Monday.Com Vs Wrike- Which One’s A Better Team Collaboration Tool?

Monday.Com Vs Wrike- Which One’s A Better Team Collaboration Tool?

Team collaboration software or tools are of great importance for everyone who is running a business. It sets a platform for both employees and the employer to communicate for the tasks and assignments at a single place along with managing them.

These programs are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize the stress level by organizing tasks into a series of templates and spreadsheets. These templates and spreadsheets are shareable so that you can give their access to multiple people around your organization.

However, there are numerous team collaboration software that allows you to manage your work schedules in the best way possible. But, we can only opt for single software at a time. Therefore, we have here compared two most popular task management tools i.e. and Wrike.

Wrike vs Comparison Table


Factors Wrike
Pricing Free $39 onwards
Pricing Model Includes Annual and quote-based subscription Monthly and annual subscription
Core Features ❏    Interactive timeline

❏    Customized reports

❏     Document collaboration

❏    Recurrent tasks

❏    Visual display of progress

❏    Updates based on relevance

❏    Auto generated, completely searchable, and full documentation

❏    Easy to collaborate and communicate with teams

Integrations Dropbox, Google Drive, Email Integrations Dropbox, Google Drive, Pipedrive, Email Integrations
Plans Free,


Business ($24/month)

Basic ($39/month),

Standard ($49/month),

Pro ($79/month)

Supported languages English, Chinese, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Portugese + 6 other languages Only available in English
Prominent Clients MTV, Hootsuite, Hilton, PayPal, Stanford University, AT&T, HTC, Adobe Uber, NBC Universal,, Saatchi Art
Supported Devices Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-Based Windows, Android, iPhone.iPad, Mac, Web-based
Suitable for company size Large and Medium size businesses Small, Large, Medium size businesses
Available support Email, Phone, Live support, Training, Tickets Email, Phone, Live support, Training, Tickets

Well, this was just a brief comparison of both these awesome team collaboration or task management tools. But, the battle is still ON over which one is the better one to opt for. Well, both these platforms are awesome whether you have a team of 5 or over 100 members. Both these programs encourages team collaborations, allowing all the team members on the same board to comment, discuss, share ideas, images, videos and much more. Organize tasks and projects based on their urgency, dependency, team members and other categories.

Even their integrations with Emails and other tools make them perfect to stay ahead of the competitions. It’s too much about their offerings, let us now talk on both of these task management tools separately, i.e. and Wrike. vs Wrike: Set of Features A Popular Team Collaboration Tool A Popular Team Collaboration Tool

Communicating with large teams can be daunting task and can also be frustrating. A popular PMS (project management software) like comes handy at such times, eliminating the chance of any miscommunication between the employees. Using this platform, you can anytime scroll through the older conversations to keep a track of the tasks assigned and of those that are accomplished. is full of features and include boards, group of items like pulses, and some individual items representing the tasks. does not offer subtasks or any dependency management, keeping things go smooth and simple. Further, you can customize and set up things according to your choice and choose from plenty of templates for better ideation.

Additionally, you can mention names of the team members that are in the loop of any particular project by typing ‘@’ before their name. This will notify them of either any task assigned to them or they being added in the loop for further communications.

Moreover, while you use and create a board, you will not have to set up a new board every time for every project. You can even use a single board as a template for your future projects. Also, you can choose from its various methods to view your projects such as Kanban view, including timeline, calendar and the map views depending on their own uses. This further includes time tracking.

When we talk about the integrations holds, it includes Zapier that further allows and makes data accessible on several other apps and services. It also has its integrations with Trello, Dropbox, Slack etc. making it a finest choice from the best task management tools.

What storage space does it offer? offers 5GB of storage at the minimum with its basic plan and rises to unlimited storage at the higher plans. You are not restricted to use on a desktop only as you can access it from anywhere using its Android and iOS apps.

Get For: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Wrike: No. 1 Team Collaboration Tool

Wrike- No 1 Team Collaboration Tool

Wrike is said to be the world’s best task management tools with its competitive features, giving you a chance to use its several ways and manage the projects in a better way. Wrike is all about using a series of folders and manage the projects and communication collectively with your team.

Every folder has various subfolders and is divided into separate departments, client, or a project. These departments are further classified in some specific tasks. It is beneficial as it lets you assign tasks instantly from within the folder to any of the team members, attach files and put forward their comments at any time. If you want a tool that can efficiently find positives and flaws of a project and plan around them, Wrike is of course a better choice than

Wrike is one of those team collaboration tools that lets you view using several different views such as a calendar view, spreadsheet view or a stream. This further opens up a lot of options including time tracking and also Gantt view that is a good way to confirm if everything binds up well together.

When we talk about the storage space Wrike offers, it is 2 GB with the basic plan and 100 GB with its most expensive plan. Here wins the chance as it offers unlimited storage space at the higher plans. But, what still makes it stand in the race is its individual file size limit, i.e. 4GB. It is much more than what we really accept and allows you to share all .iso and video files as well.

Furthermore, Wrike offers you a proofing feature using which you can comment on individual files, including in-between videos. Therefore, it is good to manage your projects with Wrike. Just like, Wrike is not short on the integrations too. It has integrated well with software like Slack, Microsoft Outlook, and Adobe Creative Cloud are amongst the popular ones. It addition, it works with Zapier as well to let you connect to data in a wider selection of apps.

Just like, Wrike too have its mobile apps for both Android and iOS for remote access. You can anyways opt for its desktop apps for both Windows and macOS. Yes, you can use it anywhere including the browser.

Get Wrike For: Android, iOS, Windows & Mac

Features: Who Wins The Game?

Well, it is a tough call to choose any one based on their features as they both have competitive sets of features. For instance, Wrike’s subtasks and dependencies, larger attachment limit etc. makes it a win.

While is quite a good tool for task management and lets you customize boards as per your needs. When compared, Wrike wins the heart and it is a tool with a larger variety of features. vs Wrike: Pricing starts offering a price for a group of five members initially. It is worth a try as it allows five users to use it in one plan. Otherwise, it is better not to opt for this if you have less than five users. It is not expensive but unfortunately, the only drawback is that it does not offer free tier but offers a 14-day, card free trial to judge if it’s for you. - Pricing

On its standard plan, it gives access to timeline and calendar with charts, formulas and time tracking in its Pro level plan. has extensive security features that further requires an enterprise subscription. But, even its basic plan includes two-factor authentication. If you are into the category of educators, nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations, you can avail certain discounts.


Wrike also comes up with many of its core features just like varying from one plan to another. You can try its free trial to test what its advanced version has to offer you. If you want Wrike for small teams, you can get its free tier. While its beginner level plan is for $9.80 per user per month (Currently, it is offering a free trial for 6 months). For further plans, the price keeps on increasing. The enterprise plan is not cheap but it offers an immense set of security features for those who opt for it.

Wrike- Free Trial

Further, Wrike’s subtasks and Gantt charts are accessible only with a paid plan and calendar gets unlocked at the Business tier. The free version is limited.

Who Wins At Price- or Wrike?

Well, using free trials to judge which platform is best is always a good idea. seems cheap and cost-effective but it does not offer any free plan. Its Pro tier is even less than Wrike’s lowest paid tier. On the other side, Wrike’s Enterprise plan costs two times higher than’s Enterprise plan.

Here, we consider to be the winner of this round as it is two or three times profitable on its top plans as compared to Wrike.

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Monday.Com vs Wrike: Does They Offer Better Team Collaboration? allows its users to comment and like on other users’ posts and notifications that are sent instantly even on the mobile devices wherein the users can receive all of the updates in real-time. This is indeed an amazing way to communicate and solve issues that arise, collaboratively in real-time. You can even invite your clients and other collaborators to collaborate and be a part of your project.


The visual display on Wrike helps you get a comprehensive look to check where your project stands. Further to this, you can mention any employee’s name using ‘@’ before his name and bring them to the thread. The display runs across a series of folders and it is quite easy to navigate for your project, set timelines, and customized workflows giving all your team members a space to collaborate and communicate efficiently.

Who Wins on Collaboration- or Wrike?

For us, is the clear winner as it offers an eye pleasing interface no matter how many comments it includes. Its interface is so easy to navigate and resembles just like a social media post that further enables the teammates to solve problems collaboratively with real-time updates.

Who Wins The Battle- or Wrike?

Both and Wrike are competitive team collaboration tools but getting all of your business logistics in order can be tough. But, you are not alone in the race. You can do it collaboratively with the best task management tools like, Wrike and others. Such tools offer solutions that match up well with any other software in the market such as Zapier, Slack etc.

Once again, take a look at what each one of them has to offer, which one suits your budget and what your work demands for, before opting out for any of these amazing tools. Both Wrike and are amazing tools as far as communication factor is concerned. However, is better for team collaboration whereas Wrike is amazing for the features it offers. is good for its ease of use and its cost-effectiveness for its mid-sized companies.

Bottom Line

The task management tool that offers a combination of best features, ease of use, eye-pleasing interface, better pricing and of course integration with the popular platforms is the one you should opt for your business. Both and Wrike are efficient team collaboration tools. You can opt for any of these based on your business requirements.

We recommend using for medium and small sized business organizations whereas Wrike for large scale enterprises with its Enterprise plan.

Have you ever used a task management software for your company? If yes, which one? If not, you can try any of these. Let us know which one do you use or your experience after using any of these in the comments section below.

Till then, keep reading Tweak Library!

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