Cool And Interesting Websites To Browse In Free Time

Cool And Interesting Websites To Browse In Free Time

Have you ever been to a situation that your car is being washed and you have nothing to do? Or the doctor is getting late for the checkup, and you are bored with social media accounts already? Well, to kill those moments of boredom, you can visit some interesting websites that may show you something random and different from the world.

The world of internet is a huge mountain where interesting sites await your arrival. So let’s explore them one by one and bookmark those, which certainly interests you in the end.

Cool Websites To Visit This Season

1. TED (People’s Talk)

2. Mental Floss (Coolest Facts)

3. A Soft Murmur (It’s Time For Your Mental Peace)

4. The Oatmeal (Funny Comic Zone)

5. Cracked (Cool Articles To Crack You Up)

6. BuzzFeed (News & Entertainment)

7. A Good Movie To Watch(Movie Suggestions)

8. Space (Dive Out Of The Earth)

9. GIPHY (Express In Your Way)

10. Ocearch (Explore Ocean World)

11. Child’s Own (Drawings Into Stuffed Toys)

12. Apartment Therapy (Home Decor Ideas)

13. Explosm (Funny Comics)

14. 9GAG (Everything Cool At One Place)

 1. TED


Whether you want to get inspired or gain some knowledge from commoners like you, TED is a place worth to land for. This interesting site contains any subject, be it technology, architecture, design, business, society, identity or community. All you need to do is click on your genre and listen to those talks that keep you entertained while giving a chance to learn something.

Visit Here

2. Mental Floss

Mental Floss

Mental Floss is loaded with interesting blog & video ideas like optical illusion cakes, how to cut vegetables, etc. at one end various quizzes, new words, job secrets, etc. at another. With this coolest website on the internet, you can be prepared to get amused. Plus, get a bunch of amazing facts that you might have never heard of before and kill the boring time in the meantime.

Visit Here

3. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur

How about not reading or watching anything? Close your eyes for a few minutes, open A Soft Murmur,  one of the most interesting websites and sit in peace. This platform gives you the gentle sound of rain, fire, white noise, wind, birds, thunder, etc. which throws off all the distractions of life and helps you focus. Its applications are also available for quick approach through mobile phone.

Visit Here

4. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal

One of the most favorite and interesting websites to visit is The Oatmeal which makes you smile and laugh within every few seconds. Its library contains beautiful comics, blogs, books, and other things that are utterly awesome to kill time. You can choose any random thing to read or select from cats, food, animals, tech, etc. to satiate your craving for comics. In fact, get some great books including ‘How to be perfectly unhappy’, & ‘My dog’.

5. Cracked


Looking for some more cool websites? Visit Cracked, which is compiled with amazing articles on topics like music, celebrities, history, video games, etc. Not just that, you can find pictofacts,  personal experiences, and so many funny things to crack your head.

6. BuzzFeed


From the latest blazing news to trendy topics like birthday sharing dates with celebrities, zodiac signs, Eating fantasy food, etc., BuzzFeed never fails to grab you in its clutches. This has been one of the coolest websites on the internet that also offers you some shopping, playing quizzes, and gives you facts for movies and TV shows.

7. A Good Movie To Watch

A Good Movie To Watch

When you are not able to decide which movie shall be watched, this is one of the cool websites to check. It gives you different and random suggestions while explaining which genre it belongs to. For example, it tells you movie name, the platform you can find (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), quick description and the trailer. Even you can find the genre from the website header.

8. Space


If your world lies above the Earth’s surface, go to One of the most liked and interesting websites among young and experts to find the latest space news and videos is here. Along with them, find blogs on Astronomy, search new life on extraterrestrial planets, entertainment, etc. Simply land here for next spaceflight.



Don’t you want to express yourself in the funniest manner ever? Visit GIPHY which is filled with a variety of GIFs for any word you search. We are sure you won’t be able to control your laughter with the reactions it shows. One of the cool websites to explore this year, GIPHY also give segregation of GIFs within entertainment, sports, stickers, and artists as well.

10. Ocearch


After exploring space, go deep in the ocean and find what sharks are doing. You can choose this interesting internet site to locate where Vimy, Max, Ferg or Pico are traveling. Plus, you get to search turtles, whales, seals, dolphins, alligators, etc. You will be falling in love with nature so much once Ocearch has been visited.

11. Child’s Own

Child’s Own

What has your child drawn in his book last week? Isn’t that cute? Now you can ask Child’s Own to make a stuffed toy of the same drawing! Creating a memory through this cool website is great enough to make you and your child happier than ever. Are you ready? Yes, it may cost a few dollars, but each penny is worth at the end.

12. Apartment Therapy

Want to get your home redone? A blank wall or your ceiling can be lit if you check these DIY projects that Apartment Therapy holds for you. See various examples like before and after decor, low-cost makeover, home plants, making kitchen counter spacious tips, etc. and improve your lifestyle in various forms. Get homemaker’s guide, shopping items, and videos to sort your home. Indeed, one of the most interesting websites to visit in free-time.

13. Explosm


All the fans of webcomics can easily rely on Explosm for their entertainment. One of the cool websites to visit, it revolves more or less around famous ‘Cyanide & Happiness’. All the punchlines and jokes can let you roll on the floor. If you have not seen this famous show, check out Explosm to fall in love with these characters and the comic world.

14. 9GAG


We wonder what this cool website does not have. Coolest videos and images on any topic you search are here! From animals to anime, car to comics, meme to movies, 9GAG can take your entire time in its own fist. Plus, the content is so amazing that you do not switch yourself even from its home page. Open it and you will know why it’s one of the coolest websites on the internet. 

In the end:

Visit these cool websites and enjoy browsing! If you have any other suggestions, we would be happy to know in the comment section below. Keep writing and exploring.  

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