Umate Mac Cleaner Review – Speed Up Your Mac

Umate Mac Cleaner Review – Speed Up Your Mac

Mac is indeed a system that users trust for speed, efficiency, and unbeatable security features. However, after a while, there could be a lag in opening apps or performing day to day tasks or worse your  Mac could become unresponsive. It could happen due to unwanted apps, junk files  occupying unnecessary space and making your Mac slow.

All such problems are very common if we don’t know how to keep your computer optimized. Well, to resolve the issue and make your Mac faster, you must clean your computer every once in a while. Doing it manually can be time consuming and not so efficient.

Therefore, we suggest using one of the best Mac cleaners, Umate Mac Cleaner This cleaner for Mac removes unnecessary items and retrieves space on Mac, while speeding it up.

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Umate Mac Cleaner: What Makes It The Best Cleaner For Mac

Mac run faster

Umate Mac Cleaner is a specially designed tool for Mac that cleans the computer and optimizes it for improved performance. It cleans all the unwanted and unnecessary data which, in turn, increases the processing speed of Mac. It scans for big-size files on Mac that are more than 50MB and gives you the option to remove them to recover space on Mac.

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Price of Umate Mac Cleaner:-

Umate Mac Cleaner is available for free as a trial but with limited functions. If you like the product, you can purchase the tool for a $29.95/ 1-year license or $39.95/ Lifetime plan. The license is available for 1 Mac at a time and can not be transferred to another Mac.

Here are the supported devices, Supported OS and Supported Files on Umate Mac Cleaner:-

S.No Supported devices Supported OS
1 MacBook macOS 11 (Big Sur)
2 MacBook Air macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
3 MacBook Pro macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
4 iMac macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
5 iMac Pro macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
6 Mac Pro mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
7 Mac Mini mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Benefits Of Using Umate Mac Cleaner On Your Mac:

1. Removes Junk Files:

How to clean mac

It scans your Mac for junk files and can get rid of them.  All you need to do is click on Clean Up Junk and click Scan to get all the junk files on the computer. From there, you can delete all the junk files.

2. Deletes Duplicate Files:

Mac booster

Some times, we end up downloading one file several times  and forget to delete the duplicates. Such files accumulate space inMac and could make your computer slow.. With the help of Umate Mac Cleaner, you can scan for all the duplicate files and remove them to regain space on Mac and speedup your computer.

All you need to do is go to Delete Duplicate Files, click Scan. You will get a duplicate files’ list along with the number of copies, file type, and size. You can choose to delete all unwanted duplicates.

3. Finds & Removes Large Files:

Delete large file

With Delete Large Files, you can scan your computer for files bigger than 50MB. You will get a list of large files along with size, location, and file type. You can choose to delete them to regain space.

4. Erases Private Data:

Erase private data

This module deletes your personal data like online traces, usage traces, chat data, photo junk and mail attachment to keep your privacy intact.  To do so, you need to go to Erase Private Data and click on Scan.

This Cleaner for Mac will scan and show you all the detailed report on personal information stored.  You can select the info to delete and keep you safe.

5. Manage Unused Apps And Extensions:

Speed up mac

Manage Apps & Extensions gives an option to remove applications from your Mac which are no longer of your use. Also, you can remove unused extensions from browser so that the slow browser speeds up and gives fast results.

To manage them, you need to go to Manage Apps & Extensions, and select Uninstall Applications or Remove Extensions, it check install Date, size, when was it used last. You can select the unwanted ones to delete.

6. Speed Up Your Mac

Mac run faster

This module helps optimizes resources from your Mac. It detects heavy processes in background & gives you an option to disable them. You can disable login items, remove launch agents. This helps speed up your Mac.

Click Speed Up Your Mac and click Start Now. Once you get the scan results, choose from Disable Login Items, Deactivate Heavy Consumers, Remove Launch Agents  & Free Up RAM to proceed and speed up your Mac in no time

Umate Mac Cleaner is an all-rounder that takes care of Mac like a guardian and allows you to work on an optimized machine

Mac Cleaner

How To Install & Use Umate Mac Cleaner?

  • Download and install Umate Mac Cleaner
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed on Mac, open the app from the Applications folder
  • Allow Umate Mac Cleaner to access files
    Cleanup mac
  • Once done, you can go to different modules, such as Clean Up Junk, Delete Large Files, Delete Duplicate Files, Erase Private Data, Speed up Your Mac and Manage Apps & Extensions. When you select any of the modules, click Scan.
  • Once the Scan results are in, you can choose to keep or delete the items on the list to optimize your Mac in no time.


A slow Mac is a hurdle for every Mac user There could be several reasons why your  Mac is slow, like junk files, unused and unwanted apps, large files, launch agents, etc. Therefore, keeping your Mac optimized is an important thing to keep it running smoother and faster. Umate Mac Cleaner is one of the best recommended cleaners and optimizers for Macthat clears junk, unwanted items, keeps personal information safe.

Try Umate Mac Cleaner on your Mac and tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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