Automate Your Android Phone With Best Automation Apps For Android

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Automate Your Android Phone With Best Automation Apps For Android

An automation app for Android as the name suggests automates several different kinds of tasks on your Android phone. An automation app makes your Android device smarter as it automates the processes in your Android smartphone. It allows you to customize actions, shortcuts, configurations, rules and triggers on your device. All you have to do is assign some specifications and the apps will function based on what you have specified.

Best Apps For Automating Tasks On Android Device

Ever thought that you could customize your Android device in such a manner that it could perform tasks on its own. Time to believe what you’ve just heard. Here are some of the best Android automation apps.

Automation Apps For Android At A Glance

S.No. App Name Rating Download Link
1 Tasker 4.4 Get It Here
2 IFTTT 4.4 Get It Here
3 MacroDroid 4.4 Get It Here
4 Automate 4.4 Get It Here
5 AutomateIt – Automate tasks, save battery and more 3.6 Get It Here

1. Tasker –  Intelligent Automation App Bundled With 200 Triggers

automation apps for android

Tasker is an automation app for Android that easily automates tasks based on events, triggers and actions. It comes packed with more than triggers, rules and actions that are highly customizable. On a downside, it may be a little complex to understand for a beginner user otherwise the app’s a gem to have on your Android device.

Notable Features:

  • You can automate your Android device using more than 200 triggers, actions and rules
  • No root is required for majority of functions
  • It can handle even the most complex of the tasks with utmost ease
  • Set automation based on location coordinates
  • With the help of triggers your device will automatically respond to date and time, location and widgets
  • You can even handle screen locks, accelerate hardware and even set sound profiles as well

2. IFTTT – An App That Works Seamlessly With More Than 630 Apps

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IFTTT is a simple automation app for Android which automates even the most complex of the tasks on your Android device. For instance, you can sync messages and call logs to Google sheets in real time. It is one of those apps for Android which works seamlessly with over 630 apps, the likes of Telegram, Twitch, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Amazon Alexa and many others.

Notable Features:

  • Text your friends or family as soon as you near a particular location
  • Automatically backup files on cloud storage mediums such as Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Use social media seamlessly
  • Automated security alerts
  • Get automated weather forecasts
  • Automatically get notified from several news delivering apps

3. MacroDroid – Great  Automation App For Novice Users And Advanced Developers

Customize Android to function on its

All the activities that you manually did on your Android device can now automatically be done. Thanks to the easy to use interface of MacDroid. The free version allows users to make 5 macros after which fee is charged.  Also, MacroDroid is an automation app for Android that uses Device Administrator permissions.

Notable Features:

  • MacroDroid is Android automation app which comes with more than 70 triggers such as sensor triggers, location based triggers, connectivity triggers and battery level triggers
  • Choose from 100 different actions like dimming the screen, speak text, select volume levels and many more
  • Automatically save roaming costs on Android by automatically switching of data
  • Make custom notifications and sound profiles
  • Reminder for certain tasks using stopwatches and timers
  • Advanced users can take help of If-Then-Else triggers

4. Automate – Android Automations Made Easy Through Flowcharts

Automate tasks on Android

This is an automation app for Android for those who like working with flowcharts and codes and have a thinking bent of mind. You can use flowcharts to automate android settings such as GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, automatically send files to FTP, take photos, play music and much more.

  • Choose from an ocean of building blocks or triggers such as alarm, battery level, data usage, CPU speed, and contact, device orientation, geo coding, GPS and many more. There are more 330 in total
  • If you are a beginner you can pick from predefined options whereas power users can choose variables, functions and expressions
  • Extensively community driven. You can share flows, send feedback and learn via community

5. AutomateIt – Automate Tasks, Save Battery and More

Automate tasks


If there were times you wished that certain things could be done automatically on your Android device, today is your day. AutomateIT defines a set of instructions or behavior that you desire and the automation is extremely simple to use so much that triggers won’t take more than a minute to set.

  • AutomateIT gets you started with a set of predefined rules such as you can choose normal sound mode in the morning, increase volume to maximum as soon as you wear headphones or get an automatic low battery warning
  • Choose from several triggers that the app comes packed with
  • Once you have chosen the trigger you can pair it with one of the several actions

Automation Is The Future

We might not be there in the future but what we can safely say is that automation will be a crucial part of the future and Apps like these can help you get a glimpse of what the future beholds. If the above automation apps for Android have got you interested, pick one and see what wonders you can do with your Android device. Set triggers, choose desired behavior and create actions on your whims and fancies.

We’d love to know which one’s your absolute favorite and which one you’d like to recommend. Till then adios!

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