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5 Great Auto Reply Apps For Android

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1. WhatsAuto:2. SMS Auto Reply:3. Drivemode:4. IM Auto Reply:5.  Messenger:To Conclude:

Those constant beeps and vibrations of the phone are sometimes annoying when you actually need some time alone. Then imagine what happens in reality when those messages keep on popping up, you surely tend to even not revert back out of irritation. But in such mood swings, it is not always possible to ignore the senders for long as it might hamper your work or personal relationships. So without exerting yourself further, give a break and reply later by acknowledging the sender with specific notification.

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To ease out your situation, we bring you a compact list of those apps that automatically reply back to your friends, family or clients as per your requirements. And yes, they usually help you in sorting out your half of the problems.

Auto Reply Apps For Android:

1. WhatsAuto:

WhatsAuto, the app that is easy to use, works in SMS messages as well as Whatsapp in Android phones. If you have Android 7.0, you can surely use it for Facebook messenger as well.

Standard auto-replies like ‘I am busy, text you later’ or ‘Can’t talk now’ gives you free mind to not to reply immediately while also letting know the sender that you will revert back soon.

WhatsAuto - App that reply automatic

Key features:

  • Save multiple messages of your own
  • In-built smart reply options
  • Set the timer to reply a few moments later after receiving

Download here

2. SMS Auto Reply:

If you are willing to cover incoming SMS messages, SMS Auto Reply is a perfect pick. Busy in a meeting, hanging out on vacation or just sleeping quietly, set up multiple profiles to reply in your particular situation.

You can also select features where you wish to reply to your contacts or non-contact or else customize your replies for particular recipients. Makes life simpler, isn’t so?

SMS auto Reply App

Key features:

  • Multiple personalized message options
  • Virtually doesn’t use battery power or RAM
  • The extended version helps in removing ads and include Text to speech services.

Download here.

3. Drivemode:

Since we all understand the importance of safe driving, Drive mode is a perfect automatic reply app during the time being. Amazingly, you can activate voice command without using your hands while driving safely. If you still wish to see the app in between, the buttons present are quite large that helps in seamless working.

Apart from its working in SMS or Facebook messenger, it works well in Pandora, Spotify, Google maps, Google Play music, Google assistant and Slack.

Drivemode - Automatic reply app

Key features:

  • Set up with Auto text replies and replies on voice command
  • View and note the driving history
  • Use voice control, swipe or single tap to switch between screens
  • Integrate amongst various apps that include driving, music, message, etc.

Download here.

4. IM Auto Reply:

All you need to do is direct the IM Auto Reply app to sync with the application you want to reply from. You can choose the text from the template or personalize it before scheduling it for auto-replies. Your work is done when you select the people whom you want to send a message and exclude those whom not to wish to.

IM Auto Reply

Key features:

  • Choose include and exclude contact tab for personalized feature
  • Make personalized text for specific contacts
  • Pick the time frame you were willing to reply in.

Download here

5.  Messenger:

We won’t call it specifically an automatic replying app but it is made for free texting with hundreds of features, amongst which auto reply is one of them. Messenger takes care of your replies while you are driving and keeps away from any kind of distraction. That is quite thoughtful along with scheduling SMS that will be delivered on time slot picked.

Messenger - Auto Reply App

Key features:

  • Keep your long drives safe from distraction as replies all the messages with no delay
  • SMS backups that can restore deleted messages
  • Quick view and reply in a separate pop-up window

Download here

To Conclude:

Because your hectic schedules are very well known to the world of tech but not to the ones sending the message, this ultimate curation of apps listicle let you tackle the situation very well. Install the one that suits the need and enjoy the present work going swiftly.


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