Best Apps To Track A Cell Phone Location by Number

Best Apps To Track A Cell Phone Location by Number

There is a lot of scam going on using a phone number and we frequently come across cell phone numbers that are suspicious or we would like to track before we get into a trap. TrueCaller App is one of the solutions to cell phone number lookup however the demerit of TrueCaller App is it doesn’t track a cell phone location by number. You can just get hold of the name listed by the owner and the carrier that is in use.

The biggest advantage of the TrueCaller App is that it populates the information on a real-time basis before you answer the call. It may also list out the State or country if it is available. TrueCaller App is more successful on Android devices than iOS. Still, we may come across situations to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. There are a few websites and apps to track phone without them knowing that they are being tracked.

“Please Note: As per government norms and security policies, you can only track down basic details of a user until you have a premium and licensed service to track full details on a real-time basis.”

That’s Them is the best free reverse phone lookup website that shows just more than what we look for. It not only shows the owner details but also gives the owner’s phone location, Telephone company, Line Type, Alternate numbers, complete address, Email address, wealth score, donor score, health score and all. This is the best portal to find phone numbers and Email addresses as per age, health, wealth and other criteria.

ThatsThem free reverse phone lookup

Use WhitePages to Find People, Contact Info & Background Checks


WhitePages Cell phone number tracker

Using IMEI number or GPS trackers, we can figure out real-time location with GPS coordinates to identify the location of a number within a few seconds regardless of the internet connectivity of the number in question. You can also make use of WhitePages.Com however without a premium subscription, it will only fetch the area code, City, type of connection and the risk level with the searched cell phone number. If you are looking for a detailed report including address, background check, criminal records, public records and find people associated with the number, you will need to have a premium account.

GPS tracker for mobile number – (Android)

Phone Tracker by Number

Phone Tracker by Number is again an accurate and fast way to keep a track of your kids and family members. It allows and enables GPS location tracking between parents, kids or close circle in a private network to keep you updated about their location.

If your kid moves out of a specified location, it alarms you and the kid to get back in the trusted circle. Trusted by over 20 million users in 44 languages, it is widely used to track kids and their lost phones. A few of the silent features of Phone Tracker by Number are as follows.

Phone Tracker by Number

Phone Tracker by Number Features

  • Get the complete location and history of your kids.
  • GPS notifications, when your kids are nearby or out of the circle.
  • It pinpoints your kid’s exact location and provides navigational help on a map.
  • Works with both ‘Cell Tracking’ and ‘GPS Tracking’ technology for accuracy and battery usage.
  • Track the battery charge level of your kid’s cell phones with every location switch.
  • Lifetime FREE with all features for an endless number of users.
  • Now easily get hold of your lost or stolen phone.
  • Compatible with all mobile network operators.

Get Phone Tracker by Number on Google Play Store

“Please Note: You can also Share Live Location using Google Location on WhatsApp for 15 Minutes, 1 Hour or 8 Hours with your closed ones.”

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker is one of the most efficient apps to track down your friends and family members or your inner circle. This cell phone tracker is best for known numbers saved in your contacts. Whenever your family member is outside, you care for them and worry where they are or keep an eye on their location.

With GPS Phone Tracker, you can sync your family into a private circle that makes it easy to coordinate and connect, setup location sharing of family members to keep a track of all members, get smart notification, get alerts of crash detection, roadside assistance, driver report with less worries and more security using GPS tracker for mobile number.

find current location of mobile number in google map

You can also track down the crime report of a particular circle and activate help alerts. It’s a free GPS tracker for mobile number with location tracking, Location ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), Battery Monitoring, Place Alert, history and other features. If you are concerned about Crime Reports, Crash Detection, Emergency Response, Roadside Assistance, Driver Report, etc. you will need a premium subscription.

“Please Note: It’s illegal to track, access, or modify someone’s cell phone without their consent. Only law enforcement or authorized tracking agencies can do that when it is required and documented.”

Free Reverse Phone Lookup

There are several such websites that can find current location of mobile number in google map or track someone by cell phone number without them knowing about it. Though these sites and such activities are not legal still they are operating on the dark web. Using such a website to tracker contact number is not safe especially when they are untrusted sources as they can hack your tracking device and can steal information from your smartphone or computer.

Such websites offer GPS tracker for mobile number to track a cell phone location by number. Most of them find current location of mobile number in google map by hacking ISP or service provider’s servers or even cyber cell agencies’ servers.

Till the time you are using such subscriptions to track down your family and friends with their consents, it is still legal if the website is genuine but if you are using it to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing, it is illegal.

Few of the subscription-based cell phone trackers are listed here, just in case you need to track down someone badly or track phone number location.

1. Cocospy – Cocospy is one of the best phone monitoring, Parental Controlling, and remote surveillance service provider. With Cocospy, you can monitor Phones and Tablets, keep an eye on Kids and Employees and keep remote monitoring turned ON for Contacts, WhatsApp, Call Logs, Geo-Fence, Browser History, and Stealth Mode.

2. TheOneSpy – Next one on our list to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing is This app to track phone without them knowing can track down devices and their Google location. This premium spying app can also track all outbound, inbound, missed and conversations of a target device from anywhere just through the web portal.

3. FamiSafe – FamiSafe is again one of the most reliable Parental Control Apps available for family safety. This cell phone tracker helps in Cyberbullying Prevention, Location Tracking, App Blocking, Web Filtering, Screen Time Control and many more for your entire circle

track phone number

Summing Up

It’s better to use the free TrueCaller app to know who’s calling or if it is a spam call or a business user. TrueCaller app is still considered as a genuine app trusted by millions of users. To keep a track of your kids, it is advisable to use ‘Share Live Location’ using Google Locations on WhatsApp for up to 8 hours. These apps are still trusted and safe to use rather than trusting some random apps where the hunter becomes prey to the dark web.

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