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The Best SaaS Analytics Tools for 2022
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The Best SaaS Analytics Tools for 2022

“Analytics is used to analyze the A to Z of active viewers of your business sites and blogs.”

Software as a service (SaaS) may look like an unfamiliar term to many of us however we are using SaaS unknowingly in everyday life. All the software we are using right now are Software as a Service product. We are not buying them but actually running them from the application servers. If you are running a business, the key to growth in your business is to know what your customer prefers.

SaaS analytics tool can monitor your customer activity, increase your client’s engagement with the site, and can enhance customer satisfaction with your service. You can turn the visitors to your business into potential customers with the SaaS analytics tool. SaaS can capture all online activities of users and convert them into a resourceful database. With this database, you can elevate your client’s engagement with your services. I believe, one of these best SaaS analytics tools can help you optimize your business effectively.

Best Saas Analytics Tools:

1. Google Analytics

Being one of the robust analytics tools, we can achieve elevated and substantial growth of our business with Google Analytics. This tool enables you to keep a track on viewers and churn rate of your business sites. The ability of the site to identify the keywords searched by the visitors make the tool more effective. The success of the SEO can be analyzed with the result obtained from expert Google Analytics. With the aid of data collected by Google Analytics, we can elevate the user engagement with the content available on the website.

Why this product: With its unique features for user segregation, keywords suggestion, and user interaction, Google Analytics is an unavoidable analytics tool.

google analytics

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2. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a predictive analytics tool that allows its user to create data-informed tracking of the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. This tool can collect user data from websites and mobile applications. The data collected can be processed into a better analysis report for the business sites. The user data can be communicated in the form of excel or PDF format outputs. Real-time data features of this tool will help us in creating user-specific offers and content for clients.

Why this product: Being an exclusive tool for multiple data analysis options and a large variety of metrics, Adobe analytics found its permanent place among the top analytics tool.

Adobe Analytics

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3. ProfitWell Metrics

Profitwell Metrics is a free subscription reporting and analytics tool. Profitwell SaaS Metrics is a unique tool that can be accessed through your desktop browser or can be used as a downloadable mobile application. We can measure the financial achievements as well as the success rate of the marketing campaigns organized by the business. We can track down the growth strategy of the business along with revenue and churn reporting.

Why this product: This genuine tool with excellent data accuracy is trusted and used worldwide.

Profitwell matrics

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4. MixPanel

Dedicated to increasing the rate of innovations, MixPanel can elevate the success rate of your business to a new extent. You can use this wonderful analytics tool from the mobile, desktop browser, and any other devices. User engagement with the business site can be collected and data can be used to interpret the success rate of the business. Improvements needed in the marketing content can be analyzed with the user data collected.

Why this product: MixPanel offers a huge database of user information and precise reports.


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5. Amplitude Analytics

Amplitude Analytics will equip business with product analytics data. This data can be used to interpret the need for a product based on the needs of the customer. This analytics tool uses customer research, feedback, and many other data to formulate product analytics. Product analytics is based on user activities and preferences. With the analytics report from the Amplitude SaaS tool, the product managers can decide the quality and quantity of the product.

Why this product: Extraordinary conversion rate optimization and driving retention make the Amplitude analytics tool unavoidable.

Amplitude analytics

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6. Baremetrics

Being a subscriber analytics tool, Baremetrics can go along with you in the course of action for enhancing your business. This wonderful tool will assist you in analyzing the recurring revenue and churn rate of the firm. We can also compare the analytics of our business with other similar businesses. This best CRM SaaS tool uses perfect metrics to formulate the analytics report which can help our business development.

Why this product: Ability to control revenue, churn and CRM makes this tool essential.


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7.  Crazy Egg

This awesome web analytics site can help assist you in improving your customer experience. A satisfied customer means elevated revenue to your business. We can use this growth marketing tool to understand user preferences. Using snapshots reports, Crazy Egg heat map reports, scroll map reports, and user recordings, we can understand the client’s preferences. With the A/B testing tool available on the site you can change the features of the web content to attract more customers.

Why this product: With a user-friendly interface and cloud-based system, the Crazy Egg analytics tool attracts more users.


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8.  Intercom

Intercom is an awesome tool with which you can interact with your visitors, and also you can send a custom message to your user. This service offer options like acquire, engage, educate, and resolve. Acquire will help you to communicate with your visitors and to convert them into your customer.  Engage options will enable you to send customized content to your clients based on their online activity. Educate and resolve will assist customers in knowing more about your service.

Why this product: Effective support feature and simple set up turned Intercom into the most admired analytics tool.


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9. HubSpot

Hubspot artificial intelligence tool will be useful in identifying the client’s preferences. With this AI incorporated tool, you can offer a wonderful experience to your customers. We can collect and convert the customer data into customized marketing content for the clients with this tool. This tool also assists you in social media marketing, analytics, and tailored offers and content. With records about customer activities and feedback, the tool will offer you an effective marketing solution to attract customers.

Why this product: With integrated customer relationship, marketing, and sales feature, Hubspot is widely used for analytics.


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10. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics dashboard is a customer analytics tool, with which you will be able to identify the customer, likes. This tool will create a profile for your business visitors. All the online activities of your visitors will be recorded in their profile. With this database, you will be able to formulate your marketing campaigns to attract more clients. This tool can keep track of customer behavior to improve your business revenue.

Why this product: Extensive tracking options of the Kissmetrics makes it an unavoidable tool to optimize your business operations.

kissmetrics analytics

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Bonus: ChartMogul

Being a specialized tool for subscription businesses, ChartMogul can track and monitor the revenue data. By connecting with the billing system of your business, the tool can analyze MRR, ARR, and churn rate of your firm. This tool will help you in choosing marketing channels for your business and in setting business goals. You can regulate your day to day operation and customer data consideration with this wonderful web application.

Why this product: Very good customer categorizing features and quality MRR calculations make this tool inevitable among analytics tools.


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1. What is a SaaS model?

Software as a Service (SaaS) model is a software service that provides software to users that can be operated online. Software as a Service model is similar to the application service provider. It distributes the software provided by the hosts to the clients.

2. How do I use Google Analytics Tool?

Google Analytics can be used to analyze customer activities and preferences. This can be done by using the funnel analysis option available in the analytics tool which will track the activities of the customers. Based on the activities, users can be classified into some categories. The outcome of the business can be calculated by using predictive analytics.

3. What is business analytics tools?

Business analytics tools can generate analysis models to predict business output. It also involves in customer data collection, business statistics, and prebuilt industrial contents. This tool uses data collected from customer activities to interpret business outputs.


We are all heading towards a completely digital world. For running a business successfully in this competitive business world, the prediction of customer needs and preferences are important. When it comes to predictions it differs between users and it is hard to recognize and store the customer willingness data.

SaaS analytics tools can help you in identifying the active customer for your business by recording their online activities. I believe with the list of tools explained above, you will be able to select the most effective SaaS tool suitable for your business. You can make use of the extensive features of these tools to enhance your business growth.

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