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Best Mac Windows Management Tools 2021 [Paid]
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Best Mac Windows Management Tools 2021 [Paid]

I totally agree with the fact that when you move from Windows OS to Mac it is a little bothersome. When you are a newbie and trying your hands on Mac OS, you will need some amazing windows management tools that could help you to get the same feel as you were using Windows again!

Alright, so here I am sharing an amazing series of window managers for Mac that will give you the exact same way in different operating systems.

Smart Mac Windows Management Tools 2021:

1. Moom

Here we are starting our list of Mac window managers with the Moom! I know it’s cumbersome to remember keyboard hotkeys and then dragging 0r dropping windows in order to manage them. This is when Moom comes into existence and helps you in remembering only a single command that launches the application’s interface.


Another classic feature of Moom is that you can move or zoom windows in or out with a little help of mouse or the keyboard. It’s a free version to use but for further usage you have to purchase it.

Get this amazing Mac window manager from here.

2. Magnet

Magnet is considered as a simple and intuitive window manager for Mac. This amazing tool offers you to use keyboard shortcuts along with a track pad simultaneously. You can effortlessly resize the window the way you want. According to research, Magnet is said to be more accurate and high speed windows management tools for y0ur Mac OS.


This app will let you to organize Windows through drag and drop feature and keyboard shortcuts. Once you start the procedure, the windows will itself arrange into vertical and horizontal sections. All you have to do is play with the drag and drop option. Moreover, it is not freebie; you need to purchase it for use.

Sounds interesting? You can get Magnet- window manager for Mac from here

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3. Mosaic

We have Mosaic next on the list of Mac window manager tools. On Windows OS we have a habit of using too many apps at one time whether its File explorer or web page or any other day to day task. But when it comes to Mac it may get difficult. In this scenario Mosaic is your savior!


Mosaic is there to help you in positioning Windows along with categorizing them so that it comes to your reach. Here in this windows management tool, there are some smart series of tabs that help you in understanding Mosaic functionality more easily. For instance, there is a layout and Group tab that makes sure you have complete control in managing the entire Windows layout and organize them according to your preference.

Sounds interesting? Install Mosaic- window manager for Mac from here

4. BetterSnapTool

Here we have BetterSnapTool, another fully fledged Mac’s window manager. This application possesses resizing and snap area options to specify window size and snap identifier. If you are someone who hunts for predefined window templates, you will cherish BetterSnapTool!


Apart from resizing, repositioning the windows, you will be going to witness a preview that indicates how alignment will look on the system’s screen. In addition to this, you can adjust the resizing options to control the window button. For this you need to tap on Preferences and then Extras to adjust configuration.

Users can get BetterSnapTool, windows management tools from the Apple App Store within $3.

5. HazeOver

We have HazeOver next on our list. Sometimes we may get irritated because of the wide display or getting stuck in multiple windows. Trust me! HazeOver is your savior. This is another amazing windows management tool that will make sure you get rid of distractions and stay focused on the current page.


Oh! I forget to tell apart from helping you in managing windows, Haze Over also takes care of your eyes as it will reduce brightness of MacOS without interfering in the current color accuracy. Additionally with its advanced tab, you can change whether you want to tweak the dimness of the current page or not.

This amazing window manager for Mac is available on the App store, you can get and make your work easier.

Which Mac Windows Management Tool Will You Prefer?

That’s all folks! Here is the good news for Mac users as they can now tweak and enjoy their multiple Windows with these window managers for Mac. If you are using any other similar tool tell us in the comments section below. I hope you like this article and will share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions for the same let us know we are open for conversation!

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