The Best Password Managers For Chrome 2024

The Best Password Managers For Chrome 2024

While browsing the website, you might log in/ sign up on several websites. It is quite common and human to reach our wit’s end when sign up or logging in. After all, you can think of or remember passwords to a limit. But, that doesn’t change the fact that a weak password can expose all your account data.

That’s where you need a password manager. And, if you are a Chrome user, today is your day, since here are some of the best Chrome extension password managers. These will help you generate strong and unique passwords for all your websites.

Not just that you can also autofill forms, save confidential financial details, and save personal notes apart from enjoying several other features.

What Is A Password Manager?

As the name suggests, a password manager helps you manage passwords across the board – be it the passwords that you use to log-in to websites or any other password that you might use to lock your confidential notes and documents. That’s not the only thing these password managers do.

Modern password managers help you generate a unique and strong password every single time. This means you don’t even have to remember passwords anymore. Moreover, they autofill forms for you, thereby, saving you the headache of going through several fields.

With that out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the best Chrome password manager browser extensions

Best Password Manager Chrome Extensions

1. TweakPass

Tweakpass- Password Manager

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TweakPass is a robust password manager for Chrome that helps you autologin on websites, save passwords, and even generate passwords that are secure. To register and create an account, you can click here. But before that let’s have a look at some of its features –  

  • Easy signup
  • AES – 256 bit encryption
  • Search to access all website and other passwords
  • One master password to secure all your passwords
  • Log in to websites without bearing the hassle of remembering passwords
  • Save yourself from remembering complicated passwords, instead generate them automatically
  • Autofill online forms easily
  • Keep a track of your login history
  • Check the strength of your passwords with the “Password Challenge” feature
  • Not just passwords, you can even save credit/ debit card details, SSN number and other confidential notes
  • You can choose what character types you want in your password

2. 1PasswordX – Password Manager

1PasswordX - Password Manager

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1PasswordX is hailed as one of the best password managers for Chrome. With the help of its Chrome extension, you can sign-in to websites in a hassle-free manner. You can initially enjoy the 30-day free trial after which you will have to signup for a premium membership. Here are some of the notable features of 1 PasswordX – Password Manager:

  • Generate powerful and secure passwords
  • Save other confidential information such as Credit card and debit card details and other personal notes
  • One master password secures everything
  • Engaging and easy to use dashboard
  • Available in 8 different languages

3. Avira Password Manager

Avira Password manager

Get Avira Password Manager

Sure you have heard of Avira Antivirus which is one of the best antivirus available. So, if a product comes from Avira, it already establishes a credible stance, isn’t it? Avira Password Manager is undoubtedly one of the best password managers available as a Chrome extension and it is trusted by over 3 million users across the globe. Let’s have a look at some of its features –

  • AES 256 bit security
  • Generate strong and unique passwords
  • One master password for all passwords
  • Easy to use, and neat and clean dashboard
  • Save confidential notes and details pertaining to credit cards and debit cards
  • Check the security status of all your user accounts

4. Robo Form

Robo Form

Get RoboForm Password Manager

Robo Form is yet another best chrome extension password manager that makes your life hassle-free by remembering passwords and logging into websites on your behalf. Again, it is one of those password managers which gives you the option to choose the number of characters, hexadecimal, etc.

  • Login into multiple web accounts with one click
  • Generate strong and exclusive passwords every single time
  • Auto-fill lengthy forms with one click
  • Import login information from other password managers
  • Save data across multiple devices
  • Export information to CSV file format

5. Kee – Password Manager

Kee - Password Manager

Get Kee Password Manager

Kee is one of the highest-rated password managers trusted by over 20000 users.

  • Each entry in the Kee password manager is further backed by advanced options
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Access password of all device with Kee password extension on Chrome
  • Sign in to websites automatically or choose individual websites
  • Access to all website passwords with search
  • No adverts and open source

Wrapping Up

Password manager extensions for Chrome such as TweakPass ensure that you are safe online while you enjoy your browsing session on Chrome. You can now leave the headache of remembering passwords to the above password managers and concentrate on doing more important tasks. Do let us know in the comments section.

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