Social Media Marketing Tools for Experts Like You

Social Media Marketing Tools for Experts Like You

Being a marketer has never been so relaxing!

The rise of automated marketing tools has made things easy especially for digital marketers.

If you highly rely on social media platforms to build your business and create brand awareness, then social media marketing tools is something you should be thinking of.

Let’s review some of these powerful social media marketing software here.

The 7 Best Social Media Marketing Software

1. Hootsuite


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When talking about social media marketing tools you certainly cannot ignore Hootsuite. This powerful marketing tool helps manage multiple social networks, connect with end users, and help you grow your brand on social media. It gives you great control and freedom to manage all of your company’s social media accounts in one convenient dashboard. With its single click reply feature, you can respond to messages quickly, and keep tab on brand mentions and comments across social networks.

Features of Hootsuite

  • Use Hootsuite to schedule unlimited messages across different social networks.
  • You can respond to brand mentions easily with this powerful social media marketing tool.
  • To improve ROI and grow your business, it offers easy analytics reports.
  • For better security, it offers two-step authentication feature.
  • It offers easy collaboration between the team and allows you to assign messages to different people in team.

2. Zoho


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Zoho is next in the list of best social media marketing software. With Zoho, you get an option to collaborate with your team on all things social. Here, you can discuss important social media marketing strategies, discuss influence engagement, and start a new discussion with important people in team and with users. It makes teamwork easy and helps you bring all team on board and helps you create specific roles for each member in team. It offers easy options to schedule, monitor, collaborate, and analyze social media campaigns.

Features of Zoho

  • It helps you schedule, preview, reschedule, publish, and manage posts easily.
  • With listening dashboard, you can create separate columns to monitor reviews, mentions, or keywords. You can participate in relevant conversations across social channels to build new connections.
  • It helps you analyze your brand’s performance with stats, analytics, custom reports, and more. You can also schedule reports for easy viewing and management.

3. Konnect Insights

Konnect Insights

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Konnect Insights can’t be missed while making a social media marketing tools list you should use in 2020. This powerful social listening and analytics tool offers power of 4 products in one. This integrated suite offers listening, analytics, publishing, and ORM/social CRM features to manage and control your social media accounts. With Konnect Insights, you can listen, evaluate, and act to drive better results. This all in one tool offers great coverage and beautiful dashboards to manage all social media channels in one place.

Features of Konnect Insights

  • Under listening features, it offers meaning insights with reports and analysis, offers in-depth reports based on NLP and machine learning, variety of data and great user experience.
  • Working as a best social CRM tool, it offers queuing feature, agent performance & turn-around-time reports, helps you define workflows, performs auto classification and auto assignment.
  • It offers effective social analytics tools to help you create your own custom dashboards, manage data, select the metrics you want, and more.
  • With easy publishing features, you can manage multiple social media accounts, schedule content, give role-based access to team members, and connect with your customers effectively.

4. ManyChat



Try this free social media marketing tool to easily connect with your customers. With ManyChat, you can easily build a chatbot to communicate with users online to get instant and effective results. Experts at ManyChat helps you craft your marketing strategies and create an effective funnel to boost your business.

Features of ManyChat

  • It offers easy integration with multiple platforms such as Google Sheets, Shopify, MailChimp, Zapier, HubSpot, and more.
  • It offers multiple templates and simple drag-and-drop interface to help you build a bot in minutes.
  • It allows you to capture contact info, nurture leads, book appointments, and build relationship with your customers.

5. Tweepi



Tweepi helps you grow your Twitter brand with the power of artificial intelligence. Over a million people trust Tweepi to engage with end users, get Twitter followers, and grow their brand. It offers multiple Twitter tools to increase followers and grow business through Twitter. It offers AI-driven recommendations where it monitors twitter to find the best twits according to your business and help you engage with users.

Features of Tweepi

  • It offers AI-driven recommendations to help grow your business.
  • It helps you analyze the users and sociability of your followers on Twitter to make data-driven decisions.
  • You can use this smart social media marketing tool to clear clutter in your Twitter account by getting rid of irrelevant, inactive, and undesirable users.

6. Audiense



Audiense is next best social media marketing app that helps you understand the audiences that matter to your business. You can sign up for free to make god use of this powerful tool. Using Audiense, you can discover amazing insights, identify relevant audiences, and make informed decisions to grow your business. This smart solution is trusted by professionals and experts both. It offers two powerful tools including Audiense Insights and Audiense Connect.

Features of Audiense

  • It offers unique audience segmentation to help you help with your decisions and discover new opportunities to explore more in business.
  • It helps you turn insights into actions by helping you connect with audience online and offline.
  • Using Audiense Connect tool, you can take Twitter to a whole new level.

7. Buffer



With Buffer, you get an opportunity to build an audience for your business and grow your brand on social media. You can use Buffer to plan, collaborate, and publish appealing content to attract more engagement and growth for your business. Using this advanced social media marketing tool, you can craft engaging post for each social network from a single dashboard.

Features of Buffer

  • It helps you plan content, drafts your posts, and coordinate with your team to create engaging content for your all social media marketing campaigns.
  • You can use this powerful tool to schedule posts, publish tailored posts, create content calendar, and more.
  • In other features, it allows you to draft posts, review posts, easy post share, and account management across multiple social media accounts.

Try these powerful social media marketing tools to streamline your social media campaigns. Do try them and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

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