Best Visual Voicemail Apps for Android and iOS

Best Visual Voicemail Apps for Android and iOS

This might be previously unsaid, but Voicemails are an endangered technology. In simpler words, we can say they are, a relic of the past. But they still have a place. Love it or hate it voicemails play an important role for those who use their mobile phones for work.

In this article, we will enlist the best voicemail apps for Android and iOS. These visual voicemail apps will help transcribe incoming voicemails messages making it easier for you to read the message.

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What Is Visual Voicemail?

Visual Voicemail changes the traditional method of hearing to voice message left when you miss a call. Using it you manage voicemails individually, transcribe them. Meaning you no longer you to listen to them.

Here are 5 top voicemail apps you can use on Android and iOS.

Best Voicemail Apps for Android and iOS

Although voicemails are extinct still there are various reasons why we need voicemail apps. These apps help transcribe voicemails and are appealing from privacy point of view. This means you can discreetly look at the voicemail transcription without listening to each message.

1. HulloMail – Best Visual Voicemail app

HulloMail best visual voicemail app

Frist on our list of best voicemail apps for Android and iOS is HulloMail. It is a simple to use voicemail app that scans your voicemail messages, transcribes them, helping you decide how you want to follow up on them. In addition to this, you can send copies of the transcriptions via email.

However, most of the features offered by HulloMail can be accessed in the paid version. But to know how the app works you can use the free version as it allows viewing 10 of your recent messages with name, date and time. Using this amazing voicemail app you can search through stored voicemail transcriptions.

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2. InstaVoice – Innovative Visual Voicemail app

InstaVoice - Innovative Visual Voicemail app

InstaVoice brainchild of creativity and technology advancement is an excellent voicemail app for Android and iOS. With this app, you can listen, reply to, and manage unlimited voicemails in a chat-like user interface. Not only this InstaVoice offers unlimited storage. This means you can access all your voicemail messages from the past.

Using it you can get free Missed Call Alerts for all your linked numbers, even when your phone is unreachable or switched off. The app separates voicemails and missed calls into tabs, which is great for clarity.

Moreover, using it you can link up to 10 numbers to one account and get missed call and voicemail alerts for all numbers from any device. Not only this, you can even withdraw, outgoing voicemail sent from the app.

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3. Google Voice: Free Visual Voicemail app

googlevoice free visual voicemail app

This voicemail app acquired by Google has been around for a long time. Whether you use iPhone or Android, Google Voice will work for both. This best free visual voicemail app helps stay connected and saves time. From simple navigation to voicemail transcription, Google Voice will make everything easier. Moreover, using it you can forward calls to any device, have spam calls blocked and decide who can reach you and when.

Google Voice backs up all the voicemails so that you can even search for past transcribes.

The only drawback of this app it is available in the US only. However, G Suite users can use it in selected countries.

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4. YouMail – Voicemail and Spam Block app

YouMail voicemail and spam block app

This voicemail app has been around for over 10 years and is one of the best visual voicemail apps that you can use on iPhone and Android. YouMail provides the best robocall protection for your iPhone and Android. YouMail app is great at blocking robocalls it welcomes these numbers with a Number Out of Service message and hangs up on them. This means you can keep spam out of the box.

Moreover, YouMail can store up to 100 voicemails, separated by date and contact making it easier for you to manage and organize them. All this makes YouMail the best Voicemail app.

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Never Miss a Call Again on iOS and Android

The voicemail apps we’ve listed are different in some or the other manner. Hopefully, one of them suits your needs and works well as your visual voicemail service.

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