How to Assist Your Friend and Family Remotely Using Quick Assist in Windows 10

How to Assist Your Friend and Family Remotely Using Quick Assist in Windows 10

Many times, it happens that your family member or friend who is not much tech savvy faces some problem with his PC. They seek your help but as your miles away from them you cannot reach to them. However now with Windows 10, Quick Assist app you can help them remotely by accessing their PC from your place.The only thing which you and your friend or a family member require is an active internet connection and Quick Assist App.
Please note that Quick Assist app is released in the Anniversary Update of Windows 10.

How to get started with Quick Assist:

Open the Quick Assist application by navigating to Start > Windows Accessories > Quick Assist. You can also open the app by searching the Start Menu for Quick Assist.
Click on Give assistance option

  1. You will now get a new window with two options, Get assistance and Give assistance. Since we wish to provide the assistance to our friend or family we have to click on Give assistance option.
    Sign in with Microsoft account
  2. You now have to Sign in to your Microsoft account by providing your login id and password.
    6 digit security code
  3. Once you sign in, you will receive a new window with the 6 digit security code. This is the code which is required by the person to whom you are providing remote assistance. Please remember that the security code is only valid for 10 min. However, in case the code expires then you can regenerate it again by clicking on Give assistance.
    Click on Get assistance
  4. Now call your friend and ask him to open Quick Assist by navigating to Start > Windows Accessories > Quick Assist or by searching the Start Menu for Quick Assist. Once the app is opened ask him to click on Get assistance.
    Enter 6 digit security code
  5. Now he will receive another window, asking the 6 digit security code. Tell your friend the security code which you have received, but first assured that the code you are providing is still valid, as the validity of security code is just 10 min. Once he enters the security code ask him to click on Submit button.
    Click on Allow
  6. Your friend will again receive a prompt to grant the permission for remote assistance. Once he clicks on Allow button the remote session will start.

You will now get complete access to your friend’s PC. You can launch any application or get access to any drive or folder. In other words, you have now all the rites that your friend have. You can now easily troubleshoot his computer, for the problem he is facing.

How to end the remote session:

Quick Assist Screen

  1. Once the remote session is started you friend will get a small screen of Quick Assist on the top of his PC. Also, he can anytime end this remote session by clicking on X icon.
    Click close to end remote session
  2. Once he clicks on X icon he will receive a confirmation dialogue box.
  3. If your friend clicks on close then the remote connection will be closed and he will receive a confirmation window stating that Screen sharing has ended.

So guys, now you can easily help your friend who is struggling with his broken PC, as the friend in need is the friend indeed.

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