LastPass Free Vs Premium: How To Use LastPass For Free

Things Are Not The Same With LastPass, At Least Not With The LastPass Free Version

LastPass Free Vs Premium: How To Use LastPass For Free

LastPass is hailed as one of the best password managers. With LastPass by your side, you can rest assured that all your confidential credentials, including your passwords across all accounts,  are safe. One of the best aspects of LastPass is that it also comes with a free version, but quite recently (more specifically, March 16th, 2021)  there has been a change, something that we will talk about in just a short while, but first –

Learn How to Use LastPass Free vs Premium

List of Contents

  • Here’s How You Can Use LastPass For Free
  • And, This Is The Change We Are Talking About –
  • LastPass Free Vs Premium – A Comparative Analysis
  • Other Premium Variants

Here’s How You Can Use LastPass For Free

Even if you have signed up for the free version of LastPass, you will be able to use the premium features for 30 days. The signing up process is very simple and we’ve outlined the steps below –

1. Visit Official Website of LastPass or Install from the given button below

Click here to Install LastPass

2. Click on Get LastPass Free

Lastpass for free

3. Create your account and set the master password.

Create an Account on LastPass

4. Click on Signup.

5. Add Chrome extension

6. Sign in using your email ID and master password

To Install LastPass On Smartphones (E.g. – Android)

1. Install LastPass from Google Play Store

2. Sign up or Log In using your Email and Master Password

3. Click on Log In

And, This Is The Change We Are Talking About –

Now, you must be wondering, what will happen once your 30 days of free premium trial are over? That’s exactly, the change we are talking about –

LastPass is removing the cross-platform sync functionality.

– You will be able to change your active device type or main device three times. In case you do not upgrade to the premium version or any of the premium variants, the first device you choose to log in will become your active device type.

– In case you have decided to use LastPass free version and have chosen computers as the active device type, you will be able to use LastPass for free on desktop, laptop, or any other computer. But, then you won’t be able to use LastPass for free on a smartphone, tablet, or any other device.

– If you have chosen a smartphone as your active device, type to use LastPass for free, then, you will be able to use the free version of LastPass on your Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, but not on any other device.

– For using the LastPass on all devices – computers, laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, tables, or any other device, you will have to sign up for the premium versions, the plans for which we will discuss a little later in the blog.

LastPass Free Vs Premium – A Comparative Analysis

Let’s dive in and have a look at some of the wonderful features of LastPass. Here you will get a fair idea of the kind of features you can expect from the free and premium variants of LastPass.

  • Unlimited passwords (Free and Premium): You can save an unlimited number of credentials in a secure encrypted vault. The credentials include passwords, credit card files, logins, and a lot more.

Lastpass Password - Unlimited Password

  • Multi-Factor Authenticator (Free and Premium): Add an extra layer of security to your LastPass account. After you have enabled this option, you will be asked to use a mobile authenticator or similar tool to testify your identity.

Multi-Factor Authenticator

  • Password Generator (Free and Premium): No more do you need to remember or even type-in passwords as LastPass lets you generate secure, random, and new passwords, every single time. You can choose aspects such as password length, case, add special characters, etc.

Password Generator - Lastpass

  • One-to-one sharing (Free and Premium): Share credentials of accounts with people who you trust, so that they can access services easily and securely.
  • Access on one device type: With the free variant, you can LastPass on only one device type (computer or smartphone), whereas with the LastPass premium, you can access LastPass on unlimited devices. With the premium version, your passwords are synced across all devices.
  • Secure Vault (Free and Premium): All your passwords, notes, credit card details, banking details, and other confidential credentials across several accounts are stored in a safe and secure vault. And, you can safely manage everything from this secure space.
  • Secure Notes (Free and Premium): Organize your credit card numbers, passports, addresses, and many others and even password protect them.
  • Dark Web Monitoring (Premium): This feature lets you know if any of your accounts is compromised on the infamous dark web.
  • Check Security Score (Premium): A weak password makes you vulnerable to a data breach. This feature tells you if your password’s weak, strong, or reused.
  • 1 GB Storage (Premium): Documents such as passports, insurance cards, SSNs, etc can put your identity at stake. With LastPass Premium, you get 1 GB worth of free file storage and you can store all these documents in a secure vault.
  • Emergency Access (Premium): You can always ensure that in case of an emergency, at least there is a trustworthy person who has access to your confidential information.

LastPass Free Vs LastPass Premium – Features At A Glance

Feature LastPass Free LastPass Premium

Price: Starts from US$ 3 per month

Unlimited Passwords Yes Yes
Unlimited device types and sync No Yes
Password Generator and autofill Yes Yes
Secure Vault Yes Yes
1 GB file Storage No Yes
One to One Sharing Yes Yes
One to Many Sharing No Yes
Dark Web Monitoring No Yes
Security Score No Yes
Emergency Access No Yes
Multi-Factor Authentication Yes Yes
Secure Notes Yes Yes
Fingerprint and YubiKey Authentication No Yes
Basic Support Yes Yes
Priority Email Support No Yes

Other Premium Variants

There are premium variants of LastPass available for single users and families, and there are also business plans as well, the screenshots of the same are mentioned below –

Single Users and Families –

Single user vs Family plan- LastPass

Business Plans

Business Plans - LastPass

Wrapping Up

From an account security perspective, we urge you to install a password manager like LastPass. You can initially try LastPass for free, get a hang of options, and then once comfortable and once you start liking the password protection features (which you surely will), you can sign up for the LastPass premium version. If you like our LastPass free vs LastPass premium comparison, do give it a thumbs up and for more such engaging tech-related content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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