Best Task Management Software To Look In 2024(Free & Paid)

Listing Out The Best Examples Of Task Management Tools For Professional & Personal Use!

Best Task Management Software To Look In 2024(Free & Paid)

How well do you manage your time & tasks? If you’re like most of the people, your answer may not be completely positive here! Perhaps, you feel overloaded and often miss deadlines or maybe your entire day seems to go from one crisis to another. If you face difficulties in managing your tasks effectively, we think you need a robust task management tool that can put you in a better position!

Using these tasks managing software, you can save a lot of time by tracking the progress, establishing deadlines and managing schedules in a way that can increase the efficiency of work and eventually overall productivity.

Which Is A Good Task Management Utility?
Top 10 Paid & Free Task Management Solutions (2022)
Reader’s Opinion: Which One Is Your Go-To Software For Managing Tasks?
Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is A Good Task Management Utility?

Well, a good work management software is the one that can help individuals, teams or entire organizations to complete projects efficiently by organizing & prioritizing tasks on a daily basis. Using a dedicated task management program, you can integrate & plan all of your activities in one place, delegate work accordingly and collaborate in real-time to track progress for teams and individuals.

So, if your primary responsibility is to manage tasks for yourself and others, then a Task Managing Tool is what you need to ease the progress!

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Top 10 Paid & Free Task Management Solutions (2022)

So, without further ado, let’s check the best utilities for managing and tracking tasks on different operating systems.

1. Asana

Asana - Task management Software

Price: Free task management tool (For teams up to 15 & starting from $10.99 | Try Now!

Platform: Web, Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone

Asana is an ultimate task managing tool that helps users bring their team’s goals, tasks, and files all together at one shared location. Hence, you can easily view, delegate and manage work of your entire team easily. It organizes all the tasks in lists and teams can see what needs to be completed, which tasks should be done on priority and manage their deadlines.

Features: Asana

  • Set strategic goals and track everyone’s progress from one place.
  • Allows you to build Gantt charts in a few minutes
  • Supports app integrations without popular tools.
  • Plans available for Basic, Premium, Business & Enterprise levels.

2. Trello

Trello - Task management

Price: Free task management tool, Business Class starting at $9.99 | Try Now!

Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone

Trello is one of the best examples of task management tools available for businesses. It’s intuitive and visually-appealing interface makes it an excellent choice for teams for better organization of projects and hassle-free collaboration. It offers a fun way to interact using stickers, emojis & more. It offers a power-up function for integrating popular applications.

Features: Trello

  • Uncomplicated process to setup & use. Enjoy a clean & fresh-looking dashboard.
  • Create boards from the main You can add ‘To-Do’, ‘Doing’ & ‘Done’ Tasks.
  • Customize the dashboard using different colour schemes, labels & other filters.
  • Offers three price tiers: Free, Business Class & Enterprise Class

3. Todoist

Todoist - Task Management Software

Price: Free task management tool, Premium version starting at $4/Month | Try Now!

Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iPhone

As the name entails, Todoist is a to-do-list program and task manager designed for professionals and small businesses. It offers a perfect blend of tasks, projects, attachments, notifications, comments & more. Every team member can take control of their work and productivity using powerful tools like labels, filters and manage workflow that suits them.

Features: Todoist

  • Excellent syncing capabilities for all the devices.
  • Create productivity reports and manage work offline.
  • Allows you to easily organize & prioritize tasks & projects, so you’ll always know what’s next to work on.
  • Todoist offers three models: Free, Premium & Business.

4. - Task management software

Price: Basic plan starts from $25/Month for 5 Users | Try Now!

Platform: Web/Cloud-Based, Open API, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android.

While looking for the best task management software, tops the list. It is one of the most competent tools that is fully scalable, flexible, and secure Work OS. It not only adds power to your organization to outperform but also lets you and your team to successfully run and manage your projects and workflows with confidence.


  • Capable of managing projects, CRM, Sales, Task Management, Software Development & 200+ Solutions.
  • Offers the following pricing models: Basic, Standard, Pro & Enterprise plans.

5. Airtable

Airtable -Best Task Management Software

Price: Free task managing tool, Plus version starts from $10/Month | Try Now!

Platform: iOS, Android, Cloud-based, Windows, Mac

Airtable is yet another in the list of best free task management software that features in task scheduling, Kanban dashboards for task tracking, color coding to prioritize tasks and much more. With its free plan, the users can create unlimited bases and includes a mobile app, team calendars and task management. It has some pre-built project templates (e.g., marketing campaign trackers, product catalogs, blog editorial calendars, event planning tracker, etc.) that can be used anytime while planning for a task organization.

Features: Airtable

  • Supports real-time collaboration & commenting.
  • Airtable pricing models looks like: Free, Plus, Pro & Enterprise

6. TeamWork

TeamWork - Task management Software

Price: Free task managing utility, Pro version starts at $9/Month| Try Now!

Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

With an extensive set of features and powerful interface, TeamWork is one of the best task management software available for managing projects & entire workflow. It supports a variety of methodologies with multiple kinds of templates & customization options. The task management tool can quickly get integrated with popular applications and reports accurately when it comes to schedules, workload, and portfolio and so on.

Features: TeamWork

  • Suitable project management & collaboration platform for remote teams.
  • Each project lets you easily upload files, assign tasks, manage deadlines & chat with other team members.
  • Supports time tracking to understand the capacity & where a team spends time.
  • TeamWork’s pricing models look like: Free, Pro, Premium & Enterprise.

7. Quire

Quire - Task Management Software

Price: Free task management platform | Try Now!

Platform: Android, iOS, Cloud-based

Unfold your ideas using a visual collaborative platform for your next, great projects. Quire is yet another amazing tool that helps businesses in better task management. This cloud-based task management software that allows you to plan, organize and effortlessly execute their projects. Quire has to offer multiple features to let you cope up with better management of your projects and workplace.


  • Quire lets you streamline your To-dos visually.
  • Track your progress and understand the ups and downs.
  • Saves time and lets you figure out how things work.
  • Share and delegate tasks to your team in real-time.
  • Enjoy the Quire task managing tool for Free of cost.

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8. ClickUp

ClickUp- Task Management Software

Price: Free task managing tool/Unlimited version starts at $5/Month | Try Now!

Platform: Cloud-based, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux.

ClickUp is a cloud-based productivity tool and best free task management software that offers multiple features such as dashboard for viewing tasks, drag and drop task reordering and much more. ClickUp is one app to replace them all. It further offers docs, reminders, goals, calendars, scheduling, and even an inbox. With ClickUp you can manage simple to complex tasks and create anything. While switching up to ClickUp you can automatically import all your stuff from other productivity apps.


  • Best tool suitable for small teams that need a collaborative tool.
  • Highly responsive and efficient customer support.
  • Free plan allows unlimited users and tasks.
  • ClickUp Task Management Program has Free & Enterprise versions.

9. Pipefy

Pipefy- Task Management Software

Price: Free task management utility, Business plan starts from $18/Month | Try Now!

Platform: Cloud-based, iOS, Android

Pipefy is another one in the list of best task management software. The tool is tailored to make each department  accomplish more. This best free task manager software lets you create pipes using its pre-built templates. Pipefy will help you get your work done and deliver results in a much more convenient and efficient way. Receive all requests in a single place, take full control of process execution, centralize and automate communication and do much more with this awesome work and projects management tool.


10. Backlog

Backlog - Best Task Management Software

Price: Free task management platform, Starter version starts at $35/Month | Try Now!

Platform: Cloud-hosted, Android, iOS

Backlog task manager is an all-in-one platform for all your project and code management needs. This free task management software can be accessed by 10 users for one project and with 100 MB of storage. For more projects and users you need to buy a significant plan. With task management tools, you can assign track and release codes right away along with regular project work.


  • Manage project schedules with Gantt charts.
  • Fix bugs faster with regular push notifications, new and old issue updates, etc.
  • Assign tasks and set a deadline to work within the scheduled time.
  • Enjoy Backlog task managing tool for: Free, Starter, Standard & Premium version.

Frequently Asked Questions: Task Management (2022)

Q1. What Is Task Management?

Task Management is more than just checking out items on a to-do list. It is rather an organized system that helps you identify, monitor and manage the work you do either individually or as a team.

Q2. Why Is There A Need For Task Management Software?

Using a task managing tool, you can organize and manage your work in an efficient manner. A dedicated task management software will help you keep a track of progress; on both personal and professional levels. Additionally, some tools help teams to collaborate, prioritize tasks, plan resources and more to keep up with important tasks on a daily basis.

Q3. How Can I Manage My Tasks Better?

To manage your tasks efficiently without using a dedicated task managing program:

  • Make a to-do lists
  • Prioritize needs
  • Keep patience & Start delegation
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Use Pomodoro Technique

Reader’s Opinion: Which One Is Your Go-To Software For Managing Tasks?

All the aforementioned task manager programs will make team collaboration effective, help you in meeting your deadlines and will aid you in managing all your tasks from a single place. So, which one will be your go-to solution for managing, monitoring and tracking your daily tasks? Is it Asana, Trello, or something else? Because these two are our personal favourites! Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below!

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