Top 5 Android Caller ID Apps To Avoid Unwanted Calls

Top 5 Android Caller ID Apps To Avoid Unwanted Calls

We receive many calls on our phones daily from marketing companies offering different products and schemes. Due to unknown callers we want to know who called us and caller location so that we wouldn’t have to pick their calls in future. In such situations, caller id apps are a must on our phones, so we can easily track the caller.

Caller id apps can easily detect caller id database and other sources to identify or track the incoming caller and pop up the caller’s name on your phone’s screen. You can easily track all the unknown numbers in real-time and move those numbers in the Spam list so that a Robocall can easily handle the call for you. By adding those numbers in the Spam list, you will receive a pop up in red color showing SPAM calling, as soon other person calls you, whether you have saved them in your contacts or not.

In this post, we have listed best caller ID apps for Android devices to block unknown callers and I am sure that these best caller id apps will definitely help you in keeping away from unwanted callers. Have a look on these top 5 caller id apps for Android devices.

Best Caller Id Apps For Android

1. Truecaller

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One of the most popular caller Id app for all mobile phones. This app can easily block SMS, caller ID and many more. You can easily dial numbers using Truecaller dialer to identify unknown and unwanted callers. With this tool, you can easily block contact and mark a caller as SPAM. Some of the features of this app are: –

  • It’s very accurate and effective.
  • Easy to message your friends and family members with the Smart messaging app feature.
  • Easy to identify telemarketing strange calls and access to block them.
  • Call recording and flashing message feature.

Download Truecaller apk

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2. Hiya


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Another popular caller ID to block unwanted numbers. It has similar or same features as compare to the Truecaller app. You can easily identify, block and answer the calls from your phone. This app is accessed by millions of users daily and automatic alert or warn the user regarding the unknown or spam caller. Hiya also offers in-call location sharing so that you can easily send your current location to another person while taking on call. Some of the features are: –

  • Reject unknown callers easily.
  • Block spam and telemarketing calls and at the same time, you can send the voicemail directly.
  • Automatic alerts option to get notified if the SPAM caller is calling you.
  • Easy to detect SMS sender information.

Download Hiya from Google Play Store

3. Mobile Number Locator


Mobile number locator
Image Source- Google Play

The best caller ID app among all caller id apps for Android devices. With this app, you can easily detect the person location who called you on your device. You can easily identify the location and time of the caller who calls you with the help of Mobile Number Locator caller Id. Even this app shows country, number operator, city and state as well. Some of the features of this app are: –

  • Block spam calls easily.
  • Easy to search unknown numbers to check who you are calling to.
  • Live Mobile tracker option to track all the phone numbers all around the world.
  • GPS tracker easily locates the location of the operator.

Download Mobile Number Locator 

4. CIA- Caller ID & Call Blocker


Image Source- Google Play

Another best caller ID app for Android devices. You can easily identify the unknown number or callers that you are about to receive on your phone. The best thing about this caller id app is, it can easily identify real-time caller and notify who calls you. Some of the features of this app are: –

  • Easy to find the complete list or profile of unknown callers.
  • Identifies unknown numbers easily or instantly with real-time caller feature.
  • Gives you warning regarding SPAM or Scam calls based on the reports from millions of users.
  • Easy to block unwanted or SPAM callers.

Download CIA from Google Play Store

5. True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker

True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker
Image Source- Apkdl


Another alternative caller id app for Android, quite similar to Truecaller. This app also works offline and has a smart interface and outstanding features. With the help of GPS, you can easily track and find unknown callers with real-time location feature. Some of the features of this app are: –

  • With the offline option, performance features are great.
  • Easy to find unknown caller information on Google Maps with the help of a GPS tracker.
  • Easy to identify callers effortlessly and easily.
  • Caller blocker feature will block SPAM and unknown callers.

Download True Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker 

We have mentioned above the five best caller id apps for Android devices. We suggest users to have a look for the caller id apps and try them in your Android devices. If you have any more suggestions or if we have missed any caller id apps for Android devices, feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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