Check Out These Top Rated Reverse Image Search Apps For iPhone & Android

Check Out These Top Rated Reverse Image Search Apps For iPhone & Android

We all know how much easier our lives have become because of search engines. Literally, search engines have answers to everything we can ask for & that’s how we become habitual of those search engines. But what if you need to start your research by image instead of typing text format?

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There are times where you wish to identify images on search engines & you don’t have any idea how to do so. This is where the ultimate concept of reverse image search kicks in that lets you find images through search engines. So instead of searching whatever you wish for in typing text format, you switch to image search. So let’s check out the best reverse image search apps for your iPhone as well as Android smartphone:

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Top Most Reverse Image Search Apps For iOS & Android OS

1. Google Photos/Google Lens

Marketed as Google Photos or Google Lens helps you identify images on search engines through image searching. Initially, Google lens had been released on Pixel cell phones, however, gradually, it became accessible on other platforms as Google Photos. The result is now both the mobile operating systems can easily access this tool to reverse search images.

Google Lens

Wherein you can use Google Lens on Android smartphones to search by image, iOS platform is a bit different. Here, you will be using Google Photos where after opening the image you wish to search on Google & then tap on the Lens icon (nearby the trash icon).

How the Google search by image works is that it starts analyzing the input you have given & goes through the visual search engine. And that’s how you get your image results where the reverse image search app has explored the possible outcomes for you.

In order to explore this amazing concept, reverse image search, check out the Google lens/Photos app on your Android smartphone as well as iOS platform.

2. Photo Sherlock – Reverse Image Search

Sometimes, the name is enough to tell the potential it has to give you solid outcomes. Just like our latest reverse image search app that’s been named as Photo Sherlock. And I believe we all know about this imaginary & weirdly intelligent fellow (Sherlock) who has extraordinary skills when it comes to finding out something hidden. Now the Photo Sherlock – Reverse Image Search app comes with a simple yet effective user interface on both the mobileOS platforms.

Photo Sherlock

And not to forget, Photo Sherlock offers you this amazing opportunity to reverse search the pictures using your camera directly. Yeah!! Also you can use your Camera Roll to upload pictures as well but using the camera directly to look for the reverse image results is exciting & looks promising. After uploading the image, you have the liberty to crop the image to focus on the content you wish to search. And obviously, according to the commands, the app will start the reverse image search for the particular content only.

So let’s download & start using the Photo Sherlock – Reverse Image Search app on your AndroidOS as well as iOS phone.

3. CamFind

In order to Google search by image, you need to have the specific content you are looking for results related to as well as a solid tool to help you out. And CamFind is just the right tool you were looking for as it helps you immensely by reverse image searching & gives you most related results. Marketed as “Search The Physical World”, CamFind allows you to search for anything on your mobile device just by taking a picture.


One of the most successful visual search engines, CamFind comes with pretty rich features uploading & saving images to or from Camera Roll. CamFind also works as a language translator & please don’t forget about the Voice Search & Text Search features. I believe it’s been well established that once you have started using this FREE yet powerful tool, you wouldn’t switch to any other reverse image search app (irrespective of its Android or iOS).

Download CamFind for iOS

4. Pinterest

Many of us are quite friendly with the name Pinterest as we have been using this tool for quite a while. Specifically designed to help you with displaying images for different occasions & categories, it’s worth your time. Another promising tool to help you reverse image search, Pinterest is a pool of advanced functions like zooming in to narrow down the specific part of the image for searching. And please don’t get me started on the results it pops out as the response is quite immediate.


Pinterest covers almost every part of life from your favorite food section to fashion design & home design concepts. This is why you get to discover unlimited possibilities on this tool including the images you wish to search. All you have to do is, register on the reverse image search app alternative & pin the image you want the results for. After going through the prompts, launch the image search tool & it will give you the best matching results from the tool’s database itself.

Explore the vast database platform that has over 100 billion possibilities for you through reverse image search, Pinterest (Android | iOS).

5. Reversee: Reverse Image Search (iOS)

Limited to iOS platform, Reversee: Reverse Image Search is a promising tool which lets you search by images & pictures. Like any other reverse image search app mentioned above, Reversee works as a bridge between the images you are searching results for & image search engines. While it’s a promising tool one can Reversee use to search by image, it’s a bit different when it comes to the outcome aspect.


Reversee: Reverse Image Search app allows you to search for pictures, it doesn’t promise you will find results. The actual search is made by third party engines, and even if they are the best in the business, none of them cover 100% of the searches.

Reversee’s features include searching with Google images & editing the picture to focus on the particular content. Additionally, you can use Reversee as the iOS extension inside other apps including Safari, Chrome, & Photos).

So without further delay, explore Reversee : Reverse Image Search app & start Google search by image on your iOS device.

6. Veracity – Reverse Image Search

With the ultimate ease of uploading the images through your Camera Roll, Veracity is one the best reverse image search apps available. Though it’s been restricted to the iOS platform, you can discover the truths behind the pixels easily. Apart from uploading the images through Camera Roll, you have the liberty to use Photos library or Dropbox as a resource.


With Veracity, you can to know if similar photos are available on the internet via reverse image search & if yes, have they been cropped or edited. Available on your iOS device for FREE, Veracity gives you an ad-free experience if you wish to switch to the premium version as well.

A promising & effective reverse image search app, Veracity is available to be downloaded on your iOS device right away.

7. Search By Image (Android)

As the name defines the purpose, another addition to the list of topmost reverse image search apps has got Search By Image. Limited to your Android smartphones, Search By Image lets you find similar images & pictures using search engines like Google, Yandex, & Bing. With the simplest user interface & reliability, Search By Image allows the users to access the camera to capture images & then search.

Search By Image

Apart from Google search by image, the promising tool also works as an image editor for users. From rotating your images vertically as well as horizontally, to cropping selected parts of those pictures, users are in for a treat.

So if you are planning to use reverse image search apps, check out Search By Image app & start exploring.

8. Image Search – PictPicks (Android)

Another addition to the list is limited to Android smartphones, however, the effectiveness is as strong as one could think of. An absolutely FREE reverse search app that’s been designed to search pictures & image clips within a few steps. You get to start with narrowing down the image you want to get the results for (from your device).

Image Search

Follow the process by searching similar or related images using Image Search – PictPicks. To narrow down your results, use the filters & that’s it. Now that you have got your results, from viewing the images (Zoom in/Zoom out) to saving & sharing them, anything can be done easily.

An effective & lightweight reverse search app, PictPicks is one of the best apps for your Android smartphone.

Topmost Reverse Image Search Engines

We have already narrowed down & mentioned the best of the best reverse image search apps in the above section, with the full compatibility of accessing the apps on your Android smartphone as well as iPhone, start searching images on these platforms to find the best results.

But what if you wish to Google search by image on your computer or Mac or you don’t want to download apps on your device & shift to web image search engines? What if?

Google search

Don’t worry, we have got those things also covered for you as here are the best reverse image search engines you can opt for. From Google to Bing & Yandex, every one of them is reliable, effective, & solid to give you the results you are looking for.

For more information, please check out the Best Reverse Image Search Engines in 2020 & let us know if the information was useful for you.

Wrapping Up

Searching for related information via images is an exciting concept that isn’t common among people all around the world. Many times, we have no idea what this content means (in the pic) & we start typing random things on Google to find the answer. But what if you have a way to put in the image as the search criteria & then get the similar results along with the additional info.

It’s so exciting that all you need is an image & everything else will be done by these extraordinary reverse image search apps.

Explore each & every one of them & let us know if we missed out on anything or if the information has been useful to you.

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