps

Let’s Shrink Images to the Customized Level You Want

Best Image Compressor and Resizer Apps

Ever been in a situation where you needed to share a photo/video via email, WhatsApp, or any other platform and it didn’t work due to media-size or data limitation? In such cases using an image compressor app could solve the issue and make image sharing much easier.

We have researched and tested a few image compressor and resizer apps before enlisting them here and are proud to give you the best image compressor and resizer apps for Android:

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Best Image Compressor and Resizer Apps

1. Cram – Reduce Pictures

Cram has been considered as one of the best image compressor apps to shrink down large-sized images. It converts the images into a smaller version but without-losing-touch; that way the picture doesn’t lose its essence and just the size of the file gets changed.

Cram - Reduce Pictures

Cram is a small box of good things. A reduce photo size app that claims to shrink images to 60% or more without compromising the essence of the photo.

This way, you can share more and more images without thinking about the size limitations and data limits.

Go ahead and download the best image resizer app for Android here.

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2. Photo & Picture Resizer: Resize, Batch, Crop

Another photo resizer app, Photo & Picture Resize is a promising and trusted tool t reduce photo size on the Android platform. With 4.4 stars on Play Store, this app resizes and reduces the picture sizes – fast and easy.

Photo & Picture Resizer

This is a free application (with in-app purchases) designed to help you resize images quickly and conveniently. This image resizer app maintains the picture aspect ratio by providing a resolution list based on camera resolution. And after resizing, you have the option to share them on different social media platforms from there only. Isn’t it great!!

Download this smart image resizer app for Android and enjoy sharing the images.

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3. QReduce Lite

Enlisting another promising image compressor app that literally compresses and reduces image size from MBs to KBs. That too without making much difference in the photo resolution that’s invisible to the naked eye. The resized/edited pictures will be saved in jpg/jpeg file type automatically.

QReduce Lite

Since the main function of the app is to reduce image size customized from your side, QReduce Lite is the best option to have. This app does resize one photo at a time, however, in case you want to perform the same task for multiple photos in one go, download QReduce: Photo Reducer.

Don’t wait, click and download QReduce Lite and start compressing your images.

4. Reduce Photo Size

Another enlisted photo resizer app has specifically been designed to share media on social media platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Unlike another image compressor and resizer apps, Reduce Photo Size also claims to not make any changes while reducing the image size or resolution.

Reduce Photo Size

With more than 1000 user reviews and 5 million installs, the app keeps the editing resolution customized so that the user can make amends accordingly. Quite easy-to-use, this reduce-image-size-app gets the work done with quality.

Click here; download Reduce Photo Size App; and enjoy sharing photos.

5. Photo Compress 2.0

An ad-free and subscription-free photo resizer app, Photo Compress keeps the quality of the photos to very less or even at a negligible loss. Photo Compress 2.0 also lets you decide the quality of the compressed image, hence providing more flexibility.

Photo Compress 2.0

An ad-free app with lots of great features reads the pattern you are using commonly to resize the images. It reads the behavior and quickly compresses images using the last used settings. You can resize multiple photos at once as well as share the compressed pics on social media platforms from the in-built option.

Tap on Photo Compress 2.0 and get ready to share MB to KB files easily.

What if You Don’t Want to Download Photo Compressing Apps?

There are always solutions to the problems you are facing and what you need to do is, just Google it up.

There are a few users who don’t want to install an app on their phones and reasons can be many to count. So there are a few websites that let you upload the image online and automatically compress the app to quite a good size without hampering the image quality. Listed below are some popular Online Photo Resizer Tools

  1. Bulk Resize
  2. Compress
  3. TinyPNG
  4. Reduce Images
  5. Photo Resizer

Obviously, there are a few limitations while using online platforms instead of independent apps for image resizing. Neither you can decide the image resolution nor have the option to share the same on social media from the same platforms, unlike the above image compressor apps.

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Wrapping Up

Above are the top 5 image compressor apps that will work out the best for you with all the required features. We also added a few online platforms which you can use in case you don’t want to download resize photo apps.

Download, install and use these different platforms to get the work done. And please don’t forget to let us know if they were useful to you and you found what you were looking for. In case you are using some other platform (not mentioned above) that has been super beneficial for you, let us know to share it with our readers.

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