Why You Should Definitely Use Reverse Image Search

Why You Should Definitely Use Reverse Image Search

A picture is worth a thousand words and reverse image search is a fabulous example of this. What is a reverse photo search? How does it work? and What are its benefits? We shall try to unearth the answers to all these and many more in this blog, so read on!

What Is Reverse Image Search

In simple terms, when you use reverse image search, instead of entering keywords into the search bar to get results, you use an image to get the result. Using reverse image search you can search for similar-looking images and the source from where a particular image has appeared.

While Google is almost everyone’s go-to search engine, you can even make use of Yahoo reverse image search as well and the same goes for other browsers as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Reverse Image Search

Google Image Search - Reverse Image Lookup

The answer is when you conduct a reverse image lookup, you get tons and tons of benefits and some of these are mentioned right below –

1. Dent Plagiarism With Reverse Image Search

If you are an avid hard-working blogger or a photographer and find that someone else is repairing all the benefits of your image, a reverse image lookup will help you catch hold of the culprit. It’s your hard work, your image and no one else has the right to take the cake, except you.

2. Find The Name Of An Intriguing Image

Mesmerized by an image of a stunning car but just can’t figure out what the name of the model is or is it a beautiful dish that’s making your mouth water or a spectacular location whose name is stopping you from booking your tickets.  Well! A simple Google reverse image lookup is all that you need. If you can’t seem to comprehend what that image is, Google will.

3. Debunk Fake Media Profiles Using A Reverse Image Finder

Debunk Fake Media - Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search can help you spot fake from genuine social media profiles. While a reverse image finder would help you reconnect with an old pal of yours. Not only this, it’ll even help you debunk someone who is just pretending to be your pal. How? When you search for pictures of a person using a reverse image search, you would land on the stark reality of the image and get to know if the source of that image is legitimate or not.

4.  More Customer Traction Through Backwards Image Search

Say, your target audience is searching for a product (with the help of backwards image search) and your product appears, you will immediately gain traction. This is because the customer already has a likability towards that particular image and boom! your product just appears then.

Now, let’s say you are a customer and you are searching for a product that is out of stock, the reverse image lookup will at least give you related images. This would not keep you waiting. 

5. Reverse Picture Lookup Helps Generate Backlinks

Baclklinks - Reverse Image Lookup
Source: serped.com

If you are into SEO and all that jazz, you know how important the backlinks are for your blog/article or website. Reverse picture lookup can help you generate many back links. This can be your chance to ask people to give you (and your images) shout out!  

Before We Say Adios For Now

We’d like to say, just as you punch in words to find results on your favorite search engine, reverse image search and you’ll just fall in love with it (like we did). And, if you have been an avid user of this feature, we’d like to know how it has astounded you (if it has).

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