How To Recover Deleted Call Recordings On Android

How To Recover Deleted Call Recordings On Android

I was appalled when I found that all the pieces of information that I have been recording are missing from my smartphone. Well, several people end up deleting important files from Android without realizing it. Most of the time, it happens when users perform spring cleaning on their devices. So, we understand how annoying it could get, when a precious photo, video, document, voice note, or call recording gets missing or lost.

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on performing call recording recovery. But first, let’s take a look at-

How Call Recordings Get Deleted In The First Place?

There are numerous ways through which you can lose important phone recordings. Knowing them will help you prevent future similar circumstances:

  • Accidentally deleting a phone call recording.
  • Mistakenly formatting your smartphone.
  • Virus or malware attack on your Android device.
  • Factory resetting your Android phone.
  • Installing a rogue third-party application.
  • Keeping corrupted or damaged files.
  • Running outdated Android OS.

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Effective Methods To Recover Deleted Call Recordings (2023)

Performing ‘deleted call recording recovery’ on Android is a simple process. You can try any of the workarounds shared below to recover those important phone records in no time.

METHOD 1 = Retrieve Deleted Call Recordings From Trash

On a majority of Android devices, deleted voice recordings are saved under the Trash folder for a duration of 30 days, until they are permanently removed. This is what you need to do to recover call recordings from Trash Bin:

STEP 1 = Open the Voice Recorder app on your smartphone.

STEP 2 = Hit the three-dots icon, located at the top-right corner of the screen.

STEP 3 = Locate and tap the folder named Trash or Recently Deleted.

STEP 4 = Now, simply select the call recordings which you wish to recover from your smartphone and hit the Restore button. You can refer to the attached screenshots below to get an idea of the “call recording recovery” process.


If you are not able to find the missing phone recordings in the Trash Bin, it probably means that it is no longer present there. Hence, it is advisable to try other workarounds shared below!

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METHOD 2 = Restore Deleted Phone Recordings From Backup

This is one of the easiest ways to rescue deleted voice recordings on your Android smartphone. If you’ve previously backed up your data. Then, there is a high chance that you can easily get your recordings back. Simply, follow the steps shared below:

STEP 1 = Go to the Settings menu, where you can access your backed-up data. Navigate to the Accounts & Backup section > Backup & Restore.

STEP 2 = As soon as you are able to access your backup data, it’s to restore your missing files. In our case, it’s recorded calls. Find the files you wish to retrieve and hit the Restore data.


This will restore all the contents of your phone which are previously backed up. But you have the ability to sort the content you wish to restore. Once you select the voice recording from the available selections, simply hit the Restore button to get your data back.

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METHOD 3 = Restore Missing Call Recordings Using A Data Recovery App

In case, none of the aforementioned solutions helped you to restore voice recordings on Android, then it’s high time that you take the help of a reliable “deleted call recording recovery solutions’ ‘. For the purpose, we recommend using Wondershare’s Recoverit Data Recovery app. The software has over 5 million satisfied users worldwide. It works brilliantly to retrieve deleted call recordings in the original file format.

Simply, follow the instructions stated below to successfully recover missing phone recordings:

STEP 1 = Connect your smartphone to your computer and install the latest version of the Recoverit Data Recovery app. It features a beginner-friendly UI and only requires a 3-step recovery process.

STEP 2 = Launch the software and let the computer detect your device correctly. Upon successful detection, you need to identify the target location & hit the ‘Start’ button!

wondershare recoverit

STEP 3 = As soon as the scanning process gets completed, you will be able to see all your lost call recordings in some time.

STEP 4 = Hit the ‘Preview’ button to check the list of all the recorded voices during calls. As soon as you find the files you wish to restore, select them and hit the “Recover” button to initiate successful call recording recovery!


Recoverit is an easy and efficient recovery solution that will help you bring your data back in no time. Just remember, you’ll need to root your phone first before executing call recording recovery.

Was this post helpful? Were you able to recover your lost/deleted/missing Android call recordings? If yes, then feel free to share your experience in the comments section below!


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