CleanMyMac X vs MacBooster 8: A Quick Comparison

CleanMyMac X vs MacBooster 8: A Quick Comparison

CleanMyMac X and MacBooster 8- a few of the well-known tools for Mac. Both these tools are amazing cleaner apps for macOS that not only cleans and optimizes your Mac but also keeps security issues at bay. No wonder, like all devices, Mac too requires regular maintenance and cleaning for better performance. A good and reliable cleaning tool ensures removing all those files that you might not be using for a long time. It further optimizes your Mac in a manner that all the settings are optimized.

Since there is a heap of amazing Mac cleaning tools and boosters in the market. So, it becomes tough to choose the one that best suits your needs. We are therefore making things simpler for you by making a comparison between these top leading Mac Cleaners i.e. CleanMyMac X vs MacBooster 8. However, both these works for Mac’s overall performance. There are instances when one leads the other. So, read the blog further to make it easier for you to choose one Mac Cleaner over the other.

Comparison: CleanMyMac X vs MacBooster 8

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Here’s a quick representation of the common features that both these Mac cleaner software entail –

Features         CleanMyMac X          MacBooster 8
Junk Removal Yes Yes
Duplicate Photo Finder No Yes
Duplicate File Finder No Yes
Cleanup Tips Yes No
Application Updater Yes No
Malware Removal Yes Yes
Disable Hung Apps Yes No
File Shredder Yes No
iOS Device Monitor Yes No
Space Visualization Yes No

Price And Notarization

CleanMyMax X has a free trial and it’s paid version is available for $34.95. Additionally, this app is notarized by Apple that confirms ‘the app is free from malicious files and is safe to use’. While MacBooster 8 on the other hand comes at a cost of $59.95 along with a free trial and no notarization by Apple.

Verdict: We would opt CleanMyMac X over MacBooster 8 for the obvious reasons stated above i.e. price variant and Apple Notarization.

CleanMyMac X vs MacBooster 8: Features

While we look at the features table above, it becomes quite clear that CleanMyMac X is definitely better than MacBooster 8. Some of these features are common in both these awesome cleaning apps while some are exclusive in a single tool. What are these and how one software leads the other is explained well in the article below.

Cleanmymac X

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CleanMyMac X– a feature packed and an efficient Mac cleaner and booster that aims at tracking apps that are on your system for no reason. Furthermore, it completely cleans files and shreds them so that no leftovers are left after the files are deleted. CleanMyMac X performs a comprehensive cleaning, offers file shredding, space visualization, etc. These aspects are missing in MacBooster 8.

Mac Booster 8

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While on the other hand, MacBooster 8 takes extensive care of your system cleaning, security and optimization. Apart from the common features it shares with CleanMyMac, it has two wonder features that make it stand out. These two distinct features includes;Duplicate Photo Finder and Duplicate File Finder. This is where CleanMyMac X is defeated by MacBooster 8 in terms of features.

Verdict: Both CleanMyMac X and MacBooster 8 have their own feature set. But our vote goes here with CleanMyMac X as it has to offer a large number of features as compared to MacBooster 8.

CleanMyMac X Vs MacBooster 8: Junk Cleaner

Any of the macOS cleaning tools you look for will offer a distinctive junk  cleaning experience. This is, therefore, very important to clean all the junk on your Mac so as to preserve your Mac’s performance. Both CleanMyMac X and MacBooster 8 are efficient in cleaning junk files from your Mac.

CleanMyMac X - Scan Process

CleanMyMac X, on the one side, finds dozens of unwanted files within a nanosecond from all around the Mac.

Mac Booster 8 - Scan Process

While MacBooster 8 on the contrary commits cleaning 20 types of junk files including application Junk, broken log items, trash files, app cache and more.

CleanMyMac X vs MacBooster 8: Security

Security is yet another factor to be taken into consideration while comparing these two amazing market leaders. CleanMyMac X and MacBooster 8 both of them are cleaning and speed booster tools for your Mac.

CleanMyMac X has a strong security plan for your Mac and with its privacy cleanup it ensures removing all sorts of security threats that might create a risk for your system privacy.  The security segment ensures taking care of browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, file transfers, and more. Additionally, it has an extensive malware database that can efficiently detect malware on your PC.

MacBooster 8, just like other Mac cleaners and boosters, scans your Mac inside out for malicious content including viruses, cleans cookies and other probable causes that might put privacy at stake.MacBooster 8 allows you to activate inbuilt security settings that can restrict intruders to enter your system space. .

Verdict: CleanMyMac X here wins the game because it is notarized by Apple itself and it ensures that no malicious files can attack your system. It is 100% safe to use.

CleanMyMac X and MacBooster 8 – Pros and Cons

CleanMyMac X and MacBooster 8, both are amazing contenders when it comes to the best cleaning tool for Mac. However, everything we come across has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss them further to make choosing one software over the other simpler.

CleanMyMac X: Pros and Cons


CleanMyMac X is an Apple Notarized product that is 100% safe and reliable.

Does not take a toll on your CPU and runs smoothly.

Multiple cleaning and optimization features under one single app.


A few users find it expensive. Though MacBooster 8 is pricey.

A bit complicated tool for the beginners to understand in the beginning.

Limited options in the free trial.

MacBooster 8: Pros and Cons


Clean and crisp user interface that is easy for even a beginner to understand.

Get rid of a heap of unnecessary files and make your Mac space free in a quick span of time.

Duplicate photo finder and duplicate file finder are two of its important modules that lets it stand out of its competitors.


Highly priced and is not affordable for a beginner to buy.

Ad pop-ups have been an issue as per MacBooster 8.

Does not offer real-time protection.

CleanMyMac X vs MacBooster 8: Which One Is Better?

Since now we have completed our comparison between CleanMyMac X and MacBooster 8, what is your take? Which one would you choose to clean and optimize your Mac for better performance and security. Do share with us in the comments section below which tool out of these you found more helpful and convenient. We’d love to hear from you.

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