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UC Browser For PC: Is It Really Safe For Your Privacy?
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UC Browser For PC: Is It Really Safe For Your Privacy?

Is the popular and multi-platform UC browser with more than 500 million users safe to use? Today in this article along with answering, Is UC Browser for PC safe we will also review UC Browser for PC.

So, what are you waiting for let’s read further to get answers to the following questions:

  • Is UC Browser Safe?
  • Is UC Browser for PC Safe in 2020?
  • Is UC Browser better than Chrome?
  • What is the best alternative to UC Browser?
Note: As it is a Chinese app, it may not be available to install in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the apps from China.

What is UC Browser for PC? Is It Safe?

UC Browser for PC is a popular and fastest web browser in the world. By compressing data on the server-side, it offers great download speed. Moreover, it helps load frequently visited pages in no time. Yet it has been in the news for not being safe.

But why is UC Browser for PC not considered safe?

The major reason behind considering UC Browser for PC not safe is:

Weak Security & Data Transmission

Lately, The Citizen Lab from the University of Toronto brought to light that UC Browser shares your personal information and search queries to an unknown server in China.

Alongside UC web browser uses out-dated cryptography and SSL protocols. Things don’t end here a few years ago UC Browser was pulled from Play Store due to policy violation.

Less ad filtering

When compared with Brave and Firefox it has been found that UC Browser for PC doesn’t block many ads. So, if you are using UC Browser thinking it will block ads then it’s time to rethink. Also, to block ads you need to customize ad blocking rules so that a consistent level of blocking can be attained.

Lacks Security Settings

UC Browser’s interface is not simple. To access bookmarks, history, settings, and extensions user needs to head to the upper right corner of the browser menu. Not only this UC web browser even lacks security settings that other web browsers offer.

If you plan to make online transactions while using the UC browser for PC avoid doing it as it is very insecure.

In addition to this, the user interface of UC web browser is not as intuitive as its competitors.

I hope these points are enough to answer why Is UC browser for PC safe or not, Is it better than Chrome or not.

However, if you need more information about UC browser for PC to understand:

  • Is UC Browser for PC Safe in 2020?
  • Is UC Browser better than Chrome?
  • What is the best alternative to UC Browser?

Let’s read further.

Overview and Introduction to UC Browser for PC

UC web browser is developed by UCWeb a company owned by Alibaba. It is a popular web browser in some Asian countries. It is that popular that it’s beating Google Chrome in certain developing markets.

What makes UC Browser popular?

UC Browser reportedly is preferred in some countries over Google Chrome as it takes less space, is faster and works more smoothly on low-end smartphones. Not only this UC browser doesn’t lag at all. Some users might report a certain glitch but still, UC web browser works smoothly when compared with Chrome and Mozilla.

This is not it, the most interesting is yet to come. Using UC Browser, you can download videos and MP3 from YouTube and other sites.

To download YouTube video while using UC browser follow the steps below:

1. Open UC browser.

2. Play a YouTube video.

3. When on the video page, you will see three options at the top.

4. Click on the second one to download a video. If you want to download MP3 click on the third option.

This will you can download YouTube videos and MP3 while using UC Browser.

You can also sync data by creating a free account as you do with other browsers. This will you don’t have to worry about losing data.

Last but not least you can even take screenshots from the browser itself. This is a very useful feature. Those who want to review the UC browser or want to explain certain features of the browser this feature comes in handy.

Now that we know what makes UC browser for PC popular and Is UC browser safe or not. Let’s know certain of its disadvantages.

Yes, like other browsers UC web browser to has certain flaws.

Disadvantages of UC Browser

1. Notifications are sometimes interfering not all like them.

2. Live score at the bottom of the browser screen sometimes slow down Internet speed.

3. Fonts are a bit sharp and user interface though clean is not easy to use.

So, this was all about the UC browser for PC and how it is better than Chrome. Overall UC browser team has done a great job. If you are an average user or one with a low-end smartphone then this is the best browser for you. If you use the browser for downloading purposes, try using the UC browser for PC. Share your opinion and let us know what you think about the same in the comments section.

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