Social Media Monitoring Tools You Can’t Afford to Miss

Social Media Monitoring Tools You Can’t Afford to Miss

Social Media is currently the biggest online hotbed for publishers and advertisers. With platforms such as Facebook boasting more than 2 billion subscribers, social media is a huge market for companies to showcase their products and services in front of a massive audience. If you are an online marketer or advertiser, it is essential that you use the most advanced tools to monitor your brand’s social media presence.

What is the need for social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring is an effective solution to monitor the success of your social media campaigns. You can use it to monitor:

  • Your brand, product, or company mentions.
  • Mentions of your competitor.
  • Relevant hashtags.
  • Key social metrics like social share of voice and brand awareness.
  • And other general trends & updates.

You can use all this information to test your social media campaigns and monitor ROI.

Here, social media monitoring tools help you do all this automatically working on smart algorithms. While there are lots of these tools available online, here we have tested and reviewed 7 best social media monitoring software that you should use.

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

1. TalkWalker


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TalkWalker is advanced social listening, analytics and influencer marketing software that brings lot of useful features in an all-in-one suite. This powerful social media monitoring tool is trusted by over 2000 global brands. TalkWalker social listening tool offers real-time information to help monitor, engage and amplify social conversations around brands. It offers great coverage and data-driven reports to help you make better decisions.

Features of TalkWalker

  • It works on a proven KPI framework to help you benchmark your brand and campaigns.
  • It allows you to analyze and compare reports channel by channel to the competition.
  • You can use this tool to analyze brand awareness, consideration and intent to purchase for different audience segments.
  • Its advanced metrics help you analyze customer life cycle stages to make informed decisions.

2. Brandwatch


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Brandwatch offers a new kind of intelligence to help you bring structure and meaning to your social media campaigns. It represents voice of millions of people to help you make data-driven decisions for effective results. It helps you with brand management, content strategy, competitor analysis, customer experience, and influencer marketing. You can use Brandwatch to know what your customers think. It helps you optimize your influencer strategy and track brand health in real-time.

Features of Brandwatch

  • It helps you monitor changes in customer sentiments, understand their opinions, and monitor fluctuations in brand health.
  • It helps you perform competitor analysis to monitor share of voice and benchmark key metrics.
  • You can use this social media monitoring software to monitor customer journey to get better insights that help grow your business.

3. Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights

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Hootsuite Insights offers real-time social analytics solution to help you monitor conversations happening around your brand. It delivers results based on over 100 million data sources. It works on intuitive interface to offer seamless user experience. You can use this best social media monitoring tool to understand how people think and feel about your brand. It sends you detailed reports automatically with intuitive templates option.

Features of Hootsuite Insights

  • It offers flexible boards feature to help you customize reports for easy tracking.
  • Using its Conversation Maps feature, you can track commonly used phrases and words related to your brand, products, or company.
  • You can track all reports in real-time with deep insights through an intuitive dashboard.

4. Keyhole


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With Keyhole, you get ample options to track brand mentions and understand user behavior to make better decisions. It offers media monitoring, advanced hashtag analytics, social media analytics, and more to make it easy for you to know what people are discussing about your brand and business. Use this free social media monitoring tool to track brand mentions & consumer behavior before you purchase its paid version.

Features of Keyhole

  • It offers easy campaign monitoring feature to help you track & analyze data to create informed campaigns.
  • With its influence marketing feature, you can discover, track, and contact influencers from your field for effective results.
  • It offers event monitoring where you get real-time actionable data to boost your social media campaigns.

 5. Digimind


Digimind is next best tool available for effective social media monitoring. This intelligent software helps you understand customer insights, market trends, and competitive environment to boost your social media presence. It offers agile and proactive brand protection solution to help you manage your brand reputation. To do this, you can use Digimind’s web & social media listening and analytics suite.

Features of Digimind

  • It offers comprehensive analytical tools to ensure right content reaches to right people at the right time and place.
  • It offers deep insights, actionable data, and analytics for both known competitors and new entrants.
  • It offers accurate metrics and insights to help you spend time adding value instead of proving it.

6. SproutSocial


With SproutSocial, build and grow stronger relationships on social networks. It offers easy integration across social networks to deliver effective results. SproutSocial Iis trusted by over 20,000 world-class brands and organizations of all sizes. It offers leading solution in customer support and satisfaction, usability, ROI, and user adoption. It offers social listening, publishing, engagement, and analytics solution to deliver highly effective results.

Features of SproutSocial

  • It offers actionable insights from social data to uncover trends and make informed decisions.
  • It offers easy engagement feature to help you monitor and improve responsiveness of your community.
  • With interactive analytics feature, you get a chance to drive strategic decisions.

7. Reputology


Reputology is available for free, professional, team, business, and enterprise versions. This is one of the best review monitoring and management platforms that comes loaded with tons of useful features. You can use Reputology to track and analyze all important review sites to know what people are talking about your brand, products, and company. This powerful social media monitoring tool helps you manage reviews from one convenient place. You can monitor, respond to, and analyze your online review to make better social media campaigns.

Features of Reputology

  • It offers 24/7 review monitoring across social media networks including Google, Facebook, and local search directories.
  • It sends automated email notifications to keep you updated about new reviews and allows you to reply directly from the Reputology interface.
  • Additionally, it helps you analyze customer sentiments, aggregate all feedback in one place, measure performance, keep tab on how reviews are managed, and more.

The best social media monitoring tools offer an easy solution to control your social media campaigns for effective results. Do try above mentioned tools and feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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