How To Optimize A PC From A Remote Location?

How To Optimize A PC From A Remote Location?

Can I optimize my PC performance online? Is there any cloud based tool to help me monitor, optimize and declutter my PC from any location? Well these are a few common questions that hit my mind while I am sitting at home or office. Having one such tool can reduce my time and efforts of manually cleaning a system by specifically taking out time for the same remotely. If you are looking for a way out, check out this blog.

Why A Cloud-Based Optimization Tool?

Each one of us uses a tuneup utility to keep our PCs well optimized and monitored. But, have you ever thought of having a tool that can be accessed remotely anytime? If not, today we will introduce you with Cloud Tuneup Pro- system access at your fingertips. This tool has several features to help your PC perform better and also keeps it safe from any malware.

What is Cloud Tuneup Pro?

Cloud Tuneup Pro is a web-based application that helps you as a user to remotely access your added devices, optimize them for better performance, clean junk, check and remove malware, if any. Not only this, Cloud Tuneup Pro lets you remotely shut down, hibernate or restart your PC.


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Optimize Your Computer From Remote Location Using Cloud Tuneup Pro

Now that you have a web-based tune up utility sorted, read further to know how it works. To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install Cloud Tuneup Pro on your PC.

Click here to install Cloud Tuneup Pro

  • Now click on the Start Trial tab to begin.

Cloud Tuneup Pro - Start Trail

  • You’ll get a Sign Up window, enter all your details and click on Sign Up.

Sign Up Cloud Tuneup Pro

  • Now, enter your login details to Login to the setup.
  • Once logged in, you’ll see a Dashboard here and that looks like the image below.

Clean Tuneup Pro - Dashboard

  • Click on the Add Device icon to start adding your devices.

Note: Free Trial allows you to add up to 3 devices. To add more, you can opt to upgrade the tool.

  • When you click on Add Device, you’ll get a download link again.
  • Either share it on your other device or follow the same process to reach this step. And then enter the same login details to pair both the devices.
  • You’ll see different action tabs including Overview, Manager, Startup Manager, System Cleaner, Disk Analyzer, System Protector, Tools.
  • Moreover, you can look for every small detail, as soon as you choose to update or scan or optimize anything in the Events tab.

This tool is really helpful for those who operate more than one PC or for businesses of organizations who operate multiple system units. They can even keep a track of when a PC was online and when not. IT administrators can keep an eye on their company employees and their systems.

Important: While remotely accessing is easy, you can only choose to optimize the PC, remove unnecessary junk, uninstall programs etc. you cannot access the files and data stored on the computer that is in your added devices. Also, you can choose to scan a particular drive or system as a whole.

Cloud Tuneup Pro- A go-to tool for Beginners and Professionals.

That’s all what Cloud Tuneup Pro has to offer to you. You can choose to optimize your device online from any location or you can remotely help your friend or family member to fix issues within their PC. What do you think of having this tool installed on your computer? Do let us know your share of feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.

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