How To Change Your PSN Name

How To Change Your PSN Name

When Sony launched the PSN way back in the year 2006 then it just brought a revolution in the gaming industry. Gamers from all age genres were so eager to get in that they even care about the PSN name they are choosing. Or maybe that time they thought of changing their PSN name afterwards. But unfortunately Sony never provided them with that option until the year 2018(October month) with a beta version which later rolled for all users in the start of year 2019.

So if you are still living with that embarrassing PSN name then this article will tell you how to change your PSN name. You can change your PSN name either through a web browser or through PS4 itself.

How to Change PSN Name On PS4.

To change your PSN name through your PS4 first head on to its Settings page.

1. From the Settings page further navigate to Account Management > Account Information> Profile > Online ID.

2. In the Change Online ID window type in the PSN name of your choice. You can also get one by clicking on the Suggest One button.

Change Online ID on PS4 to change PSN Name

3. Now you can choose between any two options. 1) Displaying the new PSN name on your profile. 2) Display your old PSN name as well along with your changed PSN name for next 30 days.

We suggest you to go with the 2nd option which will help in notifying your friends about the change in your ID. Also this option is only available if you change your PSN name for the first time.

After the change in your online ID you will be signed out of your account. Now sign in to your account again to enjoy using your changed PSN name.

How to Change your PSN name Through a Web Browser

To change your PSN name via web browser follow the steps below:

1. Open your preferred browser and navigate to Now sign in to your PS network account.

2. Now in the menu select your PSN profile.

3. Click on the Edit button that is next to your current PSN name.

Edit PSN Name at PSN Profile

4. Now type in the PSN name of your choice. You can also get one from the suggestions.

Similarly we again now have to choose between two options. Either to just display the changed PSN name or display the old PSN name along with the changed one.

Common Question Regarding the Change in PSN Name

Now since you have learned how to change your PSN name, you might have some questions regarding the charges for this change in PSN name, effect on any new game or progress of the game you are currently playing and so on. Therefore in this section we will try to compile the common questions along with their answers that may be arising on your mind.

How much do you have to pay to change your PSN name?

Worried about the price you have to pay for a change in PSN name? Then the good news is that the first change is absolutely free. Yeah you heard it right. You do not have to pay anything for the first change, but for subsequent changes you have to pay a price of 9.99 USD / CAD.

Charges to Change PSN name - Free First Time

Note: If you are a  PlayStation Plus member, then it will be offered to you at a 50% discount price of  $4.99 USD/ CAD for each change.

How can your friends find you with your new PSN name?

Sony too have thought about it and therefore they have provided you with an option to display your old PSN name along with your changed PSN on your profile for the first 30 days. This will really help your friend to find you and the change you have made to your online ID.

How many times can you change your PSN name on PS4?

As per the blog post on PlayStation, there are no restrictions in general as how many times you can change your PSN name. But do remember only the first change is free. All the subsequent changes will cost you 9.99 USD / CAD.

Is Change in PSN name supported by all games available on PlayStation?

A vast majority of popular games support this feature, however PS3 and PS Vita games are not supported. Also it is recommended that a user himself visit a list of tested games before he makes any changes to his PSB name.

What kind of issues can you face after changing your PSN name?

Although it is expected that major issues will occur only with just a few games. However, below is the list of issues one can experience.

  • Your older PSN name may remain visible to other players also after changing it.
  • Your progress within some of the games may be lost.
  • Some parts of the game may start malfunctioning.
  • It is also possible that you lose access to some of the content (both paid and earned like virtual currencies).

However reverting back to your previous PSN name will resolve most of the issues.

Wrapping Up:

So readers this is all from our side. Hope you can now change your PSN name and set the new one. Also if you do not want to unnecessarily spend money on the change in PSN name then choose the one that you do not require to change in future. If you have any suggestions then do share them in the comment box below. Also if you wish to learn some tips to get Most out of your PS4 then click here

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